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Pastas Gallo adds capacity in Spain to accommodate new range

13 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

Spanish food company Pastas Gallo has invested in one of its four local plants to accommodate new pasta varieties. ... read more

Hatching new ideas – Big Food's incubator and accelerator programmes

13 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the consumer trends shaping demand. ... read more

Target zeroes in on food firms with new accelerator

13 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

Target, the US retailer, has revealed details of a new scheme aimed at "disruptive" food and beverage manufacturers. ... read more

US cell-seafood start-up Cultured Decadence wins pre-seed funding

12 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

Cultured Decadence, a US start-up developing cell-cultured lobster, has won pre-seed funding from an investor group. ... read more

Allergen-free foods firm Kirsty's sets out plans to triple revenues

9 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

Kirsty's, a UK business producing allergen-free chilled ready meals and frozen pizza, has outlined its plans for revenues and new product development. ... read more

How to nurture China's growing interest in cheese

8 April 2021 | GlobalData Consumer

Demand for cheese in China is on the rise and the forecasts for growth are bullish but there remain barriers to consumption. GlobalData Consumer has ideas. ... read more

Kraft Heinz hires workers to address ketchup shortage

7 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

Kraft Heinz has taken on additional workers in its US factories amid increased demand for condiments during the pandemic. ... read more

Does the plant-based pet-food niche have legs?

7 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne looks at the emergence of plant-based pet-food options and assesses whether the niche can build into a meaningful market. ... read more

Nestle's new plant-based facility in Malaysia comes on-stream

7 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

Nestlé has opened a new manufacturing facility in south-east Asia to supply the regional market with animal-free products. ... read more

Vegan honey start-up MeliBio secures pre-seed funding

6 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

US start-up MeliBio, a company producing honey without the need for bees, has attracted early-stage investment. ... read more

Germany's Frostkrone Food Group adds Abergavenny Fine Foods to stable

6 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

Germany's Frostkrone Food Group has taken on another UK business through M&A, adding to last year's deal for Innovate Foods. ... read more

US firm Carolina Foods lures private-equity investment

6 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

Carolina Foods, a baked goods manufacturer in the US state of North Carolina, has attracted private-equity investment. ... read more

US pancake maker De Wafelbakkers snapped up by PE firm Brynwood

6 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

US-based pancake, waffle and French toast manufacturer De Wafelbakkers has been acquired by an investment firm for an undisclosed sum. ... read more

The Livekindly Collective eyes China entry

31 March 2021 | Dean Best

Plant-based meat supplier The Livekindly Collective is gearing up for a push into a major market in Asia. ... read more

Mars launches insect-based cat-food

31 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

Mars' pet-food division is launching a new animal-free cat-food brand following recently announced investments in its production capabilities for the category. ... read more

French baker Cerelia hits US M&A trail with double deal announcement

31 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

French bakery company Cérélia has revealed it has made two acquisitions in the US, whilst also selling a stake in the business to an American investor. ... read more

Singapore's SGProtein to build plant-based facility

30 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

SGProtein, a Singapore-based contract manufacturer, has revealed plans to boost the region's plant-based food sector. ... read more

Warburtons' Batch Ventures JV invests in snack brand Insane Grain

29 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Batch Ventures, the joint venture established by UK bakery major Warburtons and challenger-brand builder Mission Ventures, has invested in a local healthy snacks firm. ... read more

Big Food's stake in the future – in-house venture-capital funds

29 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the in-house venture-capital funds operated by the world's major packaged-food companies. ... read more

Belgian meat-free firm Greenway eyes post-investment expansion

29 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Greenway, the long-established Belgian plant-based food manufacturer, has revealed expansion plans following the injection of new capital into the business. ... read more

UK meat, seafood exports to EU "picking up" – government

26 March 2021 | Dean Best

There are indications UK exports of meat, seafood and dairy to the EU are recovering, the country's government has suggested. ... read more

Lamb Weston adds to fries capacity in China with new plant

26 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

US-based potato-products producer Lamb Weston plans to expand its manufacturing footprint outside its home market of the US. ... read more

UK faux-chicken firm VFC announces seed funding

25 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

VFC, the UK start-up which makes plant-based 'chicken', has announced its future plans after receiving backing from investors. ... read more

Unilever in Germany 'ghost kitchen' tie-up

25 March 2021 | Dean Best

The Hellmann's and Knorr maker is teaming up with an ambitious online food delivery business in Germany ... read more

Tofu major Pulmuone to enter plant-based meat

25 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

South Korean food group Pulmuone has announced details of a new plant-based products push in several markets. ... read more

How might UK food-to-go operators adjust post-pandemic?

24 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

We review the outlook for the UK food-to-go market, with pain still to endure until the Government's gradual easing of restrictions becomes a full-blown reality in June.  ... read more

Faux egg firm Eat Just closes $200m funding round

24 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Eat Just, the US firm which makes a faux egg product from mung beans and cultivates meat in a lab, has revealed the result of a new funding round. ... read more

On the rise – China's booming home-baking market

23 March 2021 | Peter Peverelli

China's locked-down consumers, like others elsewhere, turned to home-baking to keep occupied and feed families during the pandemic. It is, though, a relatively new trend locally. ... read more

Dutch cell-based meat firm Meatable in new funding win

23 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Meatable, a cultivated meat start-up based in The Netherlands, has announced the result of a new funding round. ... read more

Natures Way Foods expands UK salad factory

22 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

Natures Way Foods is preparing for the summer salad season with plans to expand one of its four manufacturing sites. ... read more

New products – PepsiCo debuts low-carb Hilo Life almond flour chips; Nestle's cocoa fruit chocolate bar Incoa; Danone launches baby formula in measured tabs

19 March 2021 | just-food.com

This week's batch of new products includes measured baby-formula tabs from Danone and the UK's Premier Foods entering baking spreads in conjunction with Kerry Group. ... read more

JBS takes flagship meat brand Seara into seafood

19 March 2021 | Dean Best

Brazil-based meat behemoth JBS has launched a range of seafood products in its domestic market under its flagship brand. ... read more

Global Food Industries invests in capacity expansion ahead of new product launch

18 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

Global Food Industries, a UAE-based manufacturer of halal meats and plant-based protein products, has invested in its sole factory ahead of a planned new product launch. ... read more

Investment in alt-protein food firms "reached record level in 2020"

18 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

New research has revealed the total amount that was invested in alternative-protein businesses globally in 2020. ... read more

Fast-food group Yum China invests in poultry supplier Sunner

17 March 2021 | Dean Best

Yum China Holdings, the operator of fast-food chains KFC and Pizza in the Asian country, has bought a stake in one of the largest poultry suppliers in the market. ... read more