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Is outright sale of Aryzta the ultimate solution to debt woes? - analysis 15 May 2020

European bakery business Aryzta is once again reassessing its business model after a difficult few years. Simon Harvey reviews its options.

Nestle's Q1 sales, FY guidance and post-Covid reflections - five things to learn 27 Apr 2020

Nestlé's shares climbed on Friday as investors reacted to the Swiss giant's Q1 numbers. But what is Nestlé's take on how Covid-19 is affecting the packaged food industry?

Why food companies have to get soy sorted 16 Apr 2020

Ben Cooper looks at the challenge manufacturers face in putting their soy supply chains on a sustainable footing and why it's so important to them and the planet that they succeed.

Nestle punished by target pullback but positive undertones abound - key takeaways 14 Feb 2020

Market reaction to Nestlé's annual results was less than positive after a key target was pushed back. Simon Harvey takes a look at the major talking points.

Nestle's plastic push deserves praise but big questions remain 23 Jan 2020

David Burrows offers qualified praise for Nestle on recycled plastics and argues major questions persist about whether the company - and industry - can move from virgin material.

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Nestle 'loses plant-based burger spat with Impossible Foods but plans to appeal' 1 Jun 2020

Nestlé has changed the name of its plant-based Incredible Burger marketed in Europe after a trademark spat with a US-based competitor.

Shareholder group pressing for change at Aryzta expands to three 27 May 2020

The shareholder group pressing for a more simplified business model at Swiss-Irish bakery business Aryzta has added another investor to its roster.

Hochdorf appoints Nanette Haubensak as new finance chief to replace Juergen Brandt 26 May 2020

Hochdorf has appointed a new finance chief to replace Jürgen Brandt, who will leave the business following a handover period.

Aryzta agrees to shareholder request to hold EGM as third-quarter revenues slump 26 May 2020

Aryzta has agreed to a request from a shareholder group to hold an extraordinary general meeting as it reported a slump in revenues.

Aryzta shareholders press for board reshuffle 21 May 2020

A major shareholder group in Swiss-Irish bakery business Aryzta is calling for an extraordinary general meeting to "strengthen" the board of directors.

Bakery business Aryzta hires Rothschild to review strategic options 14 May 2020

Aryzta said it has hired an investment bank to conduct a review of all the Swiss-Irish bakery group's "strategic and financial options".

Aryzta pressed again by investors to improve performance 13 May 2020

Swiss-Irish bakery business Aryzta has come under pressure again from investors to improve its performance.

Hochdorf to "liquidate" ill-fitting subsidiaries 6 May 2020

Hochdorf plans to terminate a number of subsidiaries that do not fit with the Swiss firm's newly-launched strategy to focus on infant formula and dairy ingredients.

Aryzta provides update on plant closures, capital spend amid Covid-19 4 May 2020

Aryzta has provided an update on the actions the Swiss-Irish bakery business has taken during the coronavirus crisis, including a pause in production at certain plants.

Nestle CEO expects post-Covid-19 boost for e-commerce 27 Apr 2020

Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider has sketched out how the Covid-19 pandemic could shape consumer spending and behaviour.

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Nestle announces changes to senior team with new CEO on horizon 27 Sep 2016

Nestle, set to welcome a new CEO on 1 January, has announced more changes to the make-up of its senior management team.

Steinemann to step down as Barry Callebaut CEO 6 Nov 2014

Barry Callebaut, the world's largest B2B chocolate supplier, said today (6 November) Juergen Steinemann would step down from his role as CEO next year.

Food security - the debate rages on 1 Apr 2014

The UN's latest report on climate change grabbed headlines around the world yesterday (31 March) with claims of the "pervasive" impact of global warming, a higher risk of flooding and changes to crop yields. But the report simply refuelled the debate over the precise impact of climate change on food security.