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Ben Cooper

Why "planet-based diets" are key to meeting agricultural emissions goals

4 May 2021 | Ben Cooper

Does a broader concept of a "planet-based diet" hold the key to achieving emissions cuts consistent with the Paris climate goals? We explore the implications for food companies. ... read more

Reformulating the alphabet soup of ESG reporting

28 April 2021 | Ben Cooper

Progress is underway on standards for sustainability reporting, with implications for manufacturers that have led the way on sustainability and those that have dragged their feet. ... read more

Biodiversity loss – why food companies should say something

22 April 2021 | Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper looks at how food companies can engage with consumers about the loss of biodiversity and the degree to which consumers are likely to be tuning in. ... read more

Why chocolate makers' sugar-reduction quest is so challenging

14 January 2021 | Ben Cooper

As the fight against obesity continues in many developed countries, Ben Cooper examines the challenge of reducing the sugar content in chocolate. ... read more

Why there'll be no return to business as usual for global food industry in 2021

1 December 2020 | Ben Cooper

We reflect on the sustainability issues facing the industry in 2021. Might there be a shift in how long-standing challenges facing the global food system are addressed? ... read more

Why new industry deforestation coalition could be positive move

22 October 2020 | Ben Cooper

With an emphasis on stakeholder engagement and information sharing, the new Forest Positive Coalition of Action could be an effective driver of change. ... read more

Cocoa partnership puts aside failures with bold new aims on child labour

9 September 2020 | Ben Cooper

Attempts to tackle child labour in cocoa have over-promised and under-delivered. Could a new plan from multi-stakeholder body International Cocoa Initiative be different? ... read more

Backing Marcus Rashford's food poverty campaign must be about more than catching stardust

4 September 2020 | Ben Cooper

Food groups are keen to support footballer Marcus Rashford in the food poverty debate but that endorsement will backfire if not reflected in companies' future actions. ... read more

"We're not trying to take money from farmers" – Nestle defends KitKat Fairtrade decision

14 August 2020 | Ben Cooper

Following the adverse reaction to its decision to cease Fairtrade certification for the KitKat brand, Nestlé speaks to just-food and seeks to defend the controversial move. ... read more

Why UK obesity reset is watershed moment – in more ways than one

27 July 2020 | Ben Cooper

Covid-19 – and Boris Johnson's severe illness from the virus – has prompted significant changes to UK obesity policy. And Ben Cooper wonders what could come next.  ... read more

How might Covid-19 affect food supply chains?

15 July 2020 | Ben Cooper

Post-Covid-19, governments are likely support agriculture to bolster food security, while manufacturers seek resilience by decentralising output and strengthening local supply. ... read more

Chlorinated chicken – what's everyone really talking about?

8 July 2020 | Ben Cooper

As the UK and US hold discussions over a free trade deal, Ben Cooper digs into what has become the controversial issue of 'chlorinated chicken'.  ... read more

Nestle’s Fairtrade move is wrong – and very wrong now

1 July 2020 | Ben Cooper

just-food's Ben Cooper sets out his opposition to Nestlé's decision to end Fairtrade certification for its flagship KitKat chocolate brand in the UK and Ireland. ... read more

"We want to transform the sector" – Mondelez's Cathy Pieters on snacks giant's Cocoa Life programme, its progress and challenges ahead

19 June 2020 | Ben Cooper

In 2016, Mondelez ended Fairtrade certification for Dairy Milk and forged a new tie-up with Fairtrade through its own sustainability platform Cocoa Life. What happened next? ... read more

BMJ blame game no help to obesity sufferers at higher risk from Covid-19

12 June 2020 | Ben Cooper

If Donald Trump were a health campaigner, he may have struck a similar tone on Covid-19 and obesity as the British Medical Journal did this week, Ben Cooper writes. ... read more

How could Covid-19 change how we think about food?

11 May 2020 | Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper looks at the possible lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on consumer attitudes to food and on the global food system. ... read more

Could UK's post-Covid-19 obesity policy be more than nudge in right direction?

29 April 2020 | Ben Cooper

Could 'nudge theory' - seen as having had a significant impact on the way the UK has sought to tackle Covid-19 - also shape policy choices on obesity once the dust settles? ... read more

Why food companies have to get soy sorted

16 April 2020 | Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper looks at the challenge manufacturers face in putting their soy supply chains on a sustainable footing and why it's so important to them and the planet that they succeed. ... read more

"We’ll look back on these few weeks as a real triumph for the food supply chain" - Tim Rycroft, COO of UK trade body The Food and Drink Federation

2 April 2020 | Ben Cooper

Tim Rycroft, COO at UK trade body The Food and Drink Federation, on how the industry is responding to Covid-19 and if the crisis is changing how people value the sector. ... read more

Could Covid-19 make for more caring companies?

31 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

How might corporate engagement in addressing major global issues, such as climate change and poverty, be affected by the coronavirus pandemic? ... read more

If and when it has time, the UK must ponder its post-Brexit biotech options

24 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper ponders where the UK might go on GM regulation after the end of the Brexit transition period and what that may mean for UK-based food manufacturers. ... read more

New Zealand's A2 Milk inks licensing agreement in Canada

13 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

New Zealand-based A2 Milk Co. has agreed a licensing deal for fluid milk in the Canadian market with a dairy cooperative. ... read more

Bahlsen names former Cadbury man Phil Rumbol as first non-family CEO  

12 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

Bahlsen, the family-run biscuit maker in Germany, has announced a new chief executive, the first time an outsider has been appointed to the role. ... read more

AUA adds Holiday Foods to Gourmet Culinary Partners line-up

6 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

AUA Private Equity, the New York-based investment house, has acquired a local developer and marketer of appetisers for an undisclosed sum. ... read more

Tulip in talks with workforce as UK plant faces closure

5 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

Tulip, the UK meat company owned by US group Pilgrim's Pride, has announced it will enter talks with employee representatives at one of its UK plants which it is looking to close. ... read more

Danone-owned Horizon Organic makes carbon positive pledge

4 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

Horizon Organic, the US organic dairy brand owned by French dairy giant Danone, has announced a carbon positive pledge. ... read more

JBS-owned plant-based start-up Planterra set for nationwide US debut

4 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

Planterra Foods, the plant-based protein start-up owned by Brazilian meat giant JBS, is planning a roll-out of its Ozo brand next month. ... read more

Annual plant-based food sales top US$5bn in US

4 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

Figures just released have revealed the extent to which plant-based foods sales are growing in the US. ... read more

The Carlyle Group to sell Japan's Meisui Bijin to Shinmei

3 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

Private equity firm The Carlyle Group has agreed to sell Japanese bean sprouts manufacturer Meisui Bijin Factory. ... read more

Plant-based seafood firm Good Catch in distribution deal with Bumble Bee 

3 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

US seafood group Bumble Bee Foods has announced a joint venture partnership with a local plant-based seafood alternatives firm. ... read more

Japanese snacks firm Calbee acquires local company Potato Kaitsuka

3 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

Japanese snack maker Calbee has announced it has acquired a local sweet potato business from its shareholders and major investor. ... read more

McCain-backed plant-based protein firm Nuggs to enter retail

3 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

McCain Foods-backed plant-based protein brand Nuggs has announced a new initiative which will see it enter a new channel. ... read more

UK fruit group Berry Gardens names Nick Allen as new CEO

3 March 2020 | Ben Cooper

UK fruit producer Berry Gardens has announced the appointment of a new chief executive officer who will take up the role immediately. ... read more

Should the UK take new approach to novel foods post-Brexit?

22 January 2020 | Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper reports from an industry event in London to weigh up whether the UK should change its stance on novel foods once the country leaves the EU. ... read more

Industry faces daunting task on child labour in cocoa despite new momentum

19 December 2019 | Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper welcomes the progress Nestlé is making on tackling the use of child labour in the cocoa supply chain but stresses the company - and industry - still has work ahead. ... read more