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Rising US food prices create more pain for cash-strapped consumers

7 January 2021 | GlobalData Consumer

US consumers are facing the pinch on food prices and manufacturers will have to react to the changes in shopping habits that will result, GlobalData Consumer writes ... read more

Why Mondelez’s new carbon-neutral brand can appeal to consumers

18 December 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Mondelez International has a released a carbon-neutral cracker brand and GlobalData Consumer suggests its recent surveys indicate there could be a ready market for the product. ... read more

Tyson move shows problems with meat-plant hybrid 'blends'

10 December 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Successfully selling meat-plant hybrids to consumers looking to reduce their meat intake may be a difficult sell, GlobalData Consumer argues. ... read more

How Covid-19 is boosting millennial interest in vitamins

27 November 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Covid-19 has prioritised health in the minds of consumers worldwide and is proving a factor in the growing interest in vitamins – especially among relatively young consumers. ... read more

Unilever moves to capture growing consumer interest in plant-based

20 November 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Unilever is looking to further tap into consumers' interest in plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products – which has intensified during Covid-19, GlobalData writes. ... read more

EU vote on plant-based names highlights dairy industry insecurity

28 October 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

The European Parliament's curbs on plant-based naming conventions says a lot about the dairy industry's political influence but the tide cannot be turned back, GlobalData argues. ... read more

Danone's Alpro goals throw down progressive gauntlet

22 October 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Danone is upping its investment in efforts to improve the sustainability of its operations and some of the latest measures focus on Alpro, its flagship European dairy-free brand. ... read more

Even amid Covid-19, convenience still king at breakfast

17 August 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Homeworking has changed breakfast habits and continues to do so as Covid restrictions ease – but GlobalData argues consumers still want convenience even if they aren't commuting. ... read more

Demand for local food to last beyond Covid-19

12 August 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

As lockdowns ease, there are signs consumer demand for local food – which grew during the height of the pandemic – is sticking around, according to GlobalData Consumer. ... read more

Upfield's investment in plant-based R&D looks a good bet

18 June 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Covid-19 may have added significant uncertainty to the macroeconomic outlook but investments should still be made to lean into consumer trends proving robust, writes GlobalData. ... read more

Covid-19 hasn't dented consumer interest in sustainability

8 June 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

While Covid-19 is front-and-centre in consumers' minds, a range of factors still drive behaviour, with environmental concerns holding their importance, GlobalData writes. ... read more

Covid-19's snacking consumers spark D2C flurry

29 May 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

How consumers shop for food has changed in some very noticeable ways over the last three months or so – and D2C is one area to have grown in importance, says GlobalData. ... read more

Why Covid-19 could have lasting effect on food-to-go

28 May 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Covid-19 is likely to shake up how we work, with companies set to allow their staff to do their jobs at home more often. Food-to-go could face pressure on sales, GlobalData argues. ... read more

Aldi's UK online grocery push will be closely watched - analysis

16 April 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Discounter Aldi is to join the online grocery fray in the UK, launching a service for "vulnerable customers". Analysts from our parent company, GlobalData, weigh up the move. ... read more

Rich man's dairy - yogurt finds a new target

31 May 2019 | GlobalData Consumer

A relaunch from Japanese dairy giant Meiji Holdings highlights how some manufacturers targeting health concerns are now making their product propositions more specific. ... read more