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From pizza to chicken but with cauliflower – Gail Becker on rise of US frozen-food firm Caulipower

16 October 2019 | Dean Best

Gail Becker gave up a lucrative career in PR to run her own food business. She talks to us about the growth of US frozen-food firm Caulipower. ... read more

Cranswick CEO Adam Couch on M&A in the UK, sustainability and the rise of the market for alternatives to meat – the just-food interview, part 2

8 October 2019 | Dean Best

In part two of our exclusive interview, Cranswick CEO Adam Couch chews the fat on how the UK meat group views issues from plant-based to Brexit. ... read more

Cranswick CEO Adam Couch on African swine fever crisis and UK group's ambitions in poultry – the just-food interview, part 1

4 October 2019 | Dean Best

In the first of a two-part interview with Cranswick CEO Adam Couch, the UK food group's boss talks African swine fever, ambitions in poultry and international M&A. ... read more

"We're looking 10 years forward" - Evolv Ventures' Steve Sanger on strategy of Kraft Heinz's investment fund

24 September 2019 | Dean Best

Like many large food companies, Kraft Heinz has an investment fund looking to back start-ups. How can Evolv Ventures help the under-pressure giant? ... read more

Freed Foods CEO David Ventura on "doing a Kettle" to tortilla chips - the bitesize interview

17 September 2019 | Dean Best

Freed Foods, the UK-based company behind Mister Free'd, a brand of gluten-free tortilla chips, has secured private-equity investment. We talk to the CEO about what's next. ... read more

Livia's founder Olivia Wollenberg on the rise and ambitions of the UK free-from snacks brand - the bitesize interview

9 September 2019 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne speaks to Londoner Olivia Wollenberg, whose own food intolerances prompted her to set up UK better-for-you snack brand Livia's.  ... read more

Fulfil CEO Brian O'Sullivan on Hershey's investment, Brexit and the Irish snack-bar firm's ambitions - interview

2 September 2019 | Simon Harvey

Ireland-based healthy snack bar brand Fulfil has just secured investment from US confectioner Hershey. Simon Harvey talks with chief executive Brian O'Sullivan. ... read more

"It's a matter of staying relevant as a business" - Danone CEO takes lead in new industry push on inequality

28 August 2019 | Ben Cooper

Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber is at the forefront of a new, business-led coalition set up to try to tackle inequalities. He explains why industry needs to play a leading role. ... read more

"Our biggest competition is cereal, ready meals and sandwiches" - Huel CEO James McMaster on his functional food brand's prospects

12 August 2019 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne speaks to James McMaster, CEO of UK-based meal replacement brand Huel, about where the direct-to-consumer business is heading. ... read more

"We believe in taking it global and challenging the big boys" - Jealous Sweets co-founder Imran Merza, the bitesize interview

7 August 2019 | Simon Harvey

UK confectioner Jealous Sweets has set an aggressive target to more than double revenues over the next 12 months or so. Simon Harvey speaks with co-founder Imran Merza.  ... read more

"I want us to be the Red Bull of sports nutrition" - Grenade founder Alan Barratt on UK firm's rise and ambitions for further growth

31 July 2019 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne speaks to Alan Barratt, CEO of UK sports nutrition business Grenade, about how branding and distribution have aided its move into the mainstream. ... read more

Nestle's Europe chief Marco Settembri on adapting and growing in low-growth environment - interview

24 July 2019 | Liz Newmark

Much of Europe presents a challenging place to do business, even for a company the size of Nestle. We talk to the food giant about its strategy in the region. ... read more

Burts Snacks MD David Nairn on how UK firm plans to double sales - interview

17 July 2019 | Simon Harvey

Simon Harvey speaks with Burts Snacks chairman and managing director David Nairn as the UK business seeks to double revenues in the next few years. ... read more

"Intense competition drives us to be ahead of the curve" - Rich Products Europe MD David Hunt on frozen food giant's desire to innovate

5 July 2019 | Andy Coyne

We talk to David Hunt, MD of US baked goods giant Rich Products' operations in Europe and the Middle East, to hear about strategic plans linked to investment and innovation. ... read more

"We're not promoting night-time snacking" - CEO Sean Folkson on why Nightfood's "sleep-friendly" ice cream can help consumers

3 July 2019 | Dean Best

Sean Folkson sets out why his US company Nightfood and its "sleep-friendly" ice cream can be a better alternative for evening eaters and can carve out a niche in the market. ... read more

"It's about taking the Montezuma's brand beyond where it's been for the last 18 years" - new managing director Bruce Alexander on growth aspirations

20 June 2019 | Simon Harvey

Montezuma's is entering a new era under the auspices of private-equity ownership. We speak with the UK chocolate firm's newly-appointed managing director to assess the landscape. ... read more

"We don't think baby food should be older than the baby itself" - Daniel Auner and Karina Gentgen, founders of organic baby food business Mia & Ben, the bitesize interview

10 June 2019 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne speaks to the founders of London-based organic baby food start-up Mia & Ben about the gap they say they've spotted in the market. ... read more

"Strategics want to buy companies in the second inning" - Whipstitch Capital's Mike Burgmaier surveys US M&A landscape and sets out how his firm can capitalise

6 June 2019 | Dean Best

It's not just big banks battling for mandates in an active market for M&A in US food. One up-and-coming firm, Whipstitch Capital, talks to just-food about how it can prosper. ... read more

"The demand from clients for ideas is much higher" - Deutsche Bank’s Joe DiMondi on what’s driving food M&A – and what advisers can bring to the table

22 May 2019 | Dean Best

Joe DiMondi, an M&A veteran at Deutsche Bank, sets out what's driving food M&A – and what advisers can bring to the table. ... read more

"Parents are really struggling" – Yumble co-founders Joanna and David Parker on the opportunity in selling meals for kids on subscription

17 May 2019 | Dean Best

Yumble, the US direct-to-consumer firm selling meals for children, talks to just-food about why it's "excited" about the future - and receiving investment from Danone. ... read more

"There will be a shakedown of brands in UK meat-free" - The Meatless Farm Co.'s new CEO Robert Woodall on looking for an edge

16 April 2019 | Dean Best

We talk to Robert Woodall, the ex-Kellogg exec now at the helm of The Meatless Farm Co., the UK meat-free firm battling to carve out a foothold in a competitive market. ... read more

Arla Foods' Tomi Siren on how blockchain is helping the dairy giant's sustainability drive - interview

12 April 2019 | Dean Best

Blockchain is one of a bunch of emerging technologies catching the attention of FMCG companies. We talk to dairy giant Arla Foods about a pilot they have launched. ... read more

"There are a lot of areas we haven't tapped into" - Clarence Mak on why Mars has set up Seeds of Change accelerator

11 April 2019 | Dean Best

Mars has joined the ranks of Big Food companies using accelerators to help their innovation and tap into emerging trends. Dean Best discussed the move with Mars exec Clarence Mak. ... read more

"It's given me investment to get Meatsnacks Group to the next level" - James Newitt on the sale of the UK jerky business

9 April 2019 | Dean Best

UK-based Meatsnacks Group has sold to the owner of a rival jerky and biltong supplier. Dean Best catches up with Meatsnacks MD James Newitt to discuss the future for the company. ... read more

"You can have a healthy product that tastes really good" - Franco Beer, founder of Boka Food, on the UK cereal-bar firm's rise and ambitions

5 April 2019 | Dean Best

Boka Food, the fledgling UK firm, has won a listing with Sainsbury's for its healthier cereal bars and is attracting overseas interest. We talk to founder Franco Beer. ... read more

"The industry is fragmented but the best ideas can still steal disproportionate share pretty quickly" – US venture-capital firm Boulder Food Group on its second fund and plans to further invest

28 March 2019 | Dean Best

US venture-capital firm Boulder Food Group talks to just-food about its second fund, plans to further invest and disruption in the food industry. ... read more

"I want to try to be optimistic. We've been let down before" - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil chief executive Darrel Webber exhorts food companies to buy sustainably

27 March 2019 | Ben Cooper

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil speaks with Ben Cooper about its new standards and how food companies can promote the idea palm oil can be a sustainable commodity. ... read more

Russia's iFarm on whether vertical farming could herald a new era of urban agriculture - interview

25 March 2019 | Joe Baker

iFarm, one of several start-ups seeking to get ahead in the urban farming stakes, explains to Joe Baker why the concept could revolutionise farming. ... read more

"The idea is to embrace change" – Danone Manifesto Ventures chief Laurent Marcel on the French group’s investment strategy in an industry disrupted

22 March 2019 | Dean Best

Danone talks to just-food about its investments in up-and-coming businesses the French giant believes are shaking up the food industry. ... read more

Trichomia chief marketing officer Georgia Branch touts health and sustainability benefits of hemp-based foods - the bitesize interview

14 March 2019 | Simon Harvey

Simon Harvey speaks with hemp-food maker Trichomia's chief marketing officer, Georgia Branch, on the Sydney-based company's plans for the year ahead.  ... read more

"The old innovation model is not working" – Mondelez International chief growth officer Tim Cofer on the snacks giant’s quest for agility

12 March 2019 | Dean Best

Mondelez International chief growth officer Tim Cofer talks to just-food about how the SnackFutures hub will help the Cadbury owner "lead the future of snacking". ... read more

"We will see a large number of new brands emerging" - DSG Consumer Partners' Deepak Shahdadpuri on how India's FMCG market is opening up

7 March 2019 | Dean Best

India is seeing similar changes to consumer habits as western countries. Investor Deepak Shahdadpuri talks about his deals in India and how he sees the market developing. ... read more

What are the biggest challenges facing casual dining in the UK?

5 March 2019 | Joe Baker

With a report pointing to a decline in casual-dining restaurants in the UK, suppliers, tech providers and foodservice companies highlight the challenges the sector faces. ... read more

Arla CFO Natalie Knight on battles with Brexit, Chinese regulators and added sugar - the just-food interview

21 February 2019 | Andy Coyne

Arla CFO Natalie Knight tells Andy Coyne about the dairy giant's investment plans and discusses whether recent acquisitions and category innovation can feed growth.  ... read more

"We are revolutionising dairy products by making them from plants instead of cows" - Miyoko's Kitchen founder Miyoko Schinner, the bitesize interview

5 February 2019 | Simon Harvey

Miyoko's Kitchen aims to take the traditional dairy industry by storm, offering plant-based alternatives. Simon Harvey speaks with founder Miyoko Schinner.  ... read more