US chewing gum maker Wm Wrigley Jr has announced that it will be winding down production of its dissolvable fresh breath film products at its leased facility in Phoenix, Arizona over the next six to nine months and moving production to Poland.

The company said shipment volumes of Wrigley's Eclipse Flash strips in the US marketplace have been declining, while they have been stronger in Europe under the Eclipse, Extra and Winterfresh brand banners.

"Given the added cost of transportation and tariffs associated with US manufacturing for Europe, the decision was made to move production closer to where the majority of future sales are anticipated. As operations are scaled back in Phoenix, equipment and production of the breath strips will be shifted to the company's confectionery plant in Poznan, Poland," Wrigley said.

Some of the 98 Wrigley employees in Phoenix may be able to transfer to other Wrigley locations.