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Plant-based foods and M&A in play for Hormel - investor day takeaways

16 October 2019 | Simon Harvey

Hormel Foods outlined its growth plans at an investor day held at the New York Stock Exchange last week. Simon Harvey looks at the talking points. ... read more

Eyeing alternatives - meat companies with stakes in meat-free

15 October 2019 | Andy Coyne

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manufacturers are investing in the area. ... read more

Critics of UK's top doctor picking on wrong target

11 October 2019 | Dean Best

There's a lot to be said for the recommendations the UK's outgoing chief medical officer has made on how the Government can hit its 2030 target on child obesity, writes Dean Best. ... read more

Adding spice to a portfolio - US hot sauce category deep dive, part two 

10 October 2019 | Andy Coyne

In the second part of our feature on the US hot sauce category, Andy Coyne looks for signs of an uptick in M&A activity and at growth opportunities. ... read more

Aryzta results show mileage still to cover - key takeaways

9 October 2019 | Simon Harvey

A third of the way through a transformation exercise, Swiss-Irish baker Aryzta has made progress, but still needs to make up more ground. Simon Harvey looks at the key takeaways. ... read more

What do China's high-schoolers want from food?

9 October 2019 | Peter Peverelli

After weighing up what China's "post-90" consumer wants from food, Peter Peverelli looks at what 12-to 18-year-olds in the country's "post-00" marketing cohort could be demanding. ... read more

The 'flavour explorers' driving the US hot sauce category forward - deep dive, part one 

9 October 2019 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne studies the hot sauce category in the US to discover the reasons behind the sector's recent growth. ... read more

Cranswick CEO Adam Couch on M&A in the UK, sustainability and the rise of the market for alternatives to meat – the just-food interview, part 2

8 October 2019 | Dean Best

In part two of our exclusive interview, Cranswick CEO Adam Couch chews the fat on how the UK meat group views issues from plant-based to Brexit. ... read more

Cranswick CEO Adam Couch on African swine fever crisis and UK group's ambitions in poultry – the just-food interview, part 1

4 October 2019 | Dean Best

In the first of a two-part interview with Cranswick CEO Adam Couch, the UK food group's boss talks African swine fever, ambitions in poultry and international M&A. ... read more

How food companies are now at centre of climate change and development debates

2 October 2019 | Ben Cooper

The recent UN climate summits underlined how Big Food is now at the centre of debates on issues like climate change and development, Ben Cooper reports. ... read more

What faces Tesco's new CEO - and suppliers?

2 October 2019 | Simon Harvey

Dave Lewis, the man at the top of the UK's largest supermarket chain Tesco, picked an opportune moment to step down as CEO. Simon Harvey looks at the new chief's challenges.  ... read more

Plant-based companies should face questions on health, environment

2 October 2019 | Dean Best

Consumer demand for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy is rising rapidly – but so should scrutiny over companies' claims on health and sustainability, writes Dean Best. ... read more

Is 3D printing the future for meat alternatives?

30 September 2019 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne looks at 3D printing technology and considers its ramifications for the meat - and meat-alternative - industries. ... read more

"We're looking 10 years forward" - Evolv Ventures' Steve Sanger on strategy of Kraft Heinz's investment fund

24 September 2019 | Dean Best

Like many large food companies, Kraft Heinz has an investment fund looking to back start-ups. How can Evolv Ventures help the under-pressure giant? ... read more

How Chinese interest in meat-alternatives is growing

24 September 2019 | Peter Peverelli

China may be the largest consumer of pork but there is growing interest in vegetarianism - and in meat-alternative products. Peter Peverelli takes a look. ... read more

How overseas food SMEs can crack the US

23 September 2019 | Simon Creasey

The opportunities for food SMEs presented by the US market are many - but so are the challenges. Speaking to companies and consultants, we set out how to make inroads Stateside. ... read more

Why food industry must safeguard positive health message of plant-based protein

18 September 2019 | Ben Cooper

As the plant-based meat and dairy markets explode, Ben Cooper sets out why food companies must ensure products deliver on nutritional value. ... read more

Mengniu’s Bellamy’s takeover could benefit both in competitive Chinese market

18 September 2019 | Dean Best

Mengniu, one of China's largest dairy companies, has moved for Australia's Bellamy's to bolster its ambitions in its infant formula. Both companies could do with the help. ... read more

Freed Foods CEO David Ventura on "doing a Kettle" to tortilla chips - the bitesize interview

17 September 2019 | Dean Best

Freed Foods, the UK-based company behind Mister Free'd, a brand of gluten-free tortilla chips, has secured private-equity investment. We talk to the CEO about what's next. ... read more

How "cultivated" meat and dairy might succeed

17 September 2019 | Victor Martino

The development of "cultivated" meat, dairy and seafood is gathering steam in the US - as is Big Food's interest in the emerging market. But how might the food go mainstream? ... read more

Who might be in the race for UK sports-nutrition business Grenade?

11 September 2019 | Dean Best

We weigh up the possible runners and riders for Grenade, the UK sports-nutrition business that could be set for fresh ownership. ... read more

Dean Foods left with little wiggle room after ruling out sale

11 September 2019 | Simon Harvey

Seven months after launching a strategic review, US dairy giant Dean Foods is to go it alone under a new chief executive rather than engage a buyer. Simon Harvey takes a look. ... read more

Big Food's stake in the future - in-house venture-capital funds 

10 September 2019 | Andy Coyne

Kraft Heinz is the latest food major to have used its in-house venture-capital unit to invest in an up-and-coming firm in a niche area. Here's our guide of notable VC arms. ... read more

Livia's founder Olivia Wollenberg on the rise and ambitions of the UK free-from snacks brand - the bitesize interview

9 September 2019 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne speaks to Londoner Olivia Wollenberg, whose own food intolerances prompted her to set up UK better-for-you snack brand Livia's.  ... read more

Campbell CEO Clouse demonstrates necessary caution

5 September 2019 | Dean Best

Shares in Campbell Soup Co. bubbled on Friday when the company's announced its Q4 results and fiscal 2020 guidance - but CEO Mark Clouse remains watchful. And rightly so. ... read more

Pilgrim's Pride latest UK purchase presents challenges

4 September 2019 | Dean Best

Pilgrim's Pride, the US meat processor, has acquired another UK-based company. We look at the opportunities the acquisition presents – but also the challenges facing the business. ... read more

Why Ebro and Hain struck deal over Tilda

3 September 2019 | Dean Best

Five years after losing out on buying Tilda to Hain Celestial, Spain-based Ebro Foods has acquired the UK rice business. Dean Best explores the reasons behind the deal. ... read more

New guard at Premier Foods but same old battles to win

3 September 2019 | Simon Harvey

Premier Foods removed some uncertainty last week after installing a new chairman and permanent CEO. Simon Harvey looks at the road ahead. ... read more

Fulfil CEO Brian O'Sullivan on Hershey's investment, Brexit and the Irish snack-bar firm's ambitions - interview

2 September 2019 | Simon Harvey

Ireland-based healthy snack bar brand Fulfil has just secured investment from US confectioner Hershey. Simon Harvey talks with chief executive Brian O'Sullivan. ... read more

"It's a matter of staying relevant as a business" - Danone CEO takes lead in new industry push on inequality

28 August 2019 | Ben Cooper

Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber is at the forefront of a new, business-led coalition set up to try to tackle inequalities. He explains why industry needs to play a leading role. ... read more

Why Simply Good Foods' move for Quest looks appetising

28 August 2019 | Dean Best

Two years after the formation of The Simply Good Foods Co., the US company that's home to the Atkins brand has made its second acquisition. Dean Best weighs up the move. ... read more

When should food companies outsource R&D?

27 August 2019 | Simon Creasey

Simon Creasey analyses the growing trend for food companies to outsource their research and development - and weighs up why they might be looking outside their four walls. ... read more

Tesco packaging push puts suppliers on alert

27 August 2019 | Andy Coyne

Tesco's announcement on packaging should be a warning to manufacturers that sustainability is becoming a more important factor in dealings between suppliers and retailers. ... read more

Hatching new ideas - Big Food's incubator and accelerator programmes

21 August 2019 | Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the consumer trends shaping demand. ... read more

China's fight against obesity augurs change for food businesses

20 August 2019 | Jens Kastner

Jens Kastner looks at how international food businesses selling their products in China are responding to the country's plans to target obesity. ... read more