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Manufacturers navigating challenging Russian ice cream market 14 Sep 2016

Prolonged economic recession, increasing competition and sector-specific challenges such as seasonality confront ice cream makers in Russia. Navigating these waters can be tough. But the segment has been showing increasing dynamism and the Russian ice cream market continues to present an important growth opportunity. Andrew Burnyeat, Keith Nuthall and Eugene Vorotnikov report.

Talking shop October 2015 - Wal-Mart, Auchan, X5 13 Nov 2015

Multinational grocery retailers demonstrated a various different strategies to grow their sales and expand their consumer reach over the past month. Here is just-food's round-up of some of the major developments at your retail customers during October. 

BRICs and beyond: How Russia's embargo affects domestic firms 6 Jul 2015

Russia recently extended its ban on various food imports from Western countries including the US and EU. The move provides Russian food makers with an opportunity to gain market share but it also presents those operating in the market with a number of challenges. Sam Skove reports.

Comment: Russia's Danone, PepsiCo criticism points to more challenges 1 Dec 2014

For US and European companies exporting products to Russia, the operating environment has been challenging to say the least. Recent comments from Moscow would suggest that the going could get tougher for multinationals who operate local subsidiaries in the country as well, Katy Askew suggests.

In the spotlight: What could be impact of Russia's embargo? 11 Aug 2014

In a tit-for-tat move, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a year-long ban on on food imports from countries participating in the imposition of sanctions on Russia. Confident the country can be self-sufficient, Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev have urged local producers to take advantage of the opportunity, and get their products on supermarket shelves. But are they up to the task? And what does this mean for global exporters to Russia? Hannah Abdulla reports.

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Lantmannen buys Russian crispbread firm Orient Products 14 Sep 2017

Lantmännen, the Sweden-based agri-food group, has acquired Russian crispbread firm Orient Products.

Cherkizovo H1 profits surge on lower feed costs amid strong ruble 24 Aug 2017

Russian meat processor Cherkizovo Group saw half-year profits surge led by higher sales and lower feed costs, with the company noting the part played by strength in the ruble.

Russia's EU food embargo to last throughout 2018 3 Jul 2017

Russia President Vladimir Putin has decided to extend for another year the existing restrictions on imports of food and agricultural products from the EU - although the Kremlin has yet to decide whether it will prolong the embargo on the other markets it has covered, which include the US.

Miratorg mulling launch into Russia dairy sector 7 Jun 2017

Russia-based meat processor Miratorg is considering proposals to invest up to US$400m in the launch of a dairy division, with a focus on the production of milk and cheese products.

Rouble erodes Ros Agro profits in Q1 31 May 2017

Russian mayonnaise, margarine and packaged sugar supplier Ros Agro has reported higher first-quarter sales but seen its profitability come under pressure amid the strengthening of the rouble.

Russia eases restrictions on Turkish fruit and veg 23 May 2017

Russia and Turkey have agreed to lift some bilateral trade restrictions on fruit and vegetables imposed in 2015, although Moscow's ban on imports of Turkish tomatoes stays in force.

Cherkizovo books Q1 swing into black 17 May 2017

Russia-based meat processor Cherkizovo Group swung into the black during the first quarter of the year, following an increase in production and a recovery in market prices.

PepsiCo puts Russia dairy facility up for sale 7 Apr 2017

PepsiCo said today (7 April) it is putting one of its Russian dairy production plants up for sale to focus on developing other facilities in the country.

Russian meat group Cherkizovo buys local grain producer NAPKO 7 Apr 2017

Cherkizovo, the Russia-based meat processor, has snapped up local grain supplier NAPCO.

PepsiCo expands Russian yogurt production  17 Mar 2017

PepsiCo has added a new line to manufacture children's yogurt at its dairy production facility in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. 

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Russia sets out plans to invest in agriculture 9 Sep 2014

Dmitry Medvedev has announced Moscow's plans to invest "tens of billions of roubles" into the country's agriculture sector, a move that would appear a way to alleviate the impact within Russia of its food embargo.