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How to avoid your FDI project turning into a nightmare

15 April 2021 | Douglas van den Berghe

Dreaming of an international expansion for your company? Consider these cautionary tips from FDI consultant Douglas van den Berghe first. ... read more

Covid-19 sweetens China's interest in functional candy

15 April 2021 | Peter Peverelli

That Covid-19 has increased demand for healthier products is being seen in markets worldwide. In China, the trend is creating opportunities for confectionery. ... read more

Signs of intent in plant-based meat makers' Asia push

9 April 2021 | Dean Best

A clutch of announcements this week underline the optimism among makers of plant-based meat alternatives about the opportunity in Asia, writes Dean Best. ... read more

How to nurture China's growing interest in cheese

8 April 2021 | GlobalData Consumer

Demand for cheese in China is on the rise and the forecasts for growth are bullish but there remain barriers to consumption. GlobalData Consumer has ideas. ... read more

On the rise – China's booming home-baking market

23 March 2021 | Peter Peverelli

China's locked-down consumers, like others elsewhere, turned to home-baking to keep occupied and feed families during the pandemic. It is, though, a relatively new trend locally. ... read more

How China presents opportunity for pet-food majors

8 February 2021 | Peter Peverelli

In his latest column, just-food's China market correspondent Peter Peverelli digs into the country's growing pet-food market. ... read more

How food companies are singling out China's singles

12 January 2021 | Peter Peverelli

The growing number of Chinese who live alone has started to draw the attention of food manufacturers, which are tailoring products to the country's singles. ... read more

Food that makes you better – a Chinese tradition with modern twist

30 October 2020 | Peter Peverelli

Covid-19 has increased interest among China's consumers for functional food and the country's domestic manufacturers have reacted. How can international suppliers capitalise? ... read more

Covid-19 – India food groups talk trading as virus volatility persists

8 October 2020 | Raghavendra Verma

India is among the countries worst hit and, in a market where retail is dominated by traditional outlets, trading can remain tough. ... read more

Overseas brands ineffective as China's soup market comes to boil

28 September 2020 | Peter Peverelli

Soup has been a core element in Chinese cuisine and still is – even if consumers now have less time to cook. Interest in convenient options is growing. How can suppliers prosper? ... read more

Food feels impact of China-Australia tensions

31 August 2020 | Dean Best

What started in technology and was further fuelled by Covid-19 is now starting to impact Australia's agri-food sector, Dean Best writes. ... read more

How meal-replacement products could shake up breakfast in China

30 July 2020 | Peter Peverelli

Chinese commuters' demand for convenience has been fuelling sales and Covid-19 – for different reasons – has also led to interest in the segment. ... read more

Pizza to children's snacks – the fuel for cheese sales in China

26 June 2020 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli looks at the expanding market for cheese in China and sets out areas for manufacturers to exploit. ... read more

Plant-based meat must target local tastes to succeed in China

21 May 2020 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China market columnist Peter Peverelli weighs up the growing activity in the country's market for plant-based meat alternatives. ... read more

How Covid-19 might shape consumer trends in China

20 April 2020 | Peter Peverelli

Packaged-food companies mulling the post-Covid-19 consumer will be watching China with interest. Our local columnist Peter Peverelli sets out some trends that could take hold. ... read more

Is China ready for Western-style sauces and dressings?

13 March 2020 | Peter Peverelli

Our correspondent Peter Peverelli looks at the cultural barriers that have to be cleared by Western manufacturers attempting to sell sauces and seasonings in China. ... read more

French fries in China – big opportunities and high hurdles

17 February 2020 | Peter Peverelli

The market for French fries in China is growing rapidly but barriers to entry exist for foreign providers, as Peter Peverelli explains. ... read more

China's 'light eating' trend takes aim at fat, salt, sugar

31 January 2020 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli looks at the trend for qingshi, which takes in foods low in salt and fat and also for eating smaller meals or portions than usual. ... read more

The most-read opinion pieces on just-food in 2019

19 December 2019 | Dean Best

Which of the opinion pieces from just-food's team of industry experts gave you food for thought in 2019? Here are the top ten most-read. ... read more

Six trends to shape China's food market in 2020

26 November 2019 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli analyses the emerging consumer trends driving demand in the Chinese food industry and sets out the product categories to watch in 2020. ... read more

What do China's high-schoolers want from food?

9 October 2019 | Peter Peverelli

After weighing up what China's "post-90" consumer wants from food, Peter Peverelli looks at what 12-to 18-year-olds in the country's "post-00" marketing cohort could be demanding. ... read more

The agile leadership skills food companies need

20 June 2019 | Luciana Nuñez

In a dynamic consumer environment, food companies often talk about the need to be more agile. But how can they get there? Executive coaching firm The Preston Associates explores. ... read more

The move towards branded agricultural produce in China

5 March 2019 | Peter Peverelli

Branded agricultural produce is becoming increasingly sought after in China, as Peter Peverelli reports. ... read more

Four product trends to watch in China in 2019

2 January 2019 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli outlines four product trends food companies doing business in the country - or wanting to do business there - should bear in mind as we enter 2019. ... read more

How chilli is spicing up parts of China's food sector

5 September 2018 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli outlines how chilli flavours have made inroads in the country's packaged food sector as the palates of local consumers get used to - and embrace - some heat in their food. ... read more

Fruit and nuts - from staples to snacking favourites in China

9 August 2018 | Peter Peverelli

In his debut column, just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli looks at how growing wealth and need for convenience have led to the staples of fruit and nuts be the foundation of a buoyant, on-the-go category. ... read more

Google and JD.com - another e-commerce duo to consider

22 June 2018 | Dean Best

There was another e-commerce powerplay this week, with Google investing in and setting out plans to work with Chinese e-commerce retailer JD.com. Dean Best reflects on the announcement and how suppliers should react.... read more

Why millennials are key for Europe's health-food marketeers

26 January 2018 | Laura Fusi, IRI

In Europe, healthy food - or products marketed as healthier than their existing counterparts - are most popular, and showing the strongest growth potential, among millennials, IRI writes in its monthly column for just-food. ... read more

Gove wins UK exporter praise but Brexit looms - editor's viewpoint

15 December 2017 | Dean Best

For all the qualified optimism about the UK government's renewed pledges to work "in partnership" with the country's food industry to grow the sector, Brexit presents significant unknowns and departure from the EU could have significant ramifications for manufacturers.... read more

Eyeing Asia, Saputo moves for Murray Goulburn - editor's viewpoint

30 October 2017 | Dean Best

Dean Best weighs up why Saputo has moved to buy the embattled Australian dairy group.... read more

Brexit tension to be expected - opinion

2 May 2017 | Dave Leggett

Over the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, the country's headlines were dominated about last week's meeting between Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker - and how badly it was supposed to have gone. The UK has dismissed the reports as "Brussels gossip". However, David Leggett suggests we should expect the next two years to be tense.... read more

The food industry in 2017 - The key questions for digital strategists

8 December 2016 | Keith Anderson, Profitero

In his latest column for just-food, Keith Anderson, vice president of strategy and insights at e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, outlines what food companies interested in growing online must consider in 2017. ... read more

Comment: FSSAI's antagonism on Maggi is lose-lose

6 August 2015 | Katy Askew

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has taken a hard line on Nestle's Maggi brand. But – with Nestle's strong international food safety and compliance record – has the regulator picked the right battle? Katy Askew suggests the FSSAI's increasingly belligerent tone and single-mindedness in its pursuit of Nestle will do little to improve food safety in the country. It could, however, make multinationals think twice about investing in India.... read more

Editor's viewpoint: The impact of China's slowdown

17 July 2015 | Dean Best

Two significant announcements this week - from dairy giant Fonterra and from infant formula group Mead Johnson - further underlined how the impact of China's recent economic slowdown is affecting companies in our sector.... read more

Comment: Prepare for emerging market e-commerce

9 February 2015 | Katy Askew

Consumer goods conglomerate Hindustan Unilever is changing the operating model of its business-to-consumer direct sales arm in India, Hindustan Unilever Network, prompting speculation it is paving the way for an e-commerce debut in the country.... read more