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Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

7 January 2011 | just-food.com

The impact of the floods in Queensland on food prices in Australia has been the subject of speculation this week and one leading industry executive expects some groceries to become more expensive. And, as UK retailers report how they performed at Christmas, one analyst said Sainsbury's had come out on top.... read more

BRICs and beyond: East benefits from the global economy's shifting sands

9 November 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

Of all the media coverage of this economic crisis, one line has stuck in my mind more than any other, and it perfectly sums up the shifting global economic axis. "This isn't a global recession, it's a Western recession."... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

29 October 2010 | just-food.com

This week was a bit of a mixed bag, with Premier Foods providing a fairly miserable outlook for the rest of 2010, and seeing rising wheat prices impact prices, while both the US and Canada (separately) announced new nutrition labelling programmes. Emerging markets returned to fore, with Japanese retailers looking to their neighbours for growth, while McCormick revealed expansion plans in Turkey and North Africa. Here's the best of what was said this week:... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

22 October 2010 | just-food.com

Commodity costs may not be reaching the levels seen in 2007 but there are signs of growing pressure on food manufacturers. In this month's just-food interview, Groupe Doux CEO Guy Odri explained why the poultry giant is urging retailers to push through price increases. Elsewhere this week, Yakult failed in its attempt to get EU clearance for health claims, food ingredients maker Ajinomoto defended aspartame from the critics and Mars Inc explained it is planning to realign its chocolate business worldwide.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

15 October 2010 | just-food.com

Europe's food retail industry is set for further consolidation, analysts said this week, while speculation continued to grow over the ownership of global dairy brand Yoplait. Here's the best of what was said this week.... read more

Comment: Stalling M&A activity points to faltering recovery

23 September 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

As we have pondered in this column before, there are many indicators as to whether we are heading towards any sort of sustainable economic recovery, from employment levels to GDP growth and the housing sector. But one of the more interesting is the level of merger and acquisition activity in the market.... read more

Comment: Hershey faces glare of NGO spotlight

14 September 2010 | Dean Best

It was supposed to be a day when Hershey, the US chocolate maker, was to demonstrate its commitment to all things CSR.... read more

BRICs and beyond: CIVETS markets line up to shape economic future

10 September 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

In a new weekly column focusing on the world's emerging markets, just-food's Chris Brook-Carter looks at the latest acronym to shape business thinking on the developing world - CIVETS.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

6 August 2010 | just-food.com

A furore erupted in the UK earlier this week after meat from the offspring of a cloned cow entering the food chain. The news put the Food Standards Agency firmly in the spotlight, with the agency insisting the meat was safe but stating selling it was illegal - a stance the EU described to us as "slightly strict". Meanwhile, Kellogg announced plans to cut the amount of sugar in its Coco Pops cereals in the UK and just-food interviewed Kellogg UK boss Greg Peterson.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

23 July 2010 | just-food.com

Tengelmann's appointment of the second CEO of its US-based A&P chain in the US, its second in six months, piqued our interest, while the potential sale of UK biscuit and snack maker United Biscuits has captured the industry's imagination. Ocado's IPO finally got away, but not without the industry sounding off about its bleak prospects. The future of the Foods Standards Agency was sealed, and as expected, it lost its remit over nutrition and labelling. Here's the pick of what was said this week.... read more

Quote, unquote: reaction to FSA revamp

20 July 2010 | just-food.com

After days of speculation, the UK coalition government today (20 July) outlined how it plans to change the role of the Food Standards Agency, the country's food watchdog. Here is how industry and campaigners reacted to the news.... read more

COMMENT: Brace - but not too hard - for the double dip recession

2 July 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

Last week, I used just-food's weekly editorial round-up and the G20 Summit as background to discuss whether the Western economies were finally out of recession. The news since has been almost universally bad.... read more

Comment: UK coalition still needs to guide on healthy eating

1 July 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

The role of the state on individuals' lives is a debate that is dominating political life in the US and here in the UK at the moment, whether it be health reform or sweeping changes to the welfare system.... read more

Best bits: G20 fails to deliver clear path forward

28 June 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

Are we or are we not headed for a double-dip recession? This is the question that has dominated talks at the G20 summit over the last few days.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

28 May 2010 | just-food.com

Here is the best of who said what about the week's burning issues.... read more

COMMENT: Organic needs to get on message

13 April 2010 | Dean Best

You may think otherwise but there is optimism in organic at the moment.... read more

What will the recovery mean for organic in the UK?

12 April 2010 | Dean Best

As the UK economy recovers, albeit slowly, there are signs that consumer behaviour is returning to "normal". There are questions, however, over how the organic food sector will arrest a slump in sales.... read more

On the money: Bullish Co-op readies for competition in convenience

18 March 2010 | Dean Best

Peter Marks, the boss of UK retailer The Co-operative Group, today (18 March) issued a "bring it on" rallying cry as the company prepares for competition from the likes of Sainsbury's and Morrisons in the convenience sector.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

12 March 2010 | just-food.com

Morrisons and Waitrose this week displayed a bullish confidence as the UK retailers - operating at different ends of the market - both reported bumper annual profits. Elsewhere in the UK, the country's Food Standards Agency backed plans for hybrid nutrition labels - and was prompty slammed by consumer advocates. Meanwhile, the Chinese government unveiled its latest bid to improve food safety in China in the wake of fresh contamination scandals. Here is a flavour of who said what this week.... read more

COMMENT: Fairtrade commitments motivated by sales promise

23 February 2010 | Katy Askew

Fairtrade bodies secured what seemed like another big coup last week (18 February) when Unilever-owned ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's said it would move to 100% Fairtrade. While the news is further evidence that the ethical movement is picking up steam, Katy Humphries suggests that the impetus behind Fairtrade sourcing remains a financial one for large food corporations.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

5 February 2010 | just-food.com

It was a week when food industry execs took turns to explain their 2009 results to analysts and press. Hershey defended its strategy, Unilever acknowledged its challenges in Europe and Kellogg insisted its marketing was paying off - even as volumes fell. The UK saw the dawn of a code to oversee relations between retailers and suppliers - and the latter took the chance to hit out at their customers. And Kraft Foods boss Irene Rosenfeld revealed what it was really like when she met Peter Mandelson.... read more

Quote, unquote: Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum

3 February 2010 | Michelle Russell

Leading figures in the UK food and drink industry today (2 February) came together in London to discuss what the future holds for the industry. Sustainability and food security were two much-debated issues. Michelle Russell reports.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

8 January 2010 | just-food.com

The UK - not to mention much of Europe and the US - experienced the big freeze this week. Relations between Kraft Foods and largest shareholder Warren Buffett have seemingly turned cold after the so-called Sage of Omaha said he would not back the US food giant's plans to use its shares to fund its bid for Cadbury.... read more

2009's highs and lows - the manufacturers

18 December 2009 | Dean Best

The food industry is one of the sectors most resilient to economic downturns but 2009 has not been without its challenges for the world's leading manufacturers. The turmoil seen on the financial markets in late 2008 gave way to a deep recession in 2009, where credit remained scarce and manufacturers like Uniq, Bakkavor and Dairy Farmers of Britain faced financial problems - with the latter going to the wall. Some food makers, however, have thrived. Read on for which companies just-food feels had a good 2009 - and which suffered.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

18 December 2009 | just-food.com

The battle for Cadbury continued this week as the UK firm outlined its case for independence, urging shareholders to reject the advances of predator Kraft Foods. The US group hit back and claimed Cadbury's investors were leaving themselves open to "significant risk". Meanwhile, General Mills remained bullish on its US brands growth, despite pressure in all categories and Dutch retail giant Ahold purchased the US-based Ukrop, claiming it can help the ailing chain see better times.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

4 December 2009 | just-food.com

Little surprise that some of the choicest quotes of the week focused on Kraft Foods' pursuit of Cadbury. The US food giant faced criticism from UK union officials of its perceived lack of commitment over Cadbury jobs should it succeed in its quest for the confectioner. Supplier criticism was also revealed to be a key factor in the decision of First Milk's chief to leave the UK dairy co-op, while key dairy supplier, packaging giant Tetra Pak, warned the recession means consumer behaviour will never be the same again.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

27 November 2009 | just-food.com

With just a month left of 2009, our thoughts are turning to what shape the food industry landscape will take as we enter a new decade. This week, HJ Heinz, meat giant Tyson Foods and Russian dairy business Wimm-Bill-Dann all issues their prognosis for the economy and consumer confidence. Woolworths Ltd, Australia's largest retailer, claimed the country was in better shape than other economies around the world, while in an exclusive interview with just-food, Greencore boss Patrick Coveney detailed how the private-label group had navigated the downturn.... read more

It's natural for Tesco to boss climate change debate

21 October 2009 | Ben Cooper

A speech by Sir Terry Leahy last week to the Sustainable Consumption Institute conference underlines Tesco’s determination to be a prominent actor in the climate change debate. Ben Cooper suggests it is natural for a company built on such an aggressive business model to seek to lead from the front and set the agenda, thereby taking the initiative away from its detractors.... read more

CEOs queue for stellar IGD line-up

13 October 2009 | Dean Best

Conferences of all shapes and sizes claim to have a stellar line-up of speakers but, on the odd occasion, an event's schedule does fit the bill. And today (13 October) in London is one of those occasions.... read more

In the Spotlight - EU Agriculture Commissioner

15 September 2009 | Keith Nuthall

The announcement this weekend by European Union’s Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel that she is standing down has sparked intense speculation on her potential replacement.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

11 September 2009 | just-food.com

Kraft and Cadbury may have dominated the headlines but, elsewhere, the boss of US meat giant Smithfield Foods bemoaned the drop in hog prices, Fonterra's chairman admitted a public listing was unlikely and Morrisons' boss brushed off rumours linking him to Marks and Spencer and expressed his "love" for the buoyant UK retailer.... read more

COMMENT: Try something new

1 September 2009 | breakingviews.com

Japanese voters decisively rejected fiscal stimulus on Sunday's elections.... read more

COMMENT: Defra's report gives us plenty to chew on

11 August 2009 | Dean Best

The UK's food ministry has spent the last few months looking into its crystal ball to see what the future holds for global food production. Its conclusions are stark. How we get there seems unclear. Dean Best reports.... read more

COMMENT: He who dares, wins

10 August 2009 | Dean Best

Recession. A time to focus on costs, right? A time to steer clear of the risky idea of innovation and zero in on the parts of the business you can trust? Try telling Premier Foods and Unilever, writes Dean Best.... read more

COMMENT: Notes from the EU - EU roadmap full of guff

8 July 2009 | Keith Nuthall

The latest set of EU policies for the food industry - or "roadmap of key initiatives" - aim to boost the prosperity of the sector. However, Keith Nuthall argues that the EU roadmap has merely added to a bloated, ineffective bureaucracy.... read more