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Five imperatives for US food start-ups in the new normal

18 August 2020 | Victor Martino

The disruptor has become the disrupted. Covid-19 has given Big Food a boost and caused caution among US investors and retailers. How should start-ups react? ... read more

Why UK obesity reset is watershed moment – in more ways than one

27 July 2020 | Ben Cooper

Covid-19 – and Boris Johnson's severe illness from the virus – has prompted significant changes to UK obesity policy. And Ben Cooper wonders what could come next.  ... read more

Covid-19's snacking consumers spark D2C flurry

29 May 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

How consumers shop for food has changed in some very noticeable ways over the last three months or so – and D2C is one area to have grown in importance, says GlobalData. ... read more

Aldi's UK online grocery push will be closely watched - analysis

16 April 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Discounter Aldi is to join the online grocery fray in the UK, launching a service for "vulnerable customers". Analysts from our parent company, GlobalData, weigh up the move. ... read more

The most-read opinion pieces on just-food in 2019

19 December 2019 | Dean Best

Which of the opinion pieces from just-food's team of industry experts gave you food for thought in 2019? Here are the top ten most-read. ... read more

Six trends to shape China's food market in 2020

26 November 2019 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli analyses the emerging consumer trends driving demand in the Chinese food industry and sets out the product categories to watch in 2020. ... read more

New UK Prime Minister, same old Brexit uncertainty

29 July 2019 | Dean Best

The new UK Prime Minister and government appear ready to accept a no-deal Brexit - but would the wider UK parliament? ... read more

Why Unilever gobbled up Graze

8 February 2019 | Dean Best

With the acquisition of Graze, Unilever steps up its interest in direct-to-consumer and could have an eye on mainstream channels in other countries, writes Dean Best. ... read more

How CPG companies should adapt to "the new consumer experience"

26 October 2018 | Victor Martino

All that's historically been solid in CPG brand marketing is melting into air amid changes in consumer demand, argues just-food's US columnist Victor Martino, who outlines how companies need to react. ... read more

How grocery featured on Amazon's latest Prime Day

26 July 2018 | Andrew Pearl, Profitero

Amazon held its fourth annual Prime Day earlier this month. It again lasted more than a day - 36 hours to be exact - and took in new countries as the e-commerce titan sought to offer members to its Prime service a multitude of deals. Andrew Pearl, director of strategy and insight in the EMEA region for e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, surveys some of the ways grocery featured.... read more

Google and JD.com - another e-commerce duo to consider

22 June 2018 | Dean Best

There was another e-commerce powerplay this week, with Google investing in and setting out plans to work with Chinese e-commerce retailer JD.com. Dean Best reflects on the announcement and how suppliers should react.... read more

Frustration with Brexit blind date prevails at FDF's annual gathering

15 June 2018 | Simon Harvey

With nine months to go until the UK is set to officially leave the EU, politicians are still battling it out to resolve complex trade and regulatory issues two years after the Brexit referendum. The UK food industry can only sit and watch events unfold but is eager to see concrete resolutions so they can get on with planning for an exit. Simon Harvey went to the UK Food and Drink Federation's annual convention to hear what delegates had to say.... read more

Amazon-Whole Foods one year on - what's changed?

13 June 2018 | Victor Martino

A year since Amazon shook the grocery sector with its acquisition of upmarket US retailer Whole Foods Market, just-food's Stateside columnist Victor Martino weighs up what the deal has meant for the two businesses - and for the wider industry.... read more

Brands still matter in US - but rules of game have changed

15 May 2018 | Victor Martino

As the US FMCG sector witnesses the biggest change in consumer habits in a generation, some argue brands are becoming less important. However, just-food's US columnist, Victor Martino, begs to differ and sets out how brands can still prosper.... read more

Why private-label has reached tipping point in US - and what to do

13 March 2018 | Victor Martino

The major, branded CPG operators in the US are not only facing a challenge from growing demand for products from upstart, agile competitors tapping into evolving consumer trends. They are also, Victor Martino warns, seeing another front open up from private-label. In his latest column for just-food, Martino outlines which retailers are gaining ground and how brand owners can fight back.... read more

Why millennials are key for Europe's health-food marketeers

26 January 2018 | Laura Fusi, IRI

In Europe, healthy food - or products marketed as healthier than their existing counterparts - are most popular, and showing the strongest growth potential, among millennials, IRI writes in its monthly column for just-food. ... read more

The six mega-trends that will shape the US food industry in 2018

2 January 2018 | Victor Martino

Operating in the US food market? If you thought 2017 was a heady mix of challenge and opportunity, wait for 2018, writes just-food's US columnist Victor Martino, who gives you six mega-trends your business must embrace to thrive over the next 12 months. ... read more

The food industry in 2018 - the e-commerce trends to watch

1 January 2018 | Andrew Pearl, Profitero

Taking advantage of the rise of the e-commerce channel will be a priority of an increasing number of food company strategists in 2018. Andrew Pearl, director of strategy and insight in the EMEA markets for e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, presents four trends to watch in the channel in 2018. ... read more

Recent M&A moves show Nestle has woken up and smelt the coffee

18 September 2017 | Dean Best

Nestle's investment in US coffee roaster and retailer Blue Bottle is another sign of a change in the food giant's M&A strategy since the arrival of CEO Mark Schneider earlier this year, Dean Best writes.... read more

Why there is room for improvement at US online start-up Brandless

19 July 2017 | Keith Anderson, Profitero

With the rapid rise of digital-native, direct-to-consumer brands like Dollar Shave Company and The Honest Company, Keith Anderson, senior vice president for strategy and insights at e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, shares his perspective on Brandless, the latest entrant to the US grocery market.... read more

Direct-to-consumer to play minor role in US grocery e-commerce - column

20 June 2017 | Victor Martino

With the e-commerce channel growing in the US but still in its early stages, food manufacturers are weighing up various ways to build a presence in the channel. just-food's US columnist Victor Martino argues suppliers should think carefully before putting too much emphasis on selling directly to consumers.... read more

UK election result - all eyes on Northern Ireland as Brexit talks near

9 June 2017 | Dean Best

Cor Blimey! exclaimed one Labour-leaning UK tabloid this morning (9 June) as the country awoke to another election result that confounded pollsters.... read more

AmazonFresh enters Germany's nascent e-commerce market - column

10 May 2017 | Andrew Pearl, Profitero

As Amazon launches its AmazonFresh in Germany, Andrew Pearl, director of strategy and insights for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region at e-commerce analytics firm Profitero discusses the implications for retailers and brands.... read more

How FMCG brands can capitalise on e-commerce opportunity in Japan

28 April 2017 | Andrew Pearl, Profitero

Andrew Pearl, director of strategy and insights for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region at e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, casts his eyes further afield to Japan, a market showing promise for e-commerce FMCG.... read more

Why personalisation will take-off in US food

8 March 2017 | Victor Martino

As they search for paths to growth, there is increasing interest among food companies operating in the US in developing products or services that are more tailored to consumers. just-food's US columnist Victor Martino surveys the activity so far and argues investment in personalisation will intensify.... read more

Meal kits in the US - don't believe the hype

31 January 2017 | Victor Martino

Meal kits have carved out a niche in the US but, Victor Martino, just-food's new Stateside columnist, argues that is all they will hold in the country's food market for the foreseeable future, for all the claims of the products having reinvented the dinner ritual and despite the interest from some major CPG brands.... read more

The key issues for suppliers and retailers in 2017 - IRI's take

14 December 2016 | José Carlos González-Hurtado, president, IRI International

In the latest of its monthly columns on just-food, FMCG market research giant IRI surveys the main issues food manufacturers and retailers will have to consider as they market and sell to consumers in 2017.... read more

The food industry in 2017 - The key questions for digital strategists

8 December 2016 | Keith Anderson, Profitero

In his latest column for just-food, Keith Anderson, vice president of strategy and insights at e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, outlines what food companies interested in growing online must consider in 2017. ... read more

The five pillars to a successful e-commerce strategy

22 March 2016 | Keith Anderson, Profitero

To win online, packaged food manufacturers must put in place specific strategies to suit the channel. Keith Anderson, vice president of strategy and insights at e-commerce consultants Profitero, sets out what companies should do to build a thriving business in the growing digital sphere.... read more

How to capture the US e-commerce opportunity

24 February 2016 | Keith Anderson, Profitero

E-commerce is becoming a channel upon which food manufacturers are placing increasing amounts of attention - and resources. In the first of a regular column on just-food, Keith Anderson, vice president of strategy and insights at e-commerce consultants Profitero, analyses the online opportunity for businesses, sets out how they can harness the growth in the channel and illustrates how some smaller brands are gaining an edge.... read more

IRI's inside track: The challenge of digital marketing and ROI

26 March 2015 | Carl Carter, IRI

Digital media is becoming the marketing method of choice for FMCGs, Carl Carter of industry analysts IRI writes. But can manufacturers truly measure if digital media is helping drive shoppers on the path to purchase?... read more

Comment: Prepare for emerging market e-commerce

9 February 2015 | Katy Askew

Consumer goods conglomerate Hindustan Unilever is changing the operating model of its business-to-consumer direct sales arm in India, Hindustan Unilever Network, prompting speculation it is paving the way for an e-commerce debut in the country.... read more

Briefing: 2015 preview: Shopper trends - Finding a path to growth in 2015

2 January 2015 | Anne Lefranc, IRI European marketing director

In such a price-focused environment, manufacturers will need to find innovative ways to grow in 2015. Data, IRI's Anne Lefranc argues, will be central to these strategies.... read more

Comment: Mondelez digital strategy suffers blow with UK ruling

26 November 2014 | Katy Askew

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority dealt Mondelez International a blow today (26 November) when it found the group's YouTube ads breach the country's advertising code. The ruling is significant for the snacks giant given the recent video-streaming drive it hopes will position it as a "digital pioneer". Mondelez is nevertheless wise to forge ahead in its bid to connect with consumers online, Katy Askew suggests.... read more

Editor's viewpoint: Land of the minnows

4 August 2014 | Dean Best

Size matters, right? Scale - and the economic benefits that come with it - provide a business with clout smaller competitors find hard to battle. However, could large food companies be losing some of the advantage gained from their size?... read more