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Foodservice strategy

Aryzta's options in wake of investor battle

18 September 2020 | Simon Harvey

Aryzta's two-largest investors came up trumps on Wednesday, with Urs Jordi, their pick as the embattled baker's chairman, elected. But what next for the business? ... read more

Aryzta announcement stark warning to foodservice suppliers

24 March 2020 | Andy Coyne

Foodservice suppliers worldwide will have been stirred by the latest announcement from Swiss-Irish bakery giant Aryzta, writes Andy Coyne. ... read more

Why food companies shouldn't overlook baby boomers

13 August 2019 | Victor Martino

Younger cohorts like millennials and Gen Z are often the focus of product development and marketing strategies in the US but, Victor Martino writes, don't forget the baby boomers. ... read more

How can UK SMEs prepare for life after Brexit?  

8 August 2018 | John Stapleton

When it comes to Brexit, almost everything is uncertain and unclear. As entrepreneurs and leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it can be tricky to anticipate and take proactive action to future-proof your business when the post-Brexit business environment remains so unpredictable, John Stapleton writes.... read more

Bakery giant Aryzta's fresh profit warning raises concerns

29 May 2018 | Dean Best

It has been clear for months there are some sizeable challenges facing Aryzta, the Swiss-Irish bakery giant - and there were signs this week the company's problems persist.... read more

The UK's calorie plan is cogent - and industry will be content

12 March 2018 | Dean Best

Faced with some alarming data on obesity, the UK this week announced its latest strategy to battle the bulge. A target for industry to reduce calories has its merits and, Dean Best writes, will have pleased industry, too.... read more

The food industry in 2018 - the nine foodservice trends to follow

1 January 2018 | David Henkes, Technomic

The foodservice channel continues to show growth, even in more mature markets, presenting an opportunity for food manufacturers to capture. David Henkes, the advisory group senior principal at US-based foodservice consultants Technomic, sets out the nine trends that will shape the sector in 2018. ... read more

Food in line for most pain from Brexit self-harm - comment

8 September 2017 | Dean Best

There have been plenty of occasions since the early hours of 24 June 2016 when those in the UK who voted for the country to stay in the EU would have held their heads in the hands.... read more

UK election result raises food sector hopes of better Brexit - column

9 June 2017 | Ben Cooper

The result of the UK's General Election has stunned much of the country and many observers worldwide. The poll produced a hung parliament, with the Conservative Party, led by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the largest in the House of Commons but without a majority of seats. May has embarked on talks with Democratic Unionist Party in a bid to form a minority government that can function with the working support of the Northern Ireland party. As Ben Cooper reports, the DUP's stance on Brexit, as well as the now improved standing of Labour, could lead to a softer Brexit that many food manufacturers would support.... read more

UK election result - all eyes on Northern Ireland as Brexit talks near

9 June 2017 | Dean Best

Cor Blimey! exclaimed one Labour-leaning UK tabloid this morning (9 June) as the country awoke to another election result that confounded pollsters.... read more

Brexit tension to be expected - opinion

2 May 2017 | Dave Leggett

Over the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, the country's headlines were dominated about last week's meeting between Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker - and how badly it was supposed to have gone. The UK has dismissed the reports as "Brussels gossip". However, David Leggett suggests we should expect the next two years to be tense.... read more

Why better understanding of price vital to drive profits - column

29 March 2017 | Dr Anthony Graham, IRI

Food manufacturers operating across Europe, faced with differences in how sensitive different markets are to price, need to develop innovative pricing and promotional strategies to win, Dr Anthony Graham, IRI's executive vice president of international solutions and innovations, argues.... read more