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Ferrero announces new emissions targets

26 October 2020 | Simon Harvey

Italian confectionery giant Ferrero has revealed new goals to reduce its carbon footprint after earlier committing to new sustainable packaging targets. ... read more

Danone's Alpro goals throw down progressive gauntlet

22 October 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Danone is upping its investment in efforts to improve the sustainability of its operations and some of the latest measures focus on Alpro, its flagship European dairy-free brand. ... read more

Why new industry deforestation coalition could be positive move

22 October 2020 | Ben Cooper

With an emphasis on stakeholder engagement and information sharing, the new Forest Positive Coalition of Action could be an effective driver of change. ... read more

PepsiCo invests $170m to "empower" Hispanics, promote diversity

19 October 2020 | Simon Harvey

PepsiCo has unveiled an initiative to increase the representation of the Hispanic community across its US business. ... read more

Kenyan fresh food supplier Kakuzi suspended by Tesco following abuse claims

12 October 2020 | Andy Coyne

Kakuzi, a Kenya-based supplier of avocado, pineapple and macadamia nuts, has initiated an investigation into serious abuse claims on its estates. ... read more

UK criticised over progress on sugar reduction

8 October 2020 | Andy Coyne

A new report from the UK government has revealed whether progress has been made by the food and drink industry to reduce sugar levels in products eaten by children. ... read more

Kerry Group announces new sustainability targets

7 October 2020 | Andy Coyne

Ireland's Kerry Group has outlined a new sustainability strategy that includes commitments on greenhouse gas emissions and plastic packaging. ... read more

Froneri's Eskimo Pie to get new identity

6 October 2020 | Andy Coyne

UK-headquartered ice cream business Froneri has revealed the Eskimo Pie product sold under its US-based Dreyer's brand will be re-named from next year. ... read more

Food groups urge UK government to do more to save tropical forests

5 October 2020 | Andy Coyne

Major food groups have joined forces with large UK retailers and agri-food businesses to urge the country's government to do more to help tackle a key environmental problem. ... read more

Bonduelle deputy CEO Gregory Sanson on long-term impacts of Covid-19, resilience and M&A – the just-food interview part 2

1 October 2020 | Dean Best

Bonduelle's deputy CEO Gregory Sanson weighs up Covid could affect working practices in the longer term, sets out his thinking on foodservice and talks M&A plans. ... read more

B&G Foods to drop insensitive imagery from Cream of Wheat porridge

25 September 2020 | Simon Harvey

US consumer goods group B&G Foods is joining other food manufacturers in dropping insensitive imagery from packaging. ... read more

How sustainable is non-plastic packaging?

24 September 2020 | David Burrows

When it comes to packaging, the focus of policy-makers, businesses and campaign groups has been on disposable plastic. But are the 'plan B' packaging options any good? ... read more

S2G Ventures, Canada fund CDPQ team up on sustainability-focused investments

24 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

US venture-capital firm S2G Ventures has linked up with Canadian peer CDPQ to back entrepreneurs working on "concrete solutions to climate change". ... read more

JBS announces Amazon deforestation fund

23 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

Brazilian meat giant JBS has launched an initiative to help tackle deforestation in a region of its homeland. ... read more

Mars gives Uncle Ben's new brand name amid racial stereotyping concerns

23 September 2020 | Simon Harvey

The Uncle Ben's brand, owned by US food and confectionery giant Mars, has a new identity amid concern the old image may lead to claims of racial stereotyping. ... read more

FMCG giants try again on deforestation

22 September 2020 | Dean Best

Seventeen of the world's largest FMCG groups and retailers have launched another bid to tackle deforestation. ... read more

General Mills makes greenhouse gas emissions pledge

22 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

US food major General Mills has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its "full value chain". ... read more

Food majors accused of "hypocrisy" over plastic reduction commitments

21 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

Some of the world's biggest food companies have been criticised in a new report which has looked at their sustainability credentials. ... read more

PepsiCo announces new renewable electricity targets

21 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

US food and beverage heavyweight PepsiCo has announced its target date for sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. ... read more

Food groups slammed for selling "empty packets" to French consumers

18 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

Seven food companies and grocers have been accused of misleading French consumers with products providing too much packaging and too little content. ... read more

End deforestation initiative in Brazil gets 'big meat' backing

18 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

A Brazilian meat giant has signed up to an initiative to help end deforestation in its home market with a local peer reportedly following suit. ... read more

Danone plans capex to support Alpro initiatives

17 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

French dairy giant Danone is to invest in facilities in Belgium and the UK where one of its major brand's products are manufactured. ... read more

Kellogg's latest recycling test on Pringles packs

11 September 2020 | Dean Best

After a test on steel cans in Italy last year, the US giant is trialling a different type of package in the UK. ... read more

Danone backs 'ugly' produce firm Hungry Harvest

11 September 2020 | Dean Best

The yogurt and infant-formula giant has invested in a US firm delivering "oddly-shaped" or surplus fruit and veg to consumers' homes. ... read more

Nestle revitalises acquisition agenda as frozen food business appears safe for now – analysis

10 September 2020 | Simon Harvey

Nestlé spoke at an investor event held by Barclays this week, with M&A, frozen foods and sustainability key topics. Simon Harvey looks at what the company had to say. ... read more

Tyson Foods claims first with beef transparency programme

10 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

US meat major Tyson Foods is claiming a first after announcing an initiative linked to sustainable beef production practices. ... read more

Cocoa partnership puts aside failures with bold new aims on child labour

9 September 2020 | Ben Cooper

Attempts to tackle child labour in cocoa have over-promised and under-delivered. Could a new plan from multi-stakeholder body International Cocoa Initiative be different? ... read more

Mondelez International makes racial equality pledge

8 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

US confectionery and snacks giant Mondelez International has made a "multi-year" commitment in relation to racial equality. ... read more

European Brands Association to trial packaging recycling initiative

8 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

AIM, the European Brands Association, has announced it is to road-test a new packaging recycling scheme. ... read more

UK calorie ambition tempered after industry talks

7 September 2020 | Dean Best

After meetings with industry, an ambition in the UK to cut calories in products consumed by families by 20% by 2024 has been scaled back. ... read more

Nestle backs US recycling initiative Closed Loop Leadership Fund

7 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

Nestlé has ploughed US$30m in a US-based recycled plastics initiative, the first move by the Swiss group's venture fund to invest in sustainable packaging. ... read more

Mondelez makes changes to palm-oil sourcing

4 September 2020 | Andy Coyne

US confectionery and snacks giant Mondelez International has made a new commitment with regards to its use of palm oil. ... read more

Blackstone's Oatly backing may unsettle some but there are benefits

4 September 2020 | Dean Best

Dairy-alternative darling Oatly has faced criticism for accepting investment from Blackstone – but those who want a more sustainable food system should see the advantages. ... read more

Backing Marcus Rashford's food poverty campaign must be about more than catching stardust

4 September 2020 | Ben Cooper

Food groups are keen to support footballer Marcus Rashford in the food poverty debate but that endorsement will backfire if not reflected in companies' future actions. ... read more

New products – Hershey to take Reese's brand into cakes; Hormel-owned Justin's debuts plant-based protein bars; Naturli' expands plant-based range

3 September 2020 | just-food.com

This week's batch of new products includes a plant-based turkey burger from US-based Dr. Praegers's Sensible Foods and a new organic cheese snacks range from Utz Brands. ... read more