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World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2016 – Key findings at a glance

25 January 2016 | Ben Cooper

The World Economic Forum's annual report, now in its eleventh edition, quantifies and compares the economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological risks facing business. just-food presents the report's key findings. ... read more

World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2016 - climate change tops poll

22 January 2016 | Ben Cooper

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016 rates the failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation as the risk that could have the greatest impact on business. In addition, Ben Cooper writes, the prevalence of climate change risk and the way it is expected to exacerbate other environmental, societal and economic impacts underlines the increasing interconnectedness of business risk, which is an overarching theme of the report.... read more

World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2016 - cyber attack rises up WEF risk roll call

22 January 2016 | Ben Cooper

The World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2016 underlines the threat of cyber attack as a growing menace facing major companies. Ben Cooper examines the report’s findings on the dangers of cyber attacks and other principal risks facing companies over the next ten years identified in the report.... read more

The food industry in 2016 - the top foodservice trends in the UK and the US

3 January 2016 | David Henkes, Technomic

At the end of each year, Technomic takes stock of the trends in foodservice and makes forecasts on what to watch for in the upcoming year. Foodservice is a dynamic business and manufacturers looking at the sector must be aware of, and stay ahead of, big trends to be able to fully capture the growth opportunities available. David Henkes, advisory group senior principal at Technomic, sets out the hot areas in the UK and US foodservice markets.... read more

The food industry in 2016 - The year's hot sustainability issues

3 January 2016 | Ben Cooper

just-food's 2016 confidence survey includes respondents from varied functions within food companies and professionals in fields related to the industry, aiming to identify the most important factors weighing on the industry and business confidence. Sustainability featured in the survey and Ben Cooper analyses the response - and reflects on the issues in the field industry professionals should consider next year.... read more

Briefing: Sustainable sourcing - taking supply chain push to scale

24 June 2015 | Ben Cooper

To conclude just-food's management briefing on sustainable sourcing, Ben Cooper examines some of the key cross-cutting sustainability issues in agricultural supply chains and how they may influence the next steps for food companies on sustainable sourcing.... read more

Briefing: Sustainable sourcing - Why focus on cane sugar supply chains set to increase

23 June 2015 | Ben Cooper

The fourth agricultural commodity to be featured in just-food's management briefing on sustainable sourcing is the world's largest - sugarcane. While sugar is already a much-discussed subject in the context of the obesity debate, Ben Cooper writes, food companies are under increasing pressure to step up engagement on sugar from a supply chain perspective and scale up current sustainability efforts.... read more

Briefing: Sustainable sourcing - Certified schemes underline consumer demand for sustainable cocoa

22 June 2015 | Ben Cooper

In the fifth part of just-food's management briefing on sustainable sourcing, Ben Cooper examines how consumer demand for certified sustainable cocoa has fostered corporate action to improve the living standards of their agricultural suppliers and make their raw material supply chains more sustainable.... read more

Briefing: Sustainable sourcing - Soy to remain in the GMO firing line

18 June 2015 | Ben Cooper

In the third section of just-food's management briefing looking at sustainable sourcing, Ben Cooper asks whether discussion of the role genetic modification (GM) plays in the soy sector is a critical debate or a distraction from more important sustainability issues around deforestation and its consequences.... read more

Briefing: Sustainable sourcing - Change on palm oil too slow for some

17 June 2015 | Ben Cooper

A group of major consumer goods companies and investors have publicly called on the Roundtable on Responsible Palm Oil (RSPO) to strengthen its standards following mounting criticism of the multi-stakeholder platform. This has left the RSPO pondering whether it can afford to continue to move at a pace that keeps less ambitious companies engaged or whether it should allow more progressive members to set the agenda, Ben Cooper reports.... read more

Briefing: Sustainable sourcing - Step change in industry engagement on cocoa

16 June 2015 | Ben Cooper

The first section of our management briefing examining how the food industry is working to make agricultural supply chains more sustainable looks at cocoa, a commodity facing grave challenges but now receiving increased and concerted attention from companies following the launch of the CocoaAction collective initiative a year ago.... read more

Briefing: 2015 preview: How consumer trends will shape food industry NPD

2 January 2015 | Katy Askew

In today's digital world of instant gratification, the product development life cycle is shortening. As a result, food manufacturers are looking closely at how they deliver new products to the marketplace. In the latest installment of our management briefing, just-food takes you through some consumer trends that will be key to your growth in 2015.... read more

Briefing: 2015 preview: Sugar, supply chains to focus minds

2 January 2015 | Ben Cooper

just-food's contributing editor Ben Cooper predicts what will be the key issues in food sustainability circles in 2015, with the debate over sugar likely to continue to rage, while supply chains - in regard to environmental and retailer pressure - will also - command attention.... read more

Confectionery: Why cocoa can only be sustainable without child labour

10 March 2014 | Ben Cooper

Child labour is intrinsically linked to cocoa's broader sustainability challenges. If the cocoa sector is successful at boosting production during the coming years, it will not be deemed a sustainable expansion if the issue in the two major producing countries has not been satisfactorily addressed, writes Ben Cooper.... read more

just-food's 2014 outlook: Sustainability in the mainstream

30 January 2014 | Ben Cooper

Resource shortage and an understanding that "good business is good business" mean that the discourse around sustainability issues have entered the mainstream and will continue to demand the spotlight in 2014. Ben Cooper examines the key themes likely to emerge in the coming year.... read more

just-food's review of 2013: supply chains and sustainbility

6 January 2014 | Ben Cooper

Perhaps the biggest story of the year, with the widest impact on the sector, was the horsemeat contamination saga. However, it was ironic the scandal should occur when food companies are placing increased scrutiny on the sustainability of their supply chains. And this year has seen some notable developments as food companies have sought collectively or individually to address sustainability issues in their supply chains.... read more

Navigating Brazil's slowdown: FMCG giants adapt to cooling economy

30 August 2013 | Dean Best

After a decade of solid growth, Brazil's economy has slowed sharply. The fall in the value of the real has also contributed to stubborn inflation, hitting consumer confidence. Many FMCG firms continue to enjoy sales growth but margins have come under pressure and they have had to adapt to the tougher economic climate.... read more

just-food's 2013 outlook: Food waste set to dominate sustainability agenda

31 January 2013 | Ben Cooper

As food companies continue to develop their sustainability strategies and improve performance across a range of environmental and social criteria, issues such as water efficiency, carbon emissions, the use of renewable energy, climate-friendly packaging and sustainable agriculture will all be much discussed during the coming 12 months. However, for the food industry this may be a year when one particular subject eclipses all others, and that issue is food waste. Ben Cooper reports.... read more

just-food's outlook for 2013: Mega deals unlikely as consolidation continues

31 January 2013 | Chris Mercer

There may be caution over the prospect for blockbuster deals in a dilapidated economic environment, but the food sector mergers and acquisitions table still has plenty to whet the appetite.... read more

Packaging - the challenges of greener packaging

30 November 2012 | Michelle Russell

Sustainability has become a key area of focus for most, if not all, manufacturers and retailers, as companies look to make their businesses more environmentally-friendly.... read more

Packaging - the trends behind innovation

30 November 2012 | Michelle Russell

As competition in the grocery sector continues at apace, it has become more important than ever for manufacturers and retailers to ensure their packaging stands out on shelf and addresses a range of key issues. This can range from the design and functionality of packaging to the cost and on-shelf impact. Here, packaging firms tell just-food what is driving innovation in the sector, the challenges and the trends that are emerging.... read more

Logistics - collaboration key to carbon reduction

1 October 2012 | Ben Cooper

To save money and to alleviate their impact on the environment, different logistics providers are increasingly working together, as well as with their retail and manufacturing customers on sustainability initiatives. As Ben Cooper writes, collaboration is a strategy stakeholders are turning to more often.... read more

just-food Confidence Survey - emerging markets and sustainability

30 April 2012 | Dean Best

just-food's Confidence Survey also included questions on the emerging markets and sustainability. Of the BRIC markets, China gave respondents most cause for optimism. Outside those four countries, markets from Colombia to Vietnam filled others with confidence. And, on the issue of sustainability, alleviating their company's impact on the environment remained a priority for many despite the gloomy economic landscape.... read more

2012 - CSR spotlight moves to water, supply chains

3 February 2012 | Ben Cooper

Forecasting that sustainability will be a prominent subject in 2012 is hardly the boldest of predictions. But given the complexity and breadth of the sustainability arena, predicting what the hotspots will be during the coming 12 months is an altogether different proposition. There are some racing certainties, however.... read more

The most-read interviews on just-food in 2011

23 December 2011 | Dean Best

2011 was again a year in which just-food discussed the key industry issues with the leading lights in the sector. From the creation of meat-free firm Quorn Foods to Ferrero's ambitions in the UK and from Kraft Foods' plans in the key emerging market of South Africa to sustainability strategies with Ahold and Kellogg, we interviewed some of the top players in the industry this year. Click on the links for more and check out all our featured interviews for 2011 here.... read more

2011 in review - Sustainability

22 December 2011 | Ben Cooper

The year began with predictions that sustainability would continue to rise up the corporate agenda this year, and so it has proved.... read more

Logistics - how a stagnant economy has changed the supply chain

30 November 2011 | Stuart Todd

This month's just-food management briefing looks at logistics in the food industry. Part one considers the impact of a climate of low economic growth and high operating costs on food groups' and retailers' supply chains. Are these difficult market conditions stimulating the emergence of new ways of organising food logistics ?... read more

Logistics - the food sector's sustainability initiatives

30 November 2011 | Stuart Todd

High petrol prices and the increasing importance of sustainability has prompted the food industry to try out new - and often innovative - methods of transporting their wares to customers, as well as search for ways to enhance their existing logistical operations. Stuart Todd takes a look at the schemes food manufacturers and retailers have adopted to reduce both their carbon footprint and transport costs.... read more

Social media - PepsiCo and Unilever aim to connect with consumers

30 June 2011 | Jonathan Thomas

In the third part of this month's just-food management briefing, Jonathan Thomas looks at how two multinationals - PepsiCo and Unilever - have tried to use social media to connect with consumers.... read more

The just-food management briefing - GM - environmental threat or force for good?

31 May 2011 | Ben Cooper

Part three puts forward the main points of debate between supporters and critics of GM.... read more

The just-food management briefing - GM - market data

31 May 2011 | Ben Cooper

The fourth and final section of this month's just-food management briefing, which focuses on GM.... read more

The just-food management briefing - sustainable packaging - case studies

26 April 2011 | just-food.com

The final part of just-food's look at sustainable packaging looks at two companies at the forefront of developments in the sector - CSM and Tetra Pak.... read more

The just-food management briefing - sustainable packaging - renewable and biodegradable packaging

26 April 2011 | just-food.com

just-food's management briefing now turns to packaging from renewable sources, which, Jonathan Thomas writes, is developing rapidly. Renewable and biodegradable packaging are gaining traction in an industry keen to become more sustainable.... read more

The just-food management briefing - sustainable packaging - recycling

26 April 2011 | just-food.com

Part two of our management briefing on sustainable packaging focuses on recycled material. As Jonathan Thomas writes, recycled products are central to the sector but the amount they are used differs by material, while competition from other products and safety issues could have an impact on future growth.... read more

The just-food management briefing - sustainable packaging

26 April 2011 | just-food.com

In the first part of just-food's latest management briefing, Jonathan Thomas outlines the moves to create industry-wide standards on sustainable packaging and the moves made by individual food companies to make their packaging more environmentally-friendly.... read more