Australia's largest retailer Woolworths today (22 August) unveiled plans to rebrand and refurbish its 780-strong supermarket network across Australia and New Zealand.

The company said the new logo, created by designer Hans Hulsbosch of the Hulsbosch Agency, would reinforce its dedication to fresh food, convenience and value.

The group's new logo is designed to look "fresh, simple, modern and interesting", Hulsbosch said, and will appear on all exterior and interior signage, staff outfits, stationery, packaging and all forms of marketing.

According to Hulsbosch, the icon symbolises several aspects of the Woolworths brand; it is reminiscent of one of the most famous Woolworths logos of the 1970s, the 'W' stands for Woolworths, while the apple-like appearance and leaf represent freshness.

The logo is also meant to look like a person - reinforcing the retailer's commitment to the consumer and its strap-line "the fresh food people".

As part of the move, Woolworths will unify its brand nationally by scrapping the Safeway banner in Victoria.

"We are rebranding stores to retain our leadership position in what is an extremely competitive market," Woolworths general manager of marketing, Luke Dunkerley, said.

"The refurbishment of the supermarkets that is accompanying the rebranding will deliver customers wider aisles, brighter supermarkets and a more pleasant shopping experience. The rebrand will bring a fresh new look to supermarkets while continuing to offer customers the fresh food and exceptional value they have come to expect from Woolworths," he said.