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Best bits: India PM Singh must push through reform

5 December 2011 | Dean Best

Given the slow pace of change in India, the news that plans to reform the country's retail sector have been put on hold should not be much of a surprise. But, Dean Best writes, the Indian government must stay on course and open up the industry.... read more

Best bits: Caution over India's retail ruling

28 November 2011 | Dean Best

Multinational retailers beware. For all the headlines last week, the passage into India's fledgling and potentially lucrative retail sector is likely to be anything but smooth.... read more

Best bits: EU approves stevia; Russia set to join WTO

14 November 2011 | Sam Webb

Two potentially significant policy developments emerged last week - the EU approved the use of the sweetener stevia in food and drink products, while Russia moved nearer to finally joining the WTO.... read more

Best bits: Firms tackle economic gloom

7 November 2011 | Sam Webb

There's been a sense of boldness from the world of food this past week, with companies making interesting moves into new products, acquisitions and territories.... read more

Best bits: Wal-Mart, Danone demonstrate pitfalls of emerging markets

24 October 2011 | Dean Best

In the US, economists are growing more pessimistic about the country's growth prospects. In Europe, political disputes over the eurozone, rather than solutions to the crisis, are making the headlines. Against this backdrop, the emerging markets seem a more attractive prospect than ever. However, there are risks as well as rewards.... read more

Comment: Risks remain over Campbell's new direction

6 September 2011 | Dean Best

Most new chief executives want to make their mark when they take charge of a company and Denise Morrison, Campbell Soup Co.'s new president and CEO, is no exception.... read more

Best bits: Real and metaphorical headwinds hitting retail

30 August 2011 | Dean Best

The chief executive of The Co-operative Group last week highlighted the economic headwinds hitting the UK retail sector, while, in the US, Hurricane Irene added to the metaphorical storms.... read more

Comment: Concerns grow over Brazilian sugar supply

20 July 2011 | Michelle Russell

Fears of a fall in the sugar supply from Brazil - the world's largest producer - are growing. Poor weather, concerns over future investment in milling capacity and the Brazilian government's support for ethanol production are cited as key reasons for a forecast shortage, which could push up global sugar prices. Michelle Russell reports.... read more

Best bits: Brasil Foods and Premier look to the future

18 July 2011 | Dean Best

The largest food manufacturers in Brazil and the UK can look ahead with more certainty than they could a week ago, Dean Best writes, but doubts still hang over the future of Latin American country's biggest retailer.... read more

Best bits: Nestle, Lactalis secure prized deals

11 July 2011 | Dean Best

In the last 72 hours, Nestle and Lactalis have struck significant pieces of M&A, writes Dean Best.... read more

Best bits: Casino and Carrefour do battle over Brazil

4 July 2011 | Dean Best

In a story that has had more twists and turns than the samba, the battle for Brazil's largest retailer CBD has pit two of Europe's largest grocers against each other.... read more

Best bits: Business victims as E. coli mistakes rock consumers

6 June 2011 | Dean Best

So, now it appears that bean sprouts are the cause behind the E. coli outbreak that has rocked Europe's produce sector and killed - at the latest count - 22 people.... read more

Best bits: Sun rises on Wal-Mart's South African venture

31 May 2011 | Dean Best

Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, has received two pieces of good news in its bid to continue its expansion into the world's emerging markets.... read more

Best bits: Wal-Mart's US woes set to continue

16 May 2011 | Dean Best

The publication of first-quarter numbers rumbles on this week, with eyes turning to the latest financial performance at Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer.... read more

Best bits: Premier, PepsiCo, Ralcorp grab attention amid Q1s

3 May 2011 | Dean Best

After consecutive four-day weekends here in the UK, this column again arrives on a Tuesday, adding to the 'what-is-the-day-today?' feeling here at just-food Towers today.... read more

Best bits: Tesco's Clarke prepares for scrutiny

18 April 2011 | Dean Best

Tomorrow (19 April), Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke will sit down with analysts and - later - the media to discuss the retailer's financial performance over the last 12 months.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

8 April 2011 | just-food.com

M&A led the news agenda again this week, with Diamond Foods' plans to acquire crisp brand Pringles, while Smithfield revealed plans to acquire Spanish meat brand Campofrio. Meanwhile, M&S published better than expected results for its fourth quarter. Here's the best of what was said this week.... read more

BRICs and beyond: PepsiCo's potential in Russia stands out

4 April 2011 | Dean Best

The Consumer Analyst Group Europe (CAGE) conference last week heard from a number of the world's leading food makers keen to emphasise their plans for expansion in emerging markets. One company, Dean Best writes, had a particularly compelling narrative for analysts and investors.... read more

Comment: The challenges and opportunities of commodity prices

1 April 2011 | Katy Askew

Commodity price spikes have again made headlines, hitting new "record" levels this year and leaving food manufacturers to grapple with rising input costs while consumers face inflated retail prices. The increasing cost of commodities such as cocoa, grains and sugar does not look set to be a short-lived phenomenon with growth in demand outstripping supply. However, Katy Humphries suggests, this changing dynamic presents food makers with opportunities as well as challenges.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

25 March 2011 | just-food.com

Lactalis' acquisition of a stake in Parmalat continued to dominate the headlines this week as the Italian government took steps to "keep Parmalat in Italian hands" as it increased its holding in the dairy company to 29%. Meanwhile, Metro Group and Sainsbury's reported less than impressive results. Here's the best of what was said this week:... read more

BRICs and beyond: Turkey - the gateway to the world

25 March 2011 | Petah Marian

While Turkey is not seeing the same levels of growth as other developing markets like China and Brazil, retailers and manufacturers see potential in the market, not only as a developing market in its own right, but also for its strategic link between Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Petah Marian investigates the opportunites Turkey offers.... read more

Best bits: The BRIC markets are still emerging

21 March 2011 | Dean Best

just-food's BRICs and beyond column aims to highlight the risks - and rewards - of operating in the world's emerging markets. The interest in markets like Brazil and Russia remains intense and, due to the demographic, geographic and economic differences between the four countries - as well as their potential for growth - the clamour for information on what makes each market tick grows by the day.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

18 March 2011 | just-food.com

The announcement today that General Mills has entered exclusive talks to buy a stake in French dairy business Yoplait will end one of the most fiercely-contested takeover battles in the food industry in the last 12 months. This week, just-food also spent time exploring the new products on offer at IFE and heard about the strategies driving the UK grocery operators. Here's the best of what was said on just-food this week:... read more

Best bits: Europe's food retailers grab the headlines

7 March 2011 | Dean Best

With spin offs, a significant acquisition and the entry of a new chief executive, Europe's largest food retailers dominated industry headlines last week.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

4 March 2011 | just-food.com

If last week's common theme was rising commodity costs, this week's focus was firmly on mergers, acquisitions and disposals, with retailers including Iceland, Ahold and Delhaize announcing acquisitions or the desire to acquire, while Carrefour finally revealed plans to spin-off its property and Dia portfolios.... read more

Quote, unquote: CAGNY 2011

25 February 2011 | just-food.com

At the CAGNY analyst conference in Florida this week, two trends seemed to dominate the presentations: rising commodity costs - and manufacturers' ability to push them through - plus expansion into emerging markets. Here's the best of what was said at CAGNY:... read more

Best bits: Egypt adds to investor concerns over emerging markets

7 February 2011 | Dean Best

In what was a record week for just-food in the volume of stories published, the political crisis in Egypt and its impact on the food sector took centre stage.... read more

Comment: Resurgent Hershey still has much to ponder

3 February 2011 | Dean Best

Hershey cheered investors yesterday (2 February) with a set of strong 2010 numbers, which included an 18% increase in annual profits, quickening sales growth in the fourth quarter and... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

28 January 2011 | just-food.com

Sara Lee today (28 January) unveiled plans to split it's business in two, ending speculation since last summer that the company may be sold.... read more

Comment: Speculation over Sara Lee reaches fever pitch

26 January 2011 | Petah Marian

Speculation around the future of food manufacturer has reached fever pitch as the board allegedly meets to decide its future this week.... read more

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

21 January 2011 | just-food.com

Wal-Mart, as it often does, this week shook up the US grocery sector with its plans to make a swathe of its private-label products healthier. Elsewhere, speculation of changes within the food-ingredients space continued with Cargill named as a potential bidder for Tate & Lyle. And, a year since Kraft Foods succeeded in getting Cadbury's board to back its plans to buy the UK confectioner, the US group faced rumours that management at Green & Black's wanted to buy the organic chocolate business.... read more

BRICs and beyond: Which way will the Dragon turn?

20 January 2011 | Chris Brook-Carter

China. A land of opportunity and panacea for all that ails the global business community or an economic time-bomb ready to explode the World's fragile recovery and plunge us back into a second crisis in so many years?... read more

Comment: Kraft faces unfair Cadbury tax allegations in India

5 January 2011 | Dean Best

Almost a year since Kraft Foods succeeded in its pursuit of Cadbury, the US food giant has become the latest multinational to face tax allegations in India.... read more

Comment: Speculation over Sara Lee will rumble on

21 December 2010 | Dean Best

The uncertainty surrounding Sara Lee grows by the week and, in recent days, has intensified with reports that Brazilian meat giant JBS has made a takeover bid for the US food group.... read more

Best bits: Arla's merger plans show M&A bubbling as year ends

20 December 2010 | Dean Best

The consolidation seen in Europe's dairy sector in 2010 was marked with a final flourish in the last weeks of the year on Friday (17 December) with Arla Foods' announcement that it plans to merge with Germany co-op Hansa-Milch.... read more