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Nestle sells Serbian confectionery brand Cipiripi to local firm Paracinka 8 May 2018

Food giant Nestle has sold its Serbian chocolate brand Cipiripi to Paracinka, a subsidiary of Serbian food distributor Silbo.

Serbia's Mlekara Leskovac to start exports to Greece 11 Jul 2017

Serbian dairy group Mlekara Leskovac has ambitions to break into the EU market by initially exporting to Greece.

Ice cream maker Frikom in Serbia anti-trust probe 6 Jun 2017

Serbia's anti-trust watchdog has launched an investigation into local Agrokor-owned ice cream maker Frikom over the company's alleged "abuse of a dominant position on the ice cream distribution and sale markets".

Serbian dairy group Mlekara Sabac "to build factory in Russia" 5 Jun 2017

Serbian dairy group Mlekara Sabac is to build a factory in Russia, the head of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Cadez, has announced.

Serbia launches domestic "quality" mark 22 May 2017

Serbian meat producers will be the first to benefit from the launch of a food quality trademark, Srpski Kvalitet - Serbian quality in English - the first "national quality label" for the country.

Serbia launches grocery market competition inquiry 2 Dec 2016

Competition authorities in Serbia have launched an inquiry into the retail market "focusing on the relationship between retailers and their suppliers" in non-specialised stores that deal mainly with food, beverages and tobacco.

Indofood inaugurates Serbian noodle factory  7 Sep 2016

Indofood has opened an instant noodle factory in the Serbian town of Indjija, 80 kilometres from the country's capital, Belgrade. 

Serbian competition watchdog gives green light for Imlek, Niska Mlekara deal 29 Mar 2016

Serbia's competition watchdog has given the green light for Imlek's acquisition of fellow local dairy group Niska Mlekara.

Tonnies to invest in pork production in Serbia 25 Feb 2016

Germany's leading meat processor Tönnies Lebensmittel has agreed to take over up to ten state-owned pig breeding businesses in Serbia, giving the company an additional supply capacity of up to 700,000 animals.

Imlek's bid to buy Serbian dairy peer Niska Mlekara faces scrutiny 5 Jan 2016

Imlek's move to acquire fellow Serbian dairy group Niska Mlekara is to face an investigation from the country's competition watchdog.