Winn-Dixie Stores has announced the addition of 55 stores to its Hispanic Neighborhood Merchandising programme in the US.

The retailer's expansion includes 30 locations in the Miami market and 25 Orlando-area stores.

The 522-store chain now has 103 locations that are specifically merchandised and marketed to the Hispanic consumer, blending products and services for Hispanics into its core offerings.

The retailer said it has tailored its product mix in these stores to the nationalities most heavily represented by the local demographic.

"It's about getting better all the time and growing our brand," said Peter Lynch, Winn-Dixie's president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board. "We have recognised the importance and diversity of the growing Hispanic market for a long time. We are excited about this expansion into the Orlando market and the broadening of our base in Miami. The importance of the Neighborhood Merchandising initiative is that it allows us to keep our core product offering consistent throughout the chain, while identifying and fulfilling the special needs and desires of the many diverse neighborhoods that we serve."