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Why new industry deforestation coalition could be positive move 22 Oct 2020

With an emphasis on stakeholder engagement and information sharing, the new Forest Positive Coalition of Action could be an effective driver of change.

"I want to try to be optimistic. We've been let down before" - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil chief executive Darrel Webber exhorts food companies to buy sustainably 27 Mar 2019

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil speaks with Ben Cooper about its new standards and how food companies can promote the idea palm oil can be a sustainable commodity.

RSPO Next - What has been the reaction to the new palm oil standards? 23 Feb 2016

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil was, in its early days, hailed as a model of inter-stakeholder collaboration but has faced mounting criticism as the years have gone by - not least in a stinging letter from a number of food companies last summer. The organisation has a new set of criteria - RSPO Next - that it says strengthen standards. But, as Ben Cooper reports, the new benchmarks have attracted disapproval.

Comment: Pork DNA in halal Cadbury chocolate could undermine trust 27 May 2014

A string of headlines out of Malaysia this weekend would suggest that Mondelez International is in some hot water in the market.

Halal food: observing growth 15 May 2007

The expanding Halal food market represents a significant opportunity for international food companies, not only in Muslim countries but also, Rupert Sutton writes, in western markets with significant and growing Muslim populations among whom Halal observance is on the increase.

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US meat firm Johnsonville buys Malaysian group Primabaguz 27 Aug 2020

Johnsonville, the US-based meat-products supplier, has snapped up a halal group in a major market in Asia.

Ajinomoto plans to build halal-based plant in Malaysia 13 Aug 2019

The Malaysian arm of Japan's Ajinomoto plans to construct a new plant to supply halal-based food products.

Malaysia's Can-One sells dairy subsidiary F&B Nutrition to Asia Dairy Creations 7 Jun 2019

F&B Nutrition, a producer and marketer of dairy products, has been sold by Malaysia-based can manufacturer Can-One to a regional private-equity firm.

Malaysia's Yee Lee Corp. gears up to go private 3 May 2019

Yee Lee Corp., a Malaysia-listed consumer goods group, is to go private as its family shareholders plan to take control of the business.

Louis Dreyfus eyes IPO of Malaysian agri-food firm Leong Hup 25 Apr 2019

Malaysia-based food manufacturer Leong Hup International is seeking to raise MYR275m (US$66.3m) from a public offering of shares.

RSPO palm-oil certification unveils changes 16 Nov 2018

A major - and at times controversial - certification for palm oil has announced changes to the standards the underpin the programme.

Lactalis buys Nestle assets in Malaysia 9 Oct 2018

French dairy giant Lactalis has snapped up assets from Nestlé in Malaysia.

Indonesia's Nabati Food hires DKSH to boost Malaysia presence 28 Aug 2018

Indonesian food and beverage group Nabati Food has appointed distributor DKSH to market a range of products in Malaysia.

Munchy Food Industries confirms CVC Capital takeover 13 Jun 2018

Malaysia-based snacks group Munchy Food Industries has confirmed the sale of the business to private-equity firm CVC Capital Partners.

CVC Capital 'buys Malaysia's Munchy Food Industries' 12 Jun 2018

Private-equity firm CVC Capital Partners has reportedly acquired Malaysia-based snacks business Munchy Food Industries.

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Islamic watchdog cautious over pork-testing kit 8 Jul 2014

Scientists in Malaysia are developing a kit that they claim can trace pork in food in under a minute, purporting to offer reassurance to consumers of Halal foods - but the country's Islamic watchdog has issued a note of caution.