Spanish gum maker Trex has used the Sun eclipse that swept through Spain on 3 October to promote the launch of a new sugarless gum line called Eclipse by Trex.

On the date of the launch, the company published a false cover on free daily Que to advertise the new gum. The ad featured a couple engaged in blissful kissing under a magically eclipsed sky.

The eclipse caused sensation in Spain where nearly one million people gathered across the country to watch the phenomenon. The last eclipse was 240 years ago.

The new gum's flavour "is so intense it can provoke a real eclipse in you, boosting your confidence when you most need it", a caption told readers.

Boasting the slogan "Intense freshness. Come close", the ads will tell the story of a love affair between the Moon and the Sun.

A Spanish spokeswoman for US chewing gum giant Wrigley's, which owns Trex, could not immediately provide additional details about the campaign.

Eclipse by Trex comes in five flavours including polar mint, mint, cactus mint, and strong mint. Its packaging bears a hugging symbol between the Moon and the Sun.