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Analysis: Lack of harmony in Europe on labelling 6 Apr 2017

Front-of-pack nutritional labelling has long been a subject of fierce debate within the food industry - and between food companies and public health professionals. The launch of a coalition of multinational food and beverage companies aimed at fostering a harmonised approach across Europe, Ben Cooper writes, promises more of the same.

How could a TTIP affect the food industry? 14 Jun 2016

The proposed trade agreement between the EU and the US - dubbed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP - has proved a source of fierce debate, with supporters seeking to emphasise the economic benefits of a deal but critics claiming it would favour big business, endanger food safety and the environment - and even undermine democracy. In recent weeks, opposition has emerged in political circles, with France's President Hollande insisting he would veto the agreement in its current form. Food and agriculture is at the centre of Hollande's concerns and the sector is among the main points of contention. But what could be the impact of TTIP on food manufacturers? Liz Newmark reports.

RTRS looks for systemic solutions to progress 26 May 2016

In its bid to transform Europe into a "100% responsible soy" market by 2020, the Round Table on Responsible Soy has enlisted the help of Swiss-based management consultants Malik. Ben Cooper spoke with Lieven Callewaert, the RTRS’s European representative, to find out more.

What impact could EU novel food rules have on NPD? 8 Dec 2015

The EU's new novel food regulations will provide greater clarity and reduce the administrative burden for food manufacturers, as well as boost the sector’s competitiveness, according to industry experts.

Greenyard's broad church aims at healthy trends 29 Oct 2015

Greenyard Foods is the fresh, canned and frozen vegetable group that was created through the merger of Greenyard, Univeg and Peatinvest earlier this year. The deal formed a vegetable processing behemoth with a global footprint and annual sales of EUR3.7bn (US$4.05bn). While the integration of the business is still a work in progress, the company is confident that it can leverage growing vegetable consumption needs through its extended portfolio. Katy Askew caught up with Hans Luts, managing director of the group's Pinguin frozen business, to find out more.

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Food firms "liable for fipronil contamination" 15 Sep 2017

EU companies that put foods containing egg or chicken contaminated with the insecticide fipronil on the market after 1 August 2017 will be considered liable as they should have known about the risk, the European Commission has said.

Ardo acquires stakes in VLM Foods, Frutera La Paz 6 Sep 2017

European frozen produce company Ardo Group has bought a majority stake in processed food supplier VLM Foods, giving it access to the North American market.

Greenyard first-quarter sales hit by British pound 30 Aug 2017

Greenyard, the Belgium producer of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables, saw first-quarter sales decrease as revenue was impact by movements in exchange rates, mainly the British pound.

Lotus Bakeries notes Brexit impact as sales rise 21 Aug 2017

Lotus Bakeries posted a near-3% increase in half-year sales when stripping out exchange-rate effects but the Belgium-based snack maker noted the weaker British pound following the Brexit referendum had a "significant'' impact on its consolidated turnover.

Fipronil: Belgium "knew eggs may be contaminated" 7 Aug 2017

Belgium's food safety agency has said it knew in June eggs from farms in the Netherlands might be contaminated with the insecticide fipronil.

EU vote brings restrictions on acrylamide closer 20 Jul 2017

Representatives of the European Union's 28 member states voted yesterday (19 July) in favour of a proposal to reduce the presence in food of acrylamide, a known carcinogenic substance present in fries, crisps, bread and biscuits.

EU tightening organic rules 12 Jul 2017

The European Parliament and The European Council have reached a preliminary agreement on overhauling existing rules governing organic production and labelling.

Atlantic Grupa sells production facilities 12 Jul 2017

Croatia's Atlantic Grupa is selling production and private-label assets within its sports nutrition arm to Belgium-based company Aminolabs Group but will hold on to the unit's core brands.

Icelandic Group offloads Belgian processing unit 11 Jul 2017

The Icelandic Group has completed the sale of Belgian fish processing subsidiary Gadus to fish supply company Steinasalir, which is owned by a consortium of Icelandic businesses.

New sugar content label unveiled 7 Jul 2017

European campaigning group Safe Food Advocacy Europe (SAFE) has unveiled a trademarked SugarControl label it claims enables food companies to highlight the low- or no-sugar content of their products, in line with EU claims legislation.

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Talk of merger between Ahold and Delhaize returns 11 May 2015

Over the weekend, there were fresh claims Europe-based food retailers Ahold and Delhaize are in discussions to join forces.

MEPs back country of origin meat regs 12 Feb 2015

The European Parliament has backed calls to create new country of origin meat labelling regulations in processed foods.

European Parliament votes for member state veto on GM crops 13 Nov 2014

MEPs have shown their support for plans to allow individual countries to ban the cultivation of GM crops, even if they have been approved at EU level.