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How sales growth, sustainability are at centre of Unilever CEO's pitch to investors

12 June 2019 | Dean Best

Unilever CEO Alan Jope is nearly six months into the job and this week set out to investors his priorities for the consumer goods giant. ... read more

Rich man's dairy - yogurt finds a new target

31 May 2019 | GlobalData Consumer

A relaunch from Japanese dairy giant Meiji Holdings highlights how some manufacturers targeting health concerns are now making their product propositions more specific. ... read more

Keeping it real amid rise of regenerative agriculture

23 April 2019 | Victor Martino

Amid the growing interest in regenerative agriculture, just-food's US columnist outlines which companies are leading the charge - and has advice for those mulling investment. ... read more

Why a good leader is not a believer in innate talent

11 April 2019 | Christian Cullinane, The Preston Associates

When looking to develop the capabilities of their workforce, leaders need to eschew any belief in 'innate' talent, executive coaching firm The Preston Associates argues. ... read more

The age of disruption in an industry turned upside down

19 March 2019 | Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist surveys the rapid transformation in the sector Stateside and argues disruption is now the new normal. ... read more

The move towards branded agricultural produce in China

5 March 2019 | Peter Peverelli

Branded agricultural produce is becoming increasingly sought after in China, as Peter Peverelli reports. ... read more

Why Kraft Heinz's travails aren't a surprise

25 February 2019 | Dean Best

The business strategy pursued by Kraft Heinz's owners drove margins and shook up competitors but there have always been question marks over the company's top-line prospects. ... read more

Why Unilever gobbled up Graze

8 February 2019 | Dean Best

With the acquisition of Graze, Unilever steps up its interest in direct-to-consumer and could have an eye on mainstream channels in other countries, writes Dean Best. ... read more

There is no secret formula to managing millennials

16 January 2019 | Christian Cullinane, The Preston Associates

The key to managing millennials is remembering the fundamentals of managing and leading any employee, international executive coaching firm The Preston Associates argues. ... read more

Four product trends to watch in China in 2019

2 January 2019 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli outlines four product trends food companies doing business in the country - or wanting to do business there - should bear in mind as we enter 2019. ... read more

How to cascade purpose through your company - and supply chain

23 November 2018 | Vanessa Cox and Bryony Wright, The Preston Associates

Vanessa Cox and Bryony Wright of The Preston Associates show how embedding purpose in your organisation can be hindered by your supply chain – and what to do. ... read more

Why PepsiCo may get best tune out of Pipers away from UK grocery

11 November 2018 | Dean Best

PepsiCo's third acquisition in five months has seen the US group snap up UK firm Pipers Crisps, a business in its core category – but the snacks giant will have to think carefully about how to grow the business. ... read more

Amid pressure on sales, Mondelez is rolling up its sleeves

2 November 2018 | Dean Best

With sales in the doldrums, Mondelez International is looking to grow its top-line again through a business revamp and a new future-fcoused unit. ... read more

How food start-ups can stand out from crowd and catch an investor's eye

29 October 2018 | John Stapleton

Large numbers of investors, with deep pockets, are keen to invest in the right food start-up venture, John Stapleton writes. ... read more

How CPG companies should adapt to "the new consumer experience"

26 October 2018 | Victor Martino

All that's historically been solid in CPG brand marketing is melting into air amid changes in consumer demand, argues just-food's US columnist Victor Martino, who outlines how companies need to react. ... read more

How small brands are riding Europe's demand for local food

18 October 2018 | Olly Abotorabi and Livio Matucci, IRI

In IRI's latest exclusive column, the industry researchers highlight how demand in Europe for local food is on the rise - and how it's smaller brands capitalising. ... read more

Is UK business sleepwalking towards Brexit?

28 September 2018 | Dean Best

There are signs UK business - including the food industry - are not prepared enough for what Brexit might bring. And the UK government isn't helping, writes Dean Best.... read more

Why nutrition labels should be an opportunity for Europe's food brands

19 September 2018 | Olly Abotorabi, IRI

As Europeans' interest in health and well-being rises, the way nutritional values are communicated on-pack are growing in importance - and can help brand-owners gain an edge on their competitors. But with no consistent way of showing nutritional information, it has become very hard to compare products. IRI's Olly Abotorabi questions why more food manufacturers aren't grasping this opportunity.... read more

How chilli is spicing up parts of China's food sector

5 September 2018 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli outlines how chilli flavours have made inroads in the country's packaged food sector as the palates of local consumers get used to - and embrace - some heat in their food. ... read more

Fruit and nuts - from staples to snacking favourites in China

9 August 2018 | Peter Peverelli

In his debut column, just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli looks at how growing wealth and need for convenience have led to the staples of fruit and nuts be the foundation of a buoyant, on-the-go category. ... read more

How can UK SMEs prepare for life after Brexit?  

8 August 2018 | John Stapleton

When it comes to Brexit, almost everything is uncertain and unclear. As entrepreneurs and leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it can be tricky to anticipate and take proactive action to future-proof your business when the post-Brexit business environment remains so unpredictable, John Stapleton writes.... read more

Nestle results provide food for thought - key takeaways

30 July 2018 | Simon Harvey

Nestlé revealed a generally positive set of first-half results on Thursday that were received favourably by the stock market, despite a tweak to the Swiss food giant's organic growth outlook. But what was most interesting is what can surely only be deemed as a veiled kickback by CEO Mark Schneider at activist investor Daniel Loeb. Simon Harvey looks at the key takeaways.... read more

How grocery featured on Amazon's latest Prime Day

26 July 2018 | Andrew Pearl, Profitero

Amazon held its fourth annual Prime Day earlier this month. It again lasted more than a day - 36 hours to be exact - and took in new countries as the e-commerce titan sought to offer members to its Prime service a multitude of deals. Andrew Pearl, director of strategy and insight in the EMEA region for e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, surveys some of the ways grocery featured.... read more

How to find growth in flat French market

25 July 2018 | Olivier Humeau, IRI

Olivier Humeau, the general manager of IRI's French arm, considers the changing mindset of FMCG consumers and how manufacturers and retailers must adapt their approach to find the opportunities for growth in a flat market.... read more

Retaining talent - a growing dilemma for food companies

24 July 2018 | Bryony Wright, The Preston Associates

Among senior leaders, a shift is underway from looking at their business structure through the lens of efficiency to seeing their team as a vital component in staying ahead of the competition. But how can talent be retained? In a guest column, Bryony Wright, of international executive coaching firm The Preston Associates, argues team-builders need to look beyond simple remuneration.... read more

Premier Foods boss sees off revolt but still faces slog

23 July 2018 | Dean Best

Premier Foods chief executive Gavin Darby saw off a shareholder revolt this week, winning the vote on his re-election to the role. But any relief over that result will likely be short-lived as the UK manufacturer continues to face the challenge of eking out sales growth from legacy brands in low-growth categories and paying down debts and a hefty pension deficit.... read more

Scrutiny will only intensify even if Premier CEO gets re-elected

6 July 2018 | Dean Best

It would be a surprise Premier Foods' under-fire CEO Gavin Darby is not re-elected at the UK group's AGM on 18 July but activist investor Oasis Management has brought to the fore concerns about the manufacturer's performance. The market will be watching closely if Premier moves forward under its current CEO.... read more

Why Kraft Heinz should steer clear of Campbell

26 June 2018 | Dean Best

Dean Best is unsure whether, as has been reported in the US, Kraft Heinz should be looking at a possible move for Campbell Soup Co.... read more

Google and JD.com - another e-commerce duo to consider

22 June 2018 | Dean Best

There was another e-commerce powerplay this week, with Google investing in and setting out plans to work with Chinese e-commerce retailer JD.com. Dean Best reflects on the announcement and how suppliers should react.... read more

Frustration with Brexit blind date prevails at FDF's annual gathering

15 June 2018 | Simon Harvey

With nine months to go until the UK is set to officially leave the EU, politicians are still battling it out to resolve complex trade and regulatory issues two years after the Brexit referendum. The UK food industry can only sit and watch events unfold but is eager to see concrete resolutions so they can get on with planning for an exit. Simon Harvey went to the UK Food and Drink Federation's annual convention to hear what delegates had to say.... read more

Amazon-Whole Foods one year on - what's changed?

13 June 2018 | Victor Martino

A year since Amazon shook the grocery sector with its acquisition of upmarket US retailer Whole Foods Market, just-food's Stateside columnist Victor Martino weighs up what the deal has meant for the two businesses - and for the wider industry.... read more

Bakery giant Aryzta's fresh profit warning raises concerns

29 May 2018 | Dean Best

It has been clear for months there are some sizeable challenges facing Aryzta, the Swiss-Irish bakery giant - and there were signs this week the company's problems persist.... read more

Why latest Tyrrells takeover is no major surprise

18 May 2018 | Dean Best

UK-based savoury snacks business Tyrrells is getting its third owner in two years - but the latest deal is no surprise, writes Dean Best.... read more

Proactive Denise Morrison exits with Campbell still in the soup

18 May 2018 | Dean Best

In her seven years at the helm of Campbell Soup Co., there has been plenty to admire about the work done by outgoing president and CEO Denise Morrison. But, ultimately, Dean Best, writes, Morrison leaves with the US giant facing significant issues, not least in its still problematic legacy, domestic, soup business.... read more

Brands still matter in US - but rules of game have changed

15 May 2018 | Victor Martino

As the US FMCG sector witnesses the biggest change in consumer habits in a generation, some argue brands are becoming less important. However, just-food's US columnist, Victor Martino, begs to differ and sets out how brands can still prosper.... read more