They've been a part of the morning routine for many years, providing consumers world-class name brands such as International Delight® coffee creamers and new innovative brands such as Sun Soy(TM) soymilk. Today, Morningstar Foods Inc. launched their virtual information headquarters: provides consumers an opportunity to learn more about Morningstar Foods Inc. and its brands. The Web site contains company news and information on branded-products including International Delight®, Sun Soy(TM), Mocha Mix®, Second Nature Eggs®, Naturally Yours(TM), Lactaid®, Farm Rich® and Coffee Rich®. Company background information and executive biographies are also included, as well as Web site links to specific brand sites and partner sites.

"The Web site adds a new dynamic to the many avenues Morningstar Foods employs to reach consumers," said Toby Purdy, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Morningstar Foods Inc. "Consumers were telling us they wanted access to more information about Morningstar Foods and to have detailed information about the brands at their fingertips -- now provides that for them."

hybrid, a Dallas-based firm that incorporates traditional and Web-based designs into creative and technical solutions, crafted this customized site for Morningstar Foods. hybrid has previously worked with the company in the creation of Web sites for Morningstar's International Delight®, brand of coffee creamers and its Sun Soy(TM) refrigerated soymilk.

Morningstar Foods Inc. is a subsidiary of Suiza Foods Corporation, the nation's leading dairy processor and distributor, producing a full line of company-branded and customer-branded products.