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Amazon button Dashed in Germany

11 January 2019 | Dean Best

In a bid to eat into sales of FMCG products, Amazon has developed and launched the Dash service, allowing consumers to re-order products at the touch of a button. A judge's pen in Germany has rendered those buttons illegal in that market.... read more

Seeing the palm oil for the trees

10 January 2019 | Dean Best

Ocado has set up an ‘aisle’ on its website displaying products that do not contain palm oil, in response, the UK online grocer says, to growing interest from consumers in the ingredient.... read more

The march of the vegans

4 January 2019 | Andy Coyne

As many of us contemplate joining the Veganuary craze, Andy Coyne considers the fast-growing vegan food market in the UK.... read more

just-food closes for Christmas

21 December 2018 | Dean Best

Today (21 December) is our last day of reporting before Christmas. We re-open on Wednesday 2 January. Thanks for all your support this year.... read more

The challenge of getting a "stealth small brand" to stick

12 December 2018 | Dean Best

Earlier this year, in a popular article on just-food, our US columnist Victor Martino coined the phrase "stealth small brand" - a product developed by Big Food but designed to look like it comes from a start-up. Mars has demonstrated how difficult it can be to get such a brand to stick.... read more

A price point that is infinity and beyond

30 November 2018 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne road tests the eagerly-awaited Beyond Burger, a US plant-based product that has recently arrived in the UK.... read more

London confirms transport ban on junk-food ads

23 November 2018 | Dean Best

London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has confirmed what his office is calling a "groundbreaking" ban on advertising 'junk food' on the UK capital's transport network.... read more

The need to win hearts and minds as well as votes

16 November 2018 | Andy Coyne

The only word I have written more than Brexit over the last few weeks is Campbell, writes Andy Coyne.... read more

Will Fox be on the run over post-Brexit food standards?

18 October 2018 | Andy Coyne

UK international trade secretary Dr. Liam Fox was talking tough this week, insisting there will be no lowering of the country's food standards when negotiating free trade agreements post-Brexit. But is that a promise he will be able to keep?... read more

Crisp maker embraces change after snack attack

5 October 2018 | Andy Coyne

PepsiCo-owned UK crisp maker Walkers has introduced a new recycling scheme after pressure from environmental campaigners.... read more

Ready for departure?

3 October 2018 | Andy Coyne

At the Food & Drink Business Europe conference, held in Coventry in the English Midlands on Tuesday (2 October), one subject seemed to engage the attendees more than any other. You've guessed it: Brexit.... read more

The possible hit to competition from Sainsbury's-Asda merger

27 September 2018 | Andy Coyne

The UK's supermarket landscape is in a state of flux. The question is whether that is a good thing or bad thing for consumers, suppliers and the grocers themselves.... read more

Two of France's largest grocers in quarrel over "merger" claim

25 September 2018 | Dean Best

Carrefour and Casino, two of the biggest food retailers in France and owner of hundreds of stores overseas combined, are squabbling about claims one approached the other of a possible merger.... read more

Fleury Michon quits French meats trade body

24 September 2018 | Dean Best

Fleury Michon, the France-based supplier of ready meals and cooked meats, has quit the trade body representing the charcuterie industry in the country. ... read more

Unilever and Danone continue B Corp push

21 September 2018 | Dean Best

Unilever and Danone are two of the largest food companies to have embraced the B Corp certification and over the last 24 hours both have made fresh announcements.... read more

General Mills trials new way of buying Haagen-Dazs

11 September 2018 | Dean Best

On Friday (7 September), ice-cream lovers in part of central London were able to order Häagen-Dazs on their phones - and have it delivered directly to them, wherever they were.... read more

As US and Mexico set out bilateral deal, eyes turn to Canada - and dairy

29 August 2018 | Dean Best

After months of talks over the future of the NAFTA trade agreement, two of the signatories - the US and Mexico -have outlined plans for a new deal, with the third, Canada, so far outside the process.... read more

just-food closed on Monday 27 August

26 August 2018 | Dean Best

As I type, grey skies cover south-east London, with drizzle hitting the windows - but the forecast is set fairer for tomorrow when the country has its final public holiday before Christmas Day.... read more

If Kraft Heinz passed on Pinnacle, it should do so with Campbell

2 August 2018 | Dean Best

It's almost 18 months since Unilever rebuffed Kraft Heinz and, ever since, the rumour mill has spun over where the US manufacturer could look next. It's been reported today (2 August) the ketchup maker decided against moving for US peer Pinnacle Foods.... read more

Maybe Trump is finding trade wars aren’t so easy to win

25 July 2018 | Dean Best

In March, a day after issuing stiff tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium, Donald Trump took to Twitter to give his verdict on trade disputes. Four months later, it looks as though Trump's confidence may have been more hubris.... read more

Upfield Foods, home to ex-Unilever spreads assets, makes notable appointment

20 July 2018 | Dean Best

UK food-industry veteran David Salkeld is to take a senior position at Upfield Foods, the newly-instituted business that is home to Unilever's former spreads assets.... read more

Nature's Path quits US organic trade body in "protest"

4 July 2018 | Dean Best

The Organic Trade Association, which represents the organic industry in the US, has seen a high-profile member quit the organisation, taking a swipe at the body's stance on policy issues.... read more

Early skirmishes in the Ketchup War

2 July 2018 | Andy Coyne

In the 1970s a squabble between the UK and Iceland over fishing rights in the North Atlantic earned the somewhat hyperbolic name of the Cod War.... read more

Brexit could be worse for dairy than Russia ban, EU and UK producers warn

26 June 2018 | Dean Best

Russia's embargo on a swathe of foodstuffs from the EU in 2014 - a ban that lasts to this day - hammered the bloc's dairy industry. But producers on both sides of the English Channel have warned the impact of Brexit could be worse.... read more

Plenty of hot air as UK politicians grill Asda, Sainsbury's over merger

22 June 2018 | Andy Coyne

UK Parliamentary select committees at their best are meant to bring light rather than generate heat but this wasn't a select committee at its best.... read more

Asda and Sainsbury's - deal or no deal?

18 June 2018 | Andy Coyne

The proposed merger between Asda and Sainsbury's - two of the UK's 'big four' supermarkets - is, as expected, getting people hot under the collar.... read more

Carrefour, Google team up as France's online grocery shake-up continues

12 June 2018 | Dean Best

France's largest food retailers have made a number of moves in recent quarters to try to tap into the growth of the country's online grocery market - and this week another notable venture has been announced.... read more

Food firms in the firing line in UK government's anti-obesity fight

30 May 2018 | Andy Coyne

UK manufacturers of food products containing high levels of sugar can't expect the government's focus to be turned away from them anytime soon.... read more

Acquisitive JAB to gobble up UK food-to-go chain Pret

29 May 2018 | Dean Best

JAB Holding Co., the privately-owned, Luxembourg-based investment firm today (29 May) announced its latest acquisition, striking a deal to buy a majority stake in UK food-to-go chain Pret a Manger.... read more

just-food closed on Monday 28 May

25 May 2018 | Dean Best

This coming Monday (28 May) is the second of the UK's two public holidays in May and just-food will be downing tools to dodge the rain showers and - hopefully - enjoy some sunshine.... read more

Campbell hires from outside for key US soup role

23 May 2018 | Dean Best

Campbell Soup Co. has brought in an executive from outside the food industry to lead its domestic soup business, a division still central to the US giant and one still seeing sales decline.... read more

One in, one out at Moy Park

23 May 2018 | Andy Coyne

Interesting news crossed our desk this morning about former Greencore Group US head Chris Kirke becoming the new president of Northern Ireland-based poultry and prepared food group Moy Park.... read more

Sainsbury's-Asda merger - UK watchdog sets wheels in motion

18 May 2018 | Dean Best

It was certain The UK's Competition and Markets Authority would look into the ramifications of the biggest corporate development in the country's grocery sector for more than a decade - and today (18 May) the watchdog sent out an invitation to comment.... read more

US giant Kroger is Ocado's latest partner

17 May 2018 | Dean Best

UK online grocer Ocado has struck another licencing deal with an international food retailer, announcing this morning (17 May) US giant Kroger will use its technology for food deliveries.... read more

Nestle strikes coffee tie-up with Starbucks

7 May 2018 | Dean Best

A year ago, Nestlé said coffee would be one of four "high-growth food and beverage categories" in which it would focus its "capital spending". Today (7 May), the Nescafé owner and world's-largest food maker announced a notable deal with Starbucks.... read more