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London Mayor's bold plan on food ads should be welcomed

11 May 2018 | Dean Best

How the owners of food and drink high in fat, salt or sugar advertise their products has long been a contentious issue in the UK, with campaigners calling for further restrictions. Today (11 May), London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has won praise for his proposals to introduce regulations within his area of influence.... read more

What might Pinnacle Foods' new activist investor mean for US group?

20 April 2018 | Dean Best

Pinnacle Foods has often been touted as a possible acquisition target - and now activist investor Jana Partners has taken a position in the US group that talk will intensify.... read more

M&A, rather than Brexit, is behind Unilever's HQ decision

16 March 2018 | Dean Best

Unilever this week announced a change in its legal structure, which will see the FMCG behemoth have its main base in the Netherlands. The UK media swiftly pointed to Brexit - but the key factor would likely have been to have given the group more options when it comes to M&A.... read more

Why private-label has reached tipping point in US - and what to do

13 March 2018 | Victor Martino

The major, branded CPG operators in the US are not only facing a challenge from growing demand for products from upstart, agile competitors tapping into evolving consumer trends. They are also, Victor Martino warns, seeing another front open up from private-label. In his latest column for just-food, Martino outlines which retailers are gaining ground and how brand owners can fight back.... read more

The UK's calorie plan is cogent - and industry will be content

12 March 2018 | Dean Best

Faced with some alarming data on obesity, the UK this week announced its latest strategy to battle the bulge. A target for industry to reduce calories has its merits and, Dean Best writes, will have pleased industry, too.... read more

The top takeaways from the bellwether US Winter Fancy Food Show

8 February 2018 | Victor Martino

One of the key dates in the US food-industry calendar, The Winter Fancy Food Show is seen by product developers and trend-watchers as an event where executives can pick up a flavour of what's to come in the sector. just-food's US columnist Victor Martino was there once again.... read more

Financial market 'corrections' - should we worry? 

6 February 2018 | Dave Leggett

The last 24 hours have seen a wave of sell-offs on global stock markets. Is there cause for concern? Yes, but there is also a need for some perspective and there is no reason to believe that a global economic recession is imminent or inevitable. ... read more

Why millennials are key for Europe's health-food marketeers

26 January 2018 | Laura Fusi, IRI

In Europe, healthy food - or products marketed as healthier than their existing counterparts - are most popular, and showing the strongest growth potential, among millennials, IRI writes in its monthly column for just-food. ... read more

Five geopolitical issues to watch in Q1 - guest column

18 January 2018 | Matthew Elliott, Shore Capital Markets

In a guest column, Matthew Elliott, a senior political advisor at UK-based investment advisory firm Shore Capital Markets, sets out the geopolitical events executives need to monitor in the opening weeks of 2018.... read more

Lactalis scandal puts wider French supply chain in spotlight

12 January 2018 | Dean Best

The scrutiny of Lactalis has intensified this week as the dairy giant battles to repair the reputational damage from the salmonella scandal that has engulfed the company. However, the latest revelations have meant retailers have also been criticised and led to questions about the wider supply chain, which could fuel anxiety in export markets.... read more

The challenger brand challenge has just begun

11 January 2018 | Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino kicks off 2018 with a message all food majors in the US should heed - as, for that matter, should those operating further afield.... read more

The six mega-trends that will shape the US food industry in 2018

2 January 2018 | Victor Martino

Operating in the US food market? If you thought 2017 was a heady mix of challenge and opportunity, wait for 2018, writes just-food's US columnist Victor Martino, who gives you six mega-trends your business must embrace to thrive over the next 12 months. ... read more

The food industry in 2018 - the e-commerce trends to watch

1 January 2018 | Andrew Pearl, Profitero

Taking advantage of the rise of the e-commerce channel will be a priority of an increasing number of food company strategists in 2018. Andrew Pearl, director of strategy and insight in the EMEA markets for e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, presents four trends to watch in the channel in 2018. ... read more

The food industry in 2018 - the nine foodservice trends to follow

1 January 2018 | David Henkes, Technomic

The foodservice channel continues to show growth, even in more mature markets, presenting an opportunity for food manufacturers to capture. David Henkes, the advisory group senior principal at US-based foodservice consultants Technomic, sets out the nine trends that will shape the sector in 2018. ... read more

Gove wins UK exporter praise but Brexit looms - editor's viewpoint

15 December 2017 | Dean Best

For all the qualified optimism about the UK government's renewed pledges to work "in partnership" with the country's food industry to grow the sector, Brexit presents significant unknowns and departure from the EU could have significant ramifications for manufacturers.... read more

Industry gets obesity praise but could UK politics shift?

23 November 2017 | Ben Cooper

The annual Food Matters Live conference and exhibition has been held in London this week, with industry, politicians, campaigners and academia meeting at a three-day business event that focuses on the links between food, health, nutrition and sustainability. Ben Cooper reports on the discussions centring on the UK government's bid to tackle childhood obesity. ... read more

It's not child's play for TreeHouse Foods right now - editor's viewpoint

3 November 2017 | Dean Best

After a largely smooth decade for TreeHouse Foods since its inception in 2005, the largest private-label supplier in the US has found it tough going in the last 18 months or so. And, worryingly for investors, the latest news coming out of TreeHouse this week did not make for happy reading, Dean Best reports.... read more

Eyeing Asia, Saputo moves for Murray Goulburn - editor's viewpoint

30 October 2017 | Dean Best

Dean Best weighs up why Saputo has moved to buy the embattled Australian dairy group.... read more

The plant-based food and drink revolution is on in the US

23 October 2017 | Victor Martino

In the US, in two decades, plant-based food and beverages have grown from something even smaller than a niche to commanding increasing amounts of shelf-space. just-food's US columnist, Victor Martino, says 2017 was the tipping point for the category and predicts growth is only set to continue.... read more

Ferrero strikes again in US - but whither Nestle assets?

23 October 2017 | Dean Best

Ferrero and Ferrara Candy Co. have this summer been named as two possible bidders for Nestle's US confectionery assets. This week, they announced they were to join forces. What, then, could that mean for Nestle's bid to sell the business?... read more

How food companies in UK can increase R&D success - guest column

13 October 2017 | Will Rees-Hooper, Webb deVlam

More than eight in ten R&D projects are said to end in failure. In a guest column, Will Rees-Hooper, innovation director at strategic brand design and innovation consultants Webb deVlam, outlines eight ways food companies operating in the UK can improve their chances of success.... read more

General Mills resolute but home discomfort clouds outlook

25 September 2017 | Dean Best

General Mills maintained its full-year forecasts after an opening quarter of falling sales and profits but there is uncertainty on Wall Street about the outlook for the US food giant, which continues to toil at home, writes Dean Best.... read more

Recent M&A moves show Nestle has woken up and smelt the coffee

18 September 2017 | Dean Best

Nestle's investment in US coffee roaster and retailer Blue Bottle is another sign of a change in the food giant's M&A strategy since the arrival of CEO Mark Schneider earlier this year, Dean Best writes.... read more

Food in line for most pain from Brexit self-harm - comment

8 September 2017 | Dean Best

There have been plenty of occasions since the early hours of 24 June 2016 when those in the UK who voted for the country to stay in the EU would have held their heads in the hands.... read more

Pressure on manufacturers in an age of assortment consolidation

29 August 2017 | Christophe Knoke, IRI

In an upcoming age of assortment consolidation can food manufacturers still command shelf space and attract new generations of shoppers?... read more

UK's dose of realism on Brexit will encourage food industry

22 August 2017 | Ben Cooper

The UK's position papers on its future customs arrangements with the EU and, more specifically, on the border with Ireland have seen London take a pragmatic stance on key issues, Ben Cooper writes, which will please the food sector.... read more

Where do Trump and corporate America go from here?

21 August 2017 | Ben Cooper

Following the disbanding this week of two Presidential business advisory committees, Ben Cooper looks at Donald Trump’s relationship with business and suggests these events cannot be viewed as a standard contretemps between an interest group and the White House. A serious rift has developed and, on past record, the President will not be the one extending the olive branch.... read more

Marketeers, don't despair when markets go dark - guest opinion

9 August 2017 | Neil Davidson, HeyHuman

The UK has recently further tightened restrictions on the advertising of foods high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS). Neil Davidson, the managing director of UK FMCG marketing specialists HeyHuman, believes the new rules are yet another sign of ever-increasing limits on the promotion of consumer goods worldwide. But he argues there are plenty of opportunities to nurture and grow brands, if marketeers take a proactive approach.... read more

Why there is room for improvement at US online start-up Brandless

19 July 2017 | Keith Anderson, Profitero

With the rapid rise of digital-native, direct-to-consumer brands like Dollar Shave Company and The Honest Company, Keith Anderson, senior vice president for strategy and insights at e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, shares his perspective on Brandless, the latest entrant to the US grocery market.... read more

Investor interest in sustainability growing but still way to go

14 July 2017 | Ben Cooper

There are increasing signs more investors are becoming interested in the corporate sustainability practices of food companies, with some introducing the issue into the factors they weigh when deciding where to put their cash. However, as interest in corporate sustainability varies by company, so it does in the investment community, with some in the financial sphere seemingly little interested, proving the CEO advocates in the sector still have some convincing to do.... read more

Activist grabs headlines but change was already on way at Nestle

29 June 2017 | Dean Best

Activist investors putting pressure on food companies is not new, especially not in recent years, although Nestle's stature in the industry may have raised eyebrows as US investment fund Third Point made the world's largest food business the latest to feel the heat. However, there were already signs of change at Nestle under new CEO Mark Schneider, Dean Best argues.... read more

Why Big Data Collaboration could be the new ECR - opinion

23 June 2017 | José Carlos González-Hurtado, president, IRI International

With growth in FMCG in many western economies hard to come by, manufacturers and retailers need to step up efforts to work together, argues José Carlos González-Hurtado, the president of IRI's international operations.... read more

Direct-to-consumer to play minor role in US grocery e-commerce - column

20 June 2017 | Victor Martino

With the e-commerce channel growing in the US but still in its early stages, food manufacturers are weighing up various ways to build a presence in the channel. just-food's US columnist Victor Martino argues suppliers should think carefully before putting too much emphasis on selling directly to consumers.... read more

Food brands must avoid being egotists to thrive - guest opinion

12 June 2017 | Stuart Galvin, Smp

Look at the top-line data on the UK grocery market and it shows a sector in rude health. However, at present, inflation has become central to the market's growth, while the performance of own-label is outpacing brands. In a guest column, Stuart Galvin, business director at shopper marketing specialist, Smp, argues one way brands can help themselves is to no longer be the hero of their own marketing strategies.... read more

UK election result raises food sector hopes of better Brexit - column

9 June 2017 | Ben Cooper

The result of the UK's General Election has stunned much of the country and many observers worldwide. The poll produced a hung parliament, with the Conservative Party, led by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the largest in the House of Commons but without a majority of seats. May has embarked on talks with Democratic Unionist Party in a bid to form a minority government that can function with the working support of the Northern Ireland party. As Ben Cooper reports, the DUP's stance on Brexit, as well as the now improved standing of Labour, could lead to a softer Brexit that many food manufacturers would support.... read more