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The most-read opinion pieces on just-food in 2019

19 December 2019 | Dean Best

Which of the opinion pieces from just-food's team of industry experts gave you food for thought in 2019? Here are the top ten most-read. ... read more

Industry faces daunting task on child labour in cocoa despite new momentum

19 December 2019 | Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper welcomes the progress Nestlé is making on tackling the use of child labour in the cocoa supply chain but stresses the company - and industry - still has work ahead. ... read more

The US CBD products business needs a sheriff

17 December 2019 | Victor Martino

Our columnist Victor Martino weighs up the uncertainty surrounding CBD products in the US and looks at their prospects for the future after a warning from the regulator, the FDA. ... read more

"Get Brexit done"? UK's only just getting started

13 December 2019 | Dean Best

In so many ways, for all the decisiveness of the UK General Election, a fog of uncertainty still hangs over business, writes Dean Best. ... read more

Why food M&A has dried up

3 December 2019 | Stefan Kirk, M&A advisors Glenboden

Data suggests pressure on deal-making in the packaged food industry in 2019. M&A advisor Stefan Kirk puts forward some possible reasons. ... read more

Six trends to shape China's food market in 2020

26 November 2019 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli analyses the emerging consumer trends driving demand in the Chinese food industry and sets out the product categories to watch in 2020. ... read more

The US food industry in 2020 - the megatrends to watch

19 November 2019 | Victor Martino

Our columnist Victor Martino predicts the six megatrends which will have a marked impact on the US food industry in 2020. ... read more

Why food in 2035 won't be hugely different to now

6 November 2019 | Victor Martino

Fresh from an event in San Francisco discussing the future of food, our US columnist gets out his crystal ball - and argues the market in 15 years will look quite similar to now. ... read more

Orkla's new CEO has foot on right pedal but still early days

24 October 2019 | Simon Harvey

Jaan Ivar Semlitsch joined an under-pressure Orkla as CEO this summer and initial signs are positive, although it is a little early to judge if gains will be sustained. ... read more

Cereal isn’t dead - it just needs better strategy and some ‘snap, crackle and pop’

17 October 2019 | Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino takes a close look at the US cereal category and suggests ways in which product providers might up their game. ... read more

Critics of UK's top doctor picking on wrong target

11 October 2019 | Dean Best

There's a lot to be said for the recommendations the UK's outgoing chief medical officer has made on how the Government can hit its 2030 target on child obesity, writes Dean Best. ... read more

What do China's high-schoolers want from food?

9 October 2019 | Peter Peverelli

After weighing up what China's "post-90" consumer wants from food, Peter Peverelli looks at what 12-to 18-year-olds in the country's "post-00" marketing cohort could be demanding. ... read more

Plant-based companies should face questions on health, environment

2 October 2019 | Dean Best

Consumer demand for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy is rising rapidly – but so should scrutiny over companies' claims on health and sustainability, writes Dean Best. ... read more

How "cultivated" meat and dairy might succeed

17 September 2019 | Victor Martino

The development of "cultivated" meat, dairy and seafood is gathering steam in the US - as is Big Food's interest in the emerging market. But how might the food go mainstream? ... read more

Campbell CEO Clouse demonstrates necessary caution

5 September 2019 | Dean Best

Shares in Campbell Soup Co. bubbled on Friday when the company's announced its Q4 results and fiscal 2020 guidance - but CEO Mark Clouse remains watchful. And rightly so. ... read more

Tesco packaging push puts suppliers on alert

27 August 2019 | Andy Coyne

Tesco's announcement on packaging should be a warning to manufacturers that sustainability is becoming a more important factor in dealings between suppliers and retailers. ... read more

Why Goldsmiths beef ban has merits

16 August 2019 | Dean Best

UK university Goldsmiths is in the firing line over its ban on beef but, though some criticism might be justified, the college's move has its benefits. ... read more

Why food companies shouldn't overlook baby boomers

13 August 2019 | Victor Martino

Younger cohorts like millennials and Gen Z are often the focus of product development and marketing strategies in the US but, Victor Martino writes, don't forget the baby boomers. ... read more

How functional drinks makers are moving beyond snacks in a bottle

6 August 2019 | Lucy Britner

A growing number of beverage firms look to offer 'a snack in a bottle' - but, looking at their ingredients, Lucy Britner writes more brands are touting their nutritional benefits. ... read more

New UK Prime Minister, same old Brexit uncertainty

29 July 2019 | Dean Best

The new UK Prime Minister and government appear ready to accept a no-deal Brexit - but would the wider UK parliament? ... read more

UK grocer Iceland leads way with resolve on packaging

24 July 2019 | Ben Cooper

UK grocer Iceland is among the retailers leading the way on packaging and, rightly, remains undeterred, Ben Cooper writes - even if consumer behaviour can be frustrating. ... read more

How the concept of wellness is changing in the US

11 July 2019 | Victor Martino

What health and wellness means to consumers in the US is evolving and, Victor Martino writes, food companies need to adapt.  ... read more

Entering second century, Tesco puts supplier partnerships front and centre

3 July 2019 | Ben Cooper

Tesco has recovered from the accounting affair that rocked the retailer. Supplier partnerships is proving central to restoring trust with its stakeholders, Ben Cooper argues. ... read more

The problems with a 'purpose'-led strategy

24 June 2019 | Dean Best

Unilever CEO Alan Jope caused a bit of stir last week as the advertising industry headed to the sunny south of France for the annual Cannes Lion advertising exhibition. ... read more

Why UK emissions goal could up pressure on food companies

21 June 2019 | Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper analyses the UK's new goal on greenhouse-gas emissions and the likely impact on food manufacturers. ... read more

The agile leadership skills food companies need

20 June 2019 | Luciana Nuñez

In a dynamic consumer environment, food companies often talk about the need to be more agile. But how can they get there? Executive coaching firm The Preston Associates explores. ... read more

The brave new world of food as medicine

14 June 2019 | Victor Martino

The concept of food as medicine is far from new - but US columnist Victor Martino argues it's back in a big way and major CPGs are taking notice. ... read more

How sales growth, sustainability are at centre of Unilever CEO's pitch to investors

12 June 2019 | Dean Best

Unilever CEO Alan Jope is nearly six months into the job and this week set out to investors his priorities for the consumer goods giant. ... read more

Rich man's dairy - yogurt finds a new target

31 May 2019 | GlobalData Consumer

A relaunch from Japanese dairy giant Meiji Holdings highlights how some manufacturers targeting health concerns are now making their product propositions more specific. ... read more

Keeping it real amid rise of regenerative agriculture

23 April 2019 | Victor Martino

Amid the growing interest in regenerative agriculture, just-food's US columnist outlines which companies are leading the charge - and has advice for those mulling investment. ... read more

Why a good leader is not a believer in innate talent

11 April 2019 | Christian Cullinane, The Preston Associates

When looking to develop the capabilities of their workforce, leaders need to eschew any belief in 'innate' talent, executive coaching firm The Preston Associates argues. ... read more

The age of disruption in an industry turned upside down

19 March 2019 | Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist surveys the rapid transformation in the sector Stateside and argues disruption is now the new normal. ... read more

The move towards branded agricultural produce in China

5 March 2019 | Peter Peverelli

Branded agricultural produce is becoming increasingly sought after in China, as Peter Peverelli reports. ... read more

Why Kraft Heinz's travails aren't a surprise

25 February 2019 | Dean Best

The business strategy pursued by Kraft Heinz's owners drove margins and shook up competitors but there have always been question marks over the company's top-line prospects. ... read more

Why Unilever gobbled up Graze

8 February 2019 | Dean Best

With the acquisition of Graze, Unilever steps up its interest in direct-to-consumer and could have an eye on mainstream channels in other countries, writes Dean Best. ... read more