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The preparation game - how can SME food businesses attract a buyer?

25 April 2019 | Andy Coyne

Big Food is increasingly looking to acquire innovative SMEs operating in fast-growth categories but what does a small business need to do to attract a buyer? Andy Coyne reports. ... read more

Is the tide already turning for Kraft Heinz before new chief Miguel Patricio sails in?

24 April 2019 | Simon Harvey

With the surprise announcement of a new chief at US food major Kraft Heinz, Simon Harvey looks at what Miguel Patricio might bring to the table. ... read more

Keeping it real amid rise of regenerative agriculture

23 April 2019 | Victor Martino

Amid the growing interest in regenerative agriculture, just-food's US columnist outlines which companies are leading the charge - and has advice for those mulling investment. ... read more

How can food companies connect with Generation Z? - just-food FUTURES Vol.6

23 April 2019 | Lucy Britner

just-food's FUTURES service presents its latest free-to-read analysis, with Lucy Britner setting out how food companies should best market and sell to Generation Z. ... read more

Big Food's stake in the future - in-house venture-capital funds 

18 April 2019 | Andy Coyne

just-food presents a guide to some of the main in-house venture capital funds operated by major food businesses.  ... read more

How could 3D printing shape food innovation?

18 April 2019 | Deborah Williams

3D printing could prove a transformative technology, from meal customisation to aiding with dietary requirements. We explore the current tech and what it might mean for the market. ... read more

How to grow legacy brands

17 April 2019 | Victor Martino

Big Food still rules the roost in most product categories but legacy brand growth has stalled. Our US correspondent Victor Martino looks at how they can get their mojo back. ... read more

"There will be a shakedown of brands in UK meat-free" - The Meatless Farm Co.'s new CEO Robert Woodall on looking for an edge

16 April 2019 | Dean Best

We talk to Robert Woodall, the ex-Kellogg exec now at the helm of The Meatless Farm Co., the UK meat-free firm battling to carve out a foothold in a competitive market. ... read more

Arla Foods' Tomi Siren on how blockchain is helping the dairy giant's sustainability drive - interview

12 April 2019 | Dean Best

Blockchain is one of a bunch of emerging technologies catching the attention of FMCG companies. We talk to dairy giant Arla Foods about a pilot they have launched. ... read more

What does the future hold for Wessanen under private ownership?

12 April 2019 | Simon Harvey

European food business Wessanen has opted to go private after accepting a takeover offer from a consortium of investors. Simon Harvey speaks with analysts to gauge the reaction.  ... read more

Hatching new ideas - Big Food's incubator and accelerator programmes

11 April 2019 | Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the consumer trends shaping demand. ... read more

"There are a lot of areas we haven't tapped into" - Clarence Mak on why Mars has set up Seeds of Change accelerator

11 April 2019 | Dean Best

Mars has joined the ranks of Big Food companies using accelerators to help their innovation and tap into emerging trends. Dean Best discussed the move with Mars exec Clarence Mak. ... read more

German dairy sector deep-dive, part two - plotting the future

11 April 2019 | Andy Coyne

In the second part of a two-part feature examining the German dairy sector, Andy Coyne looks at the strategies companies there are employing as they search for growth.  ... read more

Why a good leader is not a believer in innate talent

11 April 2019 | Christian Cullinane, The Preston Associates

When looking to develop the capabilities of their workforce, leaders need to eschew any belief in 'innate' talent, executive coaching firm The Preston Associates argues. ... read more

German dairy sector deep-dive, part one - seeking green shoots in mature market

10 April 2019 | Andy Coyne

In the first part of a two-part feature looking at the German dairy sector, Andy Coyne focuses on the make-up of the market and the pressures weighing on its growth prospects. ... read more

"It's given me investment to get Meatsnacks Group to the next level" - James Newitt on the sale of the UK jerky business

9 April 2019 | Dean Best

UK-based Meatsnacks Group has sold to the owner of a rival jerky and biltong supplier. Dean Best catches up with Meatsnacks MD James Newitt to discuss the future for the company. ... read more

"You can have a healthy product that tastes really good" - Franco Beer, founder of Boka Food, on the UK cereal-bar firm's rise and ambitions

5 April 2019 | Dean Best

Boka Food, the fledgling UK firm, has won a listing with Sainsbury's for its healthier cereal bars and is attracting overseas interest. We talk to founder Franco Beer. ... read more

How bread is riding the changing breakfast market in China

2 April 2019 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli illustrates how the more rapid pace of life in China is shaking up the nation's breakfast habits. ... read more

"The industry is fragmented but the best ideas can still steal disproportionate share pretty quickly" – US venture-capital firm Boulder Food Group on its second fund and plans to further invest

28 March 2019 | Dean Best

US venture-capital firm Boulder Food Group talks to just-food about its second fund, plans to further invest and disruption in the food industry. ... read more

"I want to try to be optimistic. We've been let down before" - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil chief executive Darrel Webber exhorts food companies to buy sustainably

27 March 2019 | Ben Cooper

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil speaks with Ben Cooper about its new standards and how food companies can promote the idea palm oil can be a sustainable commodity. ... read more

How to use packaging to beat FMCG's counterfeiters

27 March 2019 | Matthew Rogerson

Identifying the right pack to beat counterfeiting is vital for FMCG. We identify weaknesses in the packaging supply chain and how tech can shape anti-counterfeiting solutions. ... read more

Russia's iFarm on whether vertical farming could herald a new era of urban agriculture - interview

25 March 2019 | Joe Baker

iFarm, one of several start-ups seeking to get ahead in the urban farming stakes, explains to Joe Baker why the concept could revolutionise farming. ... read more

"The idea is to embrace change" – Danone Manifesto Ventures chief Laurent Marcel on the French group’s investment strategy in an industry disrupted

22 March 2019 | Dean Best

Danone talks to just-food about its investments in up-and-coming businesses the French giant believes are shaking up the food industry. ... read more

The age of disruption in an industry turned upside down

19 March 2019 | Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist surveys the rapid transformation in the sector Stateside and argues disruption is now the new normal. ... read more

What's the outlook for smart technology in food and drink - just-food FUTURES, volume 5

18 March 2019 | Victor Martino

As consumers become more tech-savvy, smart technology in the home, shop and production facility will continue to change the way we manufacture, order, cook and store food. ... read more

What could further fuel India's appetite for potato chips? - just-food deep-dive, part two

15 March 2019 | Raghavendra Verma

India's market for potato chips is buoyant - but what could drive further growth? The second part of Raghavendra Verma's deep dive into the category outlines possible factors. ... read more

Trichomia chief marketing officer Georgia Branch touts health and sustainability benefits of hemp-based foods - the bitesize interview

14 March 2019 | Simon Harvey

Simon Harvey speaks with hemp-food maker Trichomia's chief marketing officer, Georgia Branch, on the Sydney-based company's plans for the year ahead.  ... read more

How consumers are making sustainability a growth opportunity

14 March 2019 | Ben Cooper

We examine the commercial opportunities conscious consumerism represents and the link between a company's sustainability profile and its ability to capitalise. ... read more

What's the state of play in India's potato chips market? - just-food deep-dive, part one

13 March 2019 | Raghavendra Verma

India's appetite for potato chips is growing rapidly - with some major players building a nationwide presence to cater to rising demand, Raghavendra Verma reports. ... read more

"The old innovation model is not working" – Mondelez International chief growth officer Tim Cofer on the snacks giant’s quest for agility

12 March 2019 | Dean Best

Mondelez International chief growth officer Tim Cofer talks to just-food about how the SnackFutures hub will help the Cadbury owner "lead the future of snacking". ... read more

"We will see a large number of new brands emerging" - DSG Consumer Partners' Deepak Shahdadpuri on how India's FMCG market is opening up

7 March 2019 | Dean Best

India is seeing similar changes to consumer habits as western countries. Investor Deepak Shahdadpuri talks about his deals in India and how he sees the market developing. ... read more

The move towards branded agricultural produce in China

5 March 2019 | Peter Peverelli

Branded agricultural produce is becoming increasingly sought after in China, as Peter Peverelli reports. ... read more

What are the biggest challenges facing casual dining in the UK?

5 March 2019 | Joe Baker

With a report pointing to a decline in casual-dining restaurants in the UK, suppliers, tech providers and foodservice companies highlight the challenges the sector faces. ... read more

Saputo marks European return with move for likely target Dairy Crest - analysis

1 March 2019 | Dean Best

Saputo, one of the world's top-ten dairy companies, is set to return to Europe after a six-year absence with the acquisition of UK firm Dairy Crest. We weigh up the move. ... read more

What change could be on the way at Premier Foods?

1 March 2019 | Andy Coyne

Analysts who follow Premier Foods are attempting to interpret what the UK manufacturer's "review of strategic options", announced this week, means for the future of the business. ... read more