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Dean Best

Label for upcycled foods unveiled in US

26 April 2021 | Dean Best

The industry body behind the seal says the label is the world's first certification mark for upcycled foods. ... read more

Mars, PepsiCo to work with suppliers on emissions

22 April 2021 | Dean Best

The two US food giants, alongside spices and sauces major McCormick & Co., are part of a new "coalition" that will aim to "mobilise suppliers on climate action". ... read more

Moving on up – upcycling in the US

22 April 2021 | Dean Best

A year of three meals a day indoors has brought home the issue of food loss and waste to more consumers and the emerging upcycled-food industry believes this is its moment. ... read more

"We feel the pressure from the market" – Emmi's Gerold Schatt on Swiss dairy group's sustainability targets

14 April 2021 | Dean Best

Emmi has a new set of sustainability targets, with an overall aim to be "net-zero" by 2050. The dairy group discusses its goals and the spotlight being shone on the whole industry. ... read more

Premier Is drops 'Eskimo' brand name

5 March 2021 | Dean Best

The Danish ice-cream supplier said last summer it could not "identify any derogatory meaning" from using the word 'eskimo' but would review the situation. ... read more

Tesco makes "healthy, sustainable diets" pledge

5 March 2021 | Dean Best

The UK's largest grocer has found itself under shareholder pressure over the make-up of food it sells and today (5 March) announced "ambitious new commitments". ... read more

US grocer Kroger wants to back upcycling firms

3 March 2021 | Dean Best

One of the largest food retailers in the US has a fund set aside to support companies set up to "manufacture, process or distribute upcycled consumer food products". ... read more

Greencore lays down packaging pledge

24 February 2021 | Dean Best

The Ireland-based company, one of the largest sandwich suppliers in the UK, set out a pledge on packaging in an update on its sustainability initiatives. ... read more

PepsiCo updates emissions goals

14 January 2021 | Dean Best

The US food and beverage maker has set out a target for absolute greenhouse-gas emissions and a pledge on net-zero emissions. ... read more

The just-food analysis that grabbed your attention in 2020

21 December 2020 | Dean Best

Here, the just-food team has selected the analysis pieces that caught your attention in the last 12 months. ... read more

A "moral obligation" ... and "future-proofing" the company – Nestle's mission on emissions

9 December 2020 | Dean Best

The world's largest food maker has caught the eye with the announcement of its plan to go "net zero". We canvass reaction from campaign and investor circles. ... read more

Ghana hits out at chocolate companies over farmers' prices

23 November 2020 | Dean Best

Ghana has reportedly accused some in the chocolate industry of a "ploy to derail" government attempts to improve income for farmers. ... read more

Unilever's Ben & Jerry's to pay farmers more for cocoa

18 November 2020 | Dean Best

The US ice-cream business, owned by Unilever, is to change what it pays farmers in Côte d'Ivoire for cocoa beans. ... read more

Wessanen becomes Ecotone, reveals new mission-driven status

11 November 2020 | Dean Best

Wessanen, the Netherlands-based food business that went private last year under new ownership, has changed its name. ... read more

Bonduelle deputy CEO Gregory Sanson on long-term impacts of Covid-19, resilience and M&A – the just-food interview part 2

1 October 2020 | Dean Best

Bonduelle's deputy CEO Gregory Sanson weighs up Covid could affect working practices in the longer term, sets out his thinking on foodservice and talks M&A plans. ... read more

FMCG giants try again on deforestation

22 September 2020 | Dean Best

Seventeen of the world's largest FMCG groups and retailers have launched another bid to tackle deforestation. ... read more

Kellogg's latest recycling test on Pringles packs

11 September 2020 | Dean Best

After a test on steel cans in Italy last year, the US giant is trialling a different type of package in the UK. ... read more

Danone backs 'ugly' produce firm Hungry Harvest

11 September 2020 | Dean Best

The yogurt and infant-formula giant has invested in a US firm delivering "oddly-shaped" or surplus fruit and veg to consumers' homes. ... read more

UK calorie ambition tempered after industry talks

7 September 2020 | Dean Best

After meetings with industry, an ambition in the UK to cut calories in products consumed by families by 20% by 2024 has been scaled back. ... read more

Blackstone's Oatly backing may unsettle some but there are benefits

4 September 2020 | Dean Best

Dairy-alternative darling Oatly has faced criticism for accepting investment from Blackstone – but those who want a more sustainable food system should see the advantages. ... read more

Unilever, Mars among US plastics pledge signatories

26 August 2020 | Dean Best

Unilever, Mars and Walmart are among 60 organisations across the private and public sectors to have joined a new "pact" on plastics in the US. ... read more

Expect more beef as Lightlife seeks plant-based high ground

26 August 2020 | Dean Best

Lightlife's war of words with Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods is another sign meat-free is now mainstream – and has brands battling it out as their peers have done in the past. ... read more

Lightlife sparks US meat-free war of words

26 August 2020 | Dean Best

The Lightlife brand, owned by Canadian meat giant Maple Leaf Foods, has taken aim at the ingredients used by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. ... read more

Germany should introduce mandatory climate labels – government advisors

25 August 2020 | Dean Best

A scientific panel advising the German government on areas including food policy has set out a range of recommendations to promote "sustainable food consumption". ... read more

Upcycled brand Spudsy gets more PepsiCo accelerator cash

24 August 2020 | Dean Best

A fledgling snacks business in the US has been awarded the latest grant issued by PepsiCo's accelerator in North America. ... read more

Ben & Jerry's hits stormy water – but should sail on

14 August 2020 | Dean Best

Ben & Jerry's attracted criticism in the UK for its comments on how the country's Government should treat migrants seeking entry – but brands need to be seen to take a stance. ... read more

Danone 'enterprise a mission' status will help drive shareholder value, CEO insists

31 July 2020 | Dean Best

Danone's push on healthier and environmentally-friendly products will only be shown to have worked if the value of the French giant's shares rises, its CEO has insisted. ... read more

Unilever, Danone join net-zero emissions push

21 July 2020 | Dean Best

Unilever and Danone are teaming up with seven other major corporations to share ways of cutting emissions, with an aim of all businesses achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. ... read more

Ben & Jerry's joins Facebook ad boycott

24 June 2020 | Dean Best

The US ice-cream business, owned by Unilever, has signed up to a campaign calling on companies to not advertise on Facebook's services in July. ... read more

Now's the time to review your brand values – and much more, too

19 June 2020 | Dean Best

Food companies must reappraise their brands and make sure they stand up to today's values – and go further still in their supply chains in their journeys to racial justice. ... read more

Commodities giant Louis Dreyfus unveils VC arm

19 June 2020 | Dean Best

Louis Dreyfus Co. has formally launched a venture-capital programme through which the agribusiness behemoth says it would look to invest in "customer-facing" products. ... read more

Unilever unveils new climate fund, emissions target

15 June 2020 | Dean Best

The Magnum ice cream and Hellmann's mayonnaise maker has pledged to spend EUR1bn (US$1.12bn) over ten years to "tackle climate change and protect and regenerate nature". ... read more

Vital Farms backer InvestEco unveils third fund

4 June 2020 | Dean Best

An investment fund in Canada has announced its third fund, with CAD100m lined up to back companies in North America "that promote health and sustainability in the food sector". ... read more

Hershey to step up "direct sourcing" of cocoa in Africa

27 May 2020 | Dean Best

Reese's maker Hershey has pledged to increase the "direct sourcing" of its cocoa supplies from two key markets. ... read more

Danone Q1 sales update and adapting to Covid-19 - six things to learn

21 April 2020 | Dean Best

Danone's Q1 sales beat expectations, boosted by Covid-19 pantry-loading. However, the Alpro maker withdrew its financial guidance for 2020, which weighed on its share price. ... read more