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Corporate responsibility

Eyeing alternatives – meat companies with stakes in meat-free and cell-based meat

19 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manufacturers are investing in the area. ... read more

Nestle joins Magnit-led Russia initiative to promote healthy food

16 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

A raft of consumer goods companies have joined an initiative in Russian to promote healthy food and beverages. ... read more

"We feel the pressure from the market" – Emmi's Gerold Schatt on Swiss dairy group's sustainability targets

14 April 2021 | Dean Best

Emmi has a new set of sustainability targets, with an overall aim to be "net-zero" by 2050. The dairy group discusses its goals and the spotlight being shone on the whole industry. ... read more

Hatching new ideas – Big Food's incubator and accelerator programmes

13 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the consumer trends shaping demand. ... read more

How might lessons learnt from Covid influence food company strategy?

6 April 2021 | Simon Harvey

Simon Harvey assesses what food manufacturers can take forward from their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. ... read more

Irish food companies sign up to low-carbon pledge

1 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

A number of Ireland-based food groups have signed up to a new low-carbon pledge backed by more than 60 of the country's largest businesses. ... read more

French watchdog issues fines after ruling on sandwich cartel

25 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

France's competition authority has dished out fines to two companies for their role in a price-fixing cartel, while a third has escaped punishment. ... read more

JBS commits to net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2040

24 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Brazil-based meat giant JBS has made a new long-term commitment linked to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. ... read more

Irish frozen-food business Strong Roots wins B Corp status

23 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

Irish frozen veg business Strong Roots has secured a certification for its social, environmental and corporate governance credentials. ... read more

How data shows companies believe cutting CO2 emissions is good for business

19 March 2021 | Nick Ferris

Companies are increasingly convinced reducing carbon emissions can have a positive impact on market demand, reputation and even supply chains. ... read more

Smithfield Foods sets out goals on plastic

17 March 2021 | NS Packaging

The US meat processor, owned by China's WH Group, aims to implement new sustainability commitments across its portfolio by 2030. ... read more

Food majors urge EU to end caged-animal farming

17 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

Some of the world's largest food manufacturers are urging the European Union to end the practise of caged-animal farming. ... read more

Where now for Danone after Faber's departure?

16 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

In the wake of Emmanuel Faber's departure from Danone, Andy Coyne weighs up what might be the priorities for those set to take the helm of the French food and beverage giant. ... read more

Retailers join calls to restrict harmful tuna fishing methods

11 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

Retailers have joined a pressure group calling for the restriction of a controversial fishing practise that reportedly threatens yellowfin tuna stocks. ... read more

What will attract consumers to 'hybrid' meat products?

8 March 2021 | David Burrows

As more consumers become interested in the sustainability of what they eat, what role can 'hybrid' products made from meat and veg play? Early launches haven't always succeeded. ... read more

Premier Is drops 'Eskimo' brand name

5 March 2021 | Dean Best

The Danish ice-cream supplier said last summer it could not "identify any derogatory meaning" from using the word 'eskimo' but would review the situation. ... read more

Tesco makes "healthy, sustainable diets" pledge

5 March 2021 | Dean Best

The UK's largest grocer has found itself under shareholder pressure over the make-up of food it sells and today (5 March) announced "ambitious new commitments". ... read more

US grocer Kroger wants to back upcycling firms

3 March 2021 | Dean Best

One of the largest food retailers in the US has a fund set aside to support companies set up to "manufacture, process or distribute upcycled consumer food products". ... read more

Hershey sets out 2030 environmental goals

1 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

US snacks major Hershey has announced new goals intended to reduce its environmental footprint and address climate change. ... read more

Marfrig agrees finance deal linked to deforestation pledge

25 February 2021 | Andy Coyne

Brazil-based meat heavyweight Marfrig has agreed a US$30m finance deal that is linked to environmental concerns in the country. ... read more

Greencore lays down packaging pledge

24 February 2021 | Dean Best

The Ireland-based company, one of the largest sandwich suppliers in the UK, set out a pledge on packaging in an update on its sustainability initiatives. ... read more

Dole Asia Holdings starts global fund centred on nutrition solutions

19 February 2021 | Simon Harvey

Fresh fruit group Dole has launched a fund centred on "strategic partnerships" in nutrition solutions and sustainability. ... read more

Mondelez International launches Sustainable Futures investment platform

18 February 2021 | Simon Harvey

Snacking and confectionery major Mondelez International has set up a sustainability platform based around "impact investing". ... read more

Biscuit-maker Pladis to ditch black plastic in UK, Ireland

18 February 2021 | Andy Coyne

McVities' biscuits owner Pladis has issued a sustainabilty update linked to the products it sells in the UK and Ireland. ... read more

Tony's Chocolonely dropped from Slave Free Chocolate list over Barry Callebaut links

17 February 2021 | Simon Harvey

Tony's Chocolonely, which makes confectionery from ethically-sourced cocoa, has responded to the company's removal from the Slave Free Chocolate list. ... read more

Nestle, General Mills to add Nutri-Score labels to cereal bars in Germany

16 February 2021 | Andy Coyne

Food giants Nestlé and General Mills are to introduce Nutri-Score nutrition labels on cereal bar products in a key European market. ... read more

Nestle joins forces with Swiss tech experts on carbon footprint project

16 February 2021 | Andy Coyne

Global food giant Nestlé has linked up with a technology institute on a research project intended to help reduce the carbon footprint of agricultural raw materials. ... read more

Nestle, Mars among chocolate giants facing slavery lawsuit in US

15 February 2021 | Andy Coyne

Some of the world's largest chocolate manufacturers have been accused of child slavery in a US court, a case that also involves agri-food and ingredients heavyweights. ... read more

PepsiCo renames racially insensitive Aunt Jemima brand as Pearl Milling Company

10 February 2021 | Simon Harvey

PepsiCo has renamed its Aunt Jemima brand of pancake mixes and syrups after the US food and beverages major announced the plan in June amid concerns about racial stereotyping. ... read more

Nestle sets climate priorities for Europe, Middle East, north Africa

9 February 2021 | Andy Coyne

Nestlé has today outlined its climate change priorities for its operations in three geographic regions. ... read more

Re-use platform Loop enters Canada with Loblaw, Kraft Heinz on board

2 February 2021 | Andy Coyne

Loop, the global re-use platform operating in more than 20 countries, has entered a major new market where it has signed up a local grocery major as its retail partner. ... read more

Five categories to thrive in new normal for US packaged food

26 January 2021 | Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino sets out five areas he believes will thrive in the country's packaged-food market in the wake of Covid-19. ... read more

Unilever takes social inequality stance with living wage commitment

21 January 2021 | Andy Coyne

Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever has made a number of commitments linked to social inequality. ... read more

PepsiCo updates emissions goals

14 January 2021 | Dean Best

The US food and beverage maker has set out a target for absolute greenhouse-gas emissions and a pledge on net-zero emissions. ... read more

Saputo renames racially insensitive Coon cheese brand in Australia

14 January 2021 | Simon Harvey

Saputo has changed the name of its racially insensitive Coon brand of cheddar cheese sold in Australia. ... read more