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What will General Mills' reorganisation achieve? - analysis

13 December 2016 | Katy Askew

General Mills has announced plans to reorganise its business in a move the US company said would enable it to capitalise on its international presence. But will it address some of the fundamental issues limiting growth at the Cheerios-to-Yoplait maker? Katy Askew reports. ... read more

Wessanen looks to unlock Spanish market with Biogran buy - analysis

8 December 2016 | Katy Askew

Dutch food group Wessanen has made another acquisition as it continues to focus on expansion in the European "sustainable" foods market. Wessanen is expanding its presence in Spain through the purchase of Biogran, a "leader" in the Spanish rice cake and cereals. Wessanen's management believes the deal will open the door for further growth in a promising market. Katy Askew reports. ... read more

Whole Foods under scrutiny, Aldi dips toe into China, M&S to expand food business - retail round-up, November 2016

8 December 2016 | Dean Best

In a bumper month for significant moves from the world's food retailers, the spotlight shone on the performance of Whole Foods in the US, Aldi announced plans to set up an e-commerce portal in China and the UK's Marks and Spencer signalled plans to expand its grocery business.... read more

Burger King's African expansion continues, Jollibee eyes Canada and Europe, MOD Pizza gets investment - foodservice focus, November 2016

7 December 2016 | Dean Best

November saw Burger King open its latest market in Africa, Philippines-based foodservice giant Jollibee indicate plans to enter Canada and Europe and MOD Pizza, the US fast-casual chain, raise more finance for expansion.... read more

Unilever on organisational change, outlook for food, spreads' future - 2016 investor day takeaways

1 December 2016 | Dean Best

Unilever this week held its annual investor day in Port Sunlight, the village built in the 1880s by one of the companies that were the forerunners of the consumer goods giant and now home to the research and development arm of the group's home and personal care business. However, Unilever's management used the occasion to give an update on the company as a whole, including on its plan to drive improvements in its profitability and on where it sees growth from food. Dean Best reports.... read more

Have food promotions reached tipping point? - analysis

29 November 2016 | Tim Eales, IRI

Researchers at IRI have studied promotions in seven major European markets and say their data shows the use of offers is easing. Tim Eales, strategic insight director for IRI's UK business, looks at the numbers.... read more

How Tyson Foods' new CEO Tom Hayes plans to grow in 2017 and beyond - analysis

25 November 2016 | Katy Askew

Shares in US meat group Tyson Foods took a battering this week, when the company missed earnings estimates and announced the appointment of a new CEO, current president Tom Hayes. Katy Askew takes a look at the group's performance in 2016 and weighs up what Hayes' strategic priorities are likely to be when he takes the helm in 2017.... read more

Mondelez moves beyond certification but still wants Fairtrade by its side - analysis

24 November 2016 | Ben Cooper

Seven years ago, Cadbury announced one of the more notable sustainability initiatives of recent times when it teamed up with Fairtrade on cocoa certification. This month, the UK chocolate maker's owner. Mondelez International, outlined changes to the way it would work with Fairtrade. Ben Cooper reports.... read more

Can food manufacturers revitalise the shopper experience?

18 November 2016 | Frédéric Nicolas, IRI

In western Europe, more consumers are looking for new products, are becoming more interested in quality and are increasingly demanding a shopping "experience". Frédéric Nicolas, shopper insights director for IRI, argues food manufacturers can benefit from these trends but suggests their retail customers may need a little encouragement.... read more

What Premier Foods CEO Gavin Darby thinks about Brexit - analysis

17 November 2016 | Dean Best

"I've been to several meetings on this particular subject, most of which have ended up in a feeling of great depression, where I think suicide was really the only logical step," Premier Foods CEO Gavin Darby joked at an industry conference in London on how Brexit could affect the UK food industry. "I don't come from that school. There are opportunities in the situation we find ourselves in." Twice in the last fortnight Darby has gone public with his views on Brexit and, as the boss of one of the country's largest manufacturers, his comments will spark debate. Dean Best reports.... read more

How Greencore is aiming to be a national player in the US – analysis 

17 November 2016 | Katy Askew

Greencore, the Ireland-based convenience food group, wants to expand its reach in the US as a national distributor of food-to-go products and has long invested in M&A, as well as the development of manufacturing and distribution structures that extend its regional range. Greencore's move to buy US group Peacock Foods this week was a step-change in this agenda. Katy Askew reports. ... read more

Taco Bell's international plans, Starbucks' Chinese target, Wendy's Middle East push continues - foodservice focus, October 2016

9 November 2016 | Dean Best

October saw some notable international moves from some major names in the foodservice market, including Taco Bell, Starbucks and Wendy's. Dean Best reports.... read more

How will Trump's presidency affect the global food industry? 

9 November 2016 | Katy Askew

Republican Donald Trump has beaten front-runner Hillary Clinton in the race to become the forty-fifth President of the United States of America. His eleventh-hour election success defied the pollsters as first the key swing state of Florida fell, followed by North Carolina, Ohio and finally Pennsylvania. With big business largely backing Clinton, pundits are framing Trump's win as further evidence of disillusionment with the so-called political and business classes. just-food examines the implications of the election result for the global food sector. ... read more

Wal-Mart's online offensive, Save-A-Lot sold, Lenta and Magnit in spotlight in Russia - retail round-up, October 2016

8 November 2016 | Dean Best

October saw Wal-Mart underline its ambitions in e-commerce, Supervalu sell under-pressure US hard discounter Save-A-Lot and Russian retailer Lenta add to its operations through M&A.... read more

Kraft Heinz sets out stall to revitalise UK business - analysis

7 November 2016 | Dean Best

Kraft Heinz's third-quarter results won praise from some on Wall Street but the US food giant still faced questions about its performance in Europe. The company pinpointed the UK as a problem area and outlined its plans to breathe fresh life into its business in the country.... read more

TreeHouse Foods wrestles with former ConAgra Foods' assets – 6 things to learn 

4 November 2016 | Katy Askew

TreeHouse Foods lowered its full-year earnings forecast, sending shares in the US own-label supplier tumbling. The company said it was forced to cut its outlook due to a weaker-than-expected performance from the private-label business it acquired from US peer ConAgra Foods earlier this year. just-food takes a look at what has gone wrong – and what action TreeHouse is taking to right itself. ... read more

Lamb Weston goes it alone - six things to learn

31 October 2016 | Katy Askew

Lamb Weston held an investor day ahead of its imminent spin-off from ConAgra Foods, which will itself become a consumer-facing branded food group Conagra Brands. The move aims to enable a more focused Lamb Weston to deliver strong profit margins thanks to a product mix that is highly complementary and synergistic. But, Lamb Weston management insists, it is also about growth. Here are our key takeaways from the investor event. ... read more

Packaged food in Thailand - online food sales are set to take off

27 October 2016 | Michael Tatarski

The online channel is expanding in south-east Asia and Thailand is at the vanguard of that development. Michael Tatarski analyses how the online space is growing in Thailand. ... read more

Packaged food in Thailand - impulse and health to drive premium segments

26 October 2016 | Poorna Rodrigo

After a period in the economic doldrums, Thailand looks set to be a potential opportunity for domestic and international food manufacturers marketing premium wares. Poorna Rodrigo surveys what is driving demand for premium products in south-east Asia's second-largest economy. ... read more

Packaged food in Thailand - demand for convenience to continue to thrive

25 October 2016 | Jens Kastner

The growing urban lifestyle of Thai consumers has been driving demand for packaged convenient food. Convenience stores are gaining in importance for Thais amid the urbanisation of the country and look set to remain a key channel for manufacturers to target. Jens Kastner looks at the growing demand for convenience in the south-east Asian country. ... read more

Packaged food in Thailand - demographics driving healthier categories but price key

24 October 2016 | Jens Kastner

As the Thai economy shifts away from being agricultural- to more skilled-based, as well as industry-and-commerce-focused, many consumers are gaining knowledge of the nutritional value and the health benefits of certain products and ingredients. Meanwhile, Thailand's population is ageing, which also looks set to drive demand for improved health through food. Jens Kastner surveys the development of the country's healthier food segments and looks at what could lie ahead. ... read more

Why Tyson Foods' investment in Beyond Meat is shrewd

21 October 2016 | Dean Best

Tyson Foods, one of the world's largest meat processors, is investing in fledgling US meat-free business Beyond Meat - and the deal looks an astute one.... read more

What are the next major markets for gluten-free? The fledgling gluten-free market in Czech Republic shows promise

21 October 2016 | John Shepherd

Gluten-free has a well-established presence in the markets of western Europe, notably Italy, Germany and the UK, but the sector is rapidly gaining traction in eastern European countries. In just-food's series of market spotlights on the next five countries manufacturers should target, John Shepherd looks at the Czech Republic. ... read more

What are the next major markets for gluten-free? UAE leads growing Gulf interest

20 October 2016 | John Shepherd

The Gulf is emerging as one to watch for the gluten-free sector. In just-food's series of spotlights on the next five markets manufacturers should target, John Shepherd looks at the gluten-free market is developing in the region. ... read more

Danone's Q3 sales - what the analysts say

18 October 2016 | Dean Best

Danone's underlying third-quarter sales fell below market expectations amid challenges in China. Regulatory changes in China are weighing on Danone's infant formula business in the country but, broadly, analysts are comfortable about the prospects for that part of the French giant's business and, overall, the group's wider prospects.... read more

What are the next major markets for gluten-free? Poland touted as one to watch in Europe

12 October 2016 | John Shepherd

It has been markets in western Europe, notably Italy, Germany and the UK, where gluten-free has taken hold but the sector is building in countries further east. In just-food's series of market spotlights on the next five countries manufacturers should target, John Shepherd looks at Poland. ... read more

What are the next major markets for gluten-free? South Africa's fledgling but growing market

12 October 2016 | John Shepherd

The gluten-free market has taken root quickest in markets in North America and western Europe but manufacturers looking for more business opportunities could look to South Africa, a country where the category is in its early stages but one touted for expansion. John Shepherd reports. ... read more

Australia at forefront of low-FODMAP development - analysis

11 October 2016 | Simon Creasey

It was a university in Australia that developed the low-FODMAP diet just over a decade ago and it is that country that is in the vanguard of markets where the diet is taking off and where foods are being specifically launched to fit the regime. Simon Creasey analyses the development of the market for low-FODMAP foods in Australia and weighs up the prospects for the products.... read more

How to implement a zero-based budgeting strategy

11 October 2016 | Katy Askew

Zero-based budgeting can offer big savings - but the process can be complex, convoluted, costly and there are no guaranteed economies. We look at best-practice on the implementation of the strategy. ... read more

Is zero-based budgeting right for everyone?

10 October 2016 | Katy Askew

Zero-based budgeting focuses attention on expenses and challenges existing costs. The strategy, however, is not necessarily a good fit for all companies. ... read more

Aldi's fresh UK offensive, Wal-Mart US job cuts, M&A in Japan - September 2016 retail round-up

7 October 2016 | Dean Best

September saw Aldi, which has done so much to shake up the UK's grocery market, announce plans for further investment in the country. In the US, Wal-Mart said it would extend moves to cut back-office jobs in its domestic market. And in Asia, Japan's FamilyMart and Uny finalised their plans to merge, a deal that creates the second-largest c-store player in the country.... read more

What are the risks and rewards of zero-based budgeting?

6 October 2016 | Katy Askew

Zero-based budgeting can reduce costs and improve resource allocation. The method has also proven popular with investors. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all answer to the challenges facing CPG companies. ... read more

What are the next major markets for gluten-free? - France the "sleeping giant" of the sector

6 October 2016 | John Shepherd

Over the past decade, gluten-free has established itself as a significant category in markets in North America, western Europe and Australasia. Gluten-free specialists have become sizeable businesses, with some building notable international operations and some attracting takeover interest from larger rivals. In a series of articles, just-food's John Shepherd puts forward five markets seen as the next for gluten-free manufacturers  - and conventional business interested in gluten-free ... read more

Why zero-based budgeting is shaking up the food sector

6 October 2016 | Katy Askew

Zero-based budgeting is not a new concept but recent years have seen it experience a revival in the food industry. Is it a miracle diet for packaged food companies seeking a shapelier margin profile? ... read more

UK foodservice in obesity spotlight, Famous Brands buys Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pei Wei heads to Asia - foodservice focus, September 2016

5 October 2016 | Dean Best

September saw UK foodservice operators meet with the country's government to discuss its plans to tackle child obesity. Staying in the UK, upscale burger chain Gourmet Burger Kitchen was sold to South Africa's Famous Brands, while US business BurgerFi joined the throng and entered the market. ... read more