General Mills has today (21 August) launched Yo-Plus, a probiotic yogurt it believes will meet growing demand among US women for a way to better regulate digestion.

The launch is an extension to the range of the Yoplait products on sale in the US, where General Mills is the sole franchisee of the French dairy brand.

General Mills claimed Yo-Plus would help women in the US regulate their digestive health. The company pointed to studies in the US that state almost half of women in the country are "extremely concerned" with their digestive health.

Yo-Plus associate marketing manager Katie Lay said the yogurt would put "digestion back on track" due to the addition of Optibalance, a blend of probiotic cultures and a natural fibre.

The product has gone on sales in four flavours and will be available throughout the US for $2.49 per 4-ounce cup 4-pack.