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It's natural for Tesco to boss climate change debate

21 October 2009 | Ben Cooper

A speech by Sir Terry Leahy last week to the Sustainable Consumption Institute conference underlines Tesco’s determination to be a prominent actor in the climate change debate. Ben Cooper suggests it is natural for a company built on such an aggressive business model to seek to lead from the front and set the agenda, thereby taking the initiative away from its detractors.... read more

CEOs queue for stellar IGD line-up

13 October 2009 | Dean Best

Conferences of all shapes and sizes claim to have a stellar line-up of speakers but, on the odd occasion, an event's schedule does fit the bill. And today (13 October) in London is one of those occasions.... read more

COMMENT: Try something new

1 September 2009 | breakingviews.com

Japanese voters decisively rejected fiscal stimulus on Sunday's elections.... read more

COMMENT: Defra's report gives us plenty to chew on

11 August 2009 | Dean Best

The UK's food ministry has spent the last few months looking into its crystal ball to see what the future holds for global food production. Its conclusions are stark. How we get there seems unclear. Dean Best reports.... read more

COMMENT: He who dares, wins

10 August 2009 | Dean Best

Recession. A time to focus on costs, right? A time to steer clear of the risky idea of innovation and zero in on the parts of the business you can trust? Try telling Premier Foods and Unilever, writes Dean Best.... read more

Preview - Unilever Q2

5 August 2009 | Dean Best

Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate, is expected to have seen sales growth slow during its second quarter - but stronger volumes suggest an improved mix, leading analysts have argued.... read more

COMMENT: Recovery will be slow - and fragile

3 August 2009 | Dave Leggett

The global economy is awash with talk that the bottom may have been reached. Fiscal stimulus packages have taken effect, while there is the prospect of a recovery based on restocking next year. However, David Leggett argues, the underlying causes of the downturn have not gone away - and could lead to a W-shaped recession.... read more

COMMENT: Notes from the EU - EU roadmap full of guff

8 July 2009 | Keith Nuthall

The latest set of EU policies for the food industry - or "roadmap of key initiatives" - aim to boost the prosperity of the sector. However, Keith Nuthall argues that the EU roadmap has merely added to a bloated, ineffective bureaucracy.... read more

World Retail Congress 2009 - Live From Barcelona

6 May 2009 | Dean Best

This week, the retail spotlight shines once again on the Catalan city of Barcelona, as the sector's top executives flock to the annual World Retail Congress.... read more

COMMENT: Coke's Chinese woes a warning to us all

18 March 2009 | Chris Brook-Carter

Though not of course in the food sector, the decision today by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce to block Coca-Cola Co.'s attempted acquisition of China Huiyuan Juice Group has implications for any FMCG company looking to invest in the country.... read more

COMMENT: Who made off with all the cash, and will there be any left for 2009?

19 December 2008 | Chris Brook-Carter

It's been a tumultuous 12 months for all in the business community - and some indications are that things could get worse. With help from IHS Global Insight, Chris Brook-Carter looks to the year ahead and cautions that there are more dark clouds on the economic horizon.... read more

SIAL: Comment - Optimism in the air at SIAL

22 October 2008 | Dean Best

The leading lights of the food industry have spent the last few days in Paris at this year's SIAL exhibition and the mood of those who in convened in the French capital was one of determined optimism. Dean Best was there to read the smoke signals.... read more

COMMENT - why alcohol, not food, is in the firing line

25 July 2008 | Chris Brook-Carter

Obesity and alcohol abuse are deemed as two of the biggest ills facing UK society and the food and drink industries find themselves in the firing line from government and the media. However, this week food manufacturers demonstrated that they have, after recognising their role in rising obesity, been able to work with regulators to tackle the problem. Chris Brook-Carter believes the UK drinks industry has much to learn from its food counterparts.... read more

COMMENT: Food should brace for the financial storm

9 July 2008 | Chris Brook-Carter

The credit crunch, rising fuel bills and soaring commodity costs - few will be immune to this economic triple-blow. The food and drinks industries have remained relatively defiant in the belief they can ride out the inevitable downturn. However, Chris Brook-Carter wonders whether this optimism is misplaced in the face of this perfect storm.... read more

In The Spotlight – Paul Bulcke, Nestlé

11 April 2008 | Katy Askew

Paul Bulcke has taken the helm at Nestlé during a turbulent time for the food industry. However, the world’s largest food company has, so far, weathered the storm unscathed. In fact, Katy Humphries writes, one of Bulcke’s biggest challenges will be to decide exactly what to do with the billion-dollar payout from the sale of Nestlé’s stake in US eye care company Alcon.... read more

Doubts over Danone amid lack of Eastern promise

15 February 2008 | Dean Best

2007 was something of a watershed year at French food giant Danone. The company behind brands including Activia yoghurts and Evian water has wisely decided to focus more on health and nutrition. However, its ongoing problems in India and China are causing concern among some industry watchers. Dean Best reports.... read more