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On the money: Ahold eyes expansion in 2010

4 March 2010 | Katy Askew

Ahold has insisted that it is optimistic about its growth prospects this year, despite the continuing challenges presented by an unfavourable consumer environment.... read more

INSIGHT: Sainsbury's King issues warning on economy

7 January 2010 | Michelle Russell

UK retailer Sainsbury’s, which this morning (7 January) posted strong quarterly sales, has warned consumer confidence will be hit by higher taxes in 2010.... read more

“Trust us, it’s safe”

8 February 2007 | Bernice Hurst

Food security is high on the agenda of modern consumer concerns, but are shoppers right to be worried? Bernice Hurst investigates instances where a growing culture of fear is more than justified and claims confidence in food security is being undermined by sloppy practice.... read more

Follow the money into multi-channel marketing

4 December 2006 | Bernice Hurst

Putting the right ad in the right place to achieve maximum response has always been a challenge. Now, though, just as consumers have increased choice of products available to them, so advertisers have increased choice of ways to promote those products. Bernice Hurst reports.... read more

Is self-regulation the key to children’s food advertising?

16 November 2006 | Ben Cooper

‘Voluntary’ and ‘self-regulated’ are terms that exasperate advocates of tougher laws on marketing food to children. Yet self-regulatory initiatives can only gain credibility over time, and Ben Cooper argues that they can only be slated as ineffective once they have proven to be so.... read more

Is Second Life a new opportunity for food marketers?

30 October 2006 | Bernice Hurst

A new world is waiting to be conquered by food manufacturers and retailers. Social networking websites such as Second Life and YouTube provide an unprecedented opportunity for companies to market their products and services to a consumer demographic that can be difficult to reach through tried and tested channels. Bernice Hurst investigates.... read more