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Hatching new ideas – Big Food's incubator and accelerator programmes

27 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the consumer trends shaping demand. ... read more

Moving on up – upcycling in the US

22 April 2021 | Dean Best

A year of three meals a day indoors has brought home the issue of food loss and waste to more consumers and the emerging upcycled-food industry believes this is its moment. ... read more

Eyeing alternatives – meat companies with stakes in meat-free and cell-based meat

20 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manufacturers are investing in the area. ... read more

Brazil's interest in healthier frozen food warms during Covid-19

14 April 2021 | Mauro Fernandes and Luisa Belchior

Brazilian consumers have shown greater interest in frozen food over the last year and demand for healthier options has grown. ... read more

Does the plant-based pet-food niche have legs?

7 April 2021 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne looks at the emergence of plant-based pet-food options and assesses whether the niche can build into a meaningful market. ... read more

Big Food's stake in the future – in-house venture-capital funds

29 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the in-house venture-capital funds operated by the world's major packaged-food companies. ... read more

How might UK food-to-go operators adjust post-pandemic?

24 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

We review the outlook for the UK food-to-go market, with pain still to endure until the Government's gradual easing of restrictions becomes a full-blown reality in June.  ... read more

What will attract consumers to 'hybrid' meat products?

8 March 2021 | David Burrows

As more consumers become interested in the sustainability of what they eat, what role can 'hybrid' products made from meat and veg play? Early launches haven't always succeeded. ... read more

Can cell-based meat not cost the earth?

5 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne looks at recent developments surrounding cell-based meat, where attempts to cut production costs will be critical in any efforts to launch commercially-viable products. ... read more

Plant-based meat's health challenges

4 March 2021 | Simon Harvey

Meat-alternative companies are facing scrutiny over the health credentials of their products. Simon Harvey looks at the questions being asked and how manufacturers are reacting. ... read more

The fermentation flurry in plant-based meat

2 March 2021 | Simon Creasey

With plants and cells grabbing headlines as the market for alt-meat takes hold, could a new generation of products made using cutting-edge fermentation processes start to simmer? ... read more

Why sugar is no longer the sweet spot – UK snack bars deep dive, part two

2 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

In the second part of his deep dive into the UK snack-bar market, Andy Coyne solicits expert opinion about where the category is headed and what is driving it forward. ... read more

Coming to the crunch – UK snack bars deep dive, part one

1 March 2021 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne takes a close look at the UK snack bar category and at how it has adapted to the unique trading conditions created by Covid lockdown restrictions.  ... read more

The alternative-seafood minnows eyeing the big catch of Asia

26 February 2021 | Dean Best

A huge market for seafood, Asia could be a lucrative opportunity for companies offering plant-based alternatives – but challenges face the companies looking to reel in consumers. ... read more

Can plant-based cheese come of age?

25 February 2021 | Lucy Britner

Concerns over quality and taste have held back the market for plant-based cheese. How are suppliers trying to improve their products while competing in a wider price-driven market? ... read more

Plant-based priorities – dairy companies also in dairy-free

12 February 2021 | Andy Coyne

just-food rounds up what the world's leading dairy businesses, or food majors with a significant dairy offering, are providing in the dairy-free product area. ... read more

India's biscuit makers prepare for post-Covid growth

28 January 2021 | Raghavendra Verma

just-food correspondent Raghavendra Verma surveys India's biscuit market, which has enjoyed bumper sales during the Covid-19 pandemic. ... read more

Why chocolate makers' sugar-reduction quest is so challenging

14 January 2021 | Ben Cooper

As the fight against obesity continues in many developed countries, Ben Cooper examines the challenge of reducing the sugar content in chocolate. ... read more

Predicting the unpredictable – operating in the UK in 2021

2 December 2020 | Andy Coyne

Covid-19 and Brexit are the backdrop for what looks set to be a challenging year for those operating in the UK. Andy Coyne reports. ... read more

Danone plays catch up with food peers as French giant adapts to pandemic challenge

25 November 2020 | Simon Harvey

Danone has revealed a new corporate structure, designed to reboot profit margins and improve efficiencies. Simon Harvey looks at the key talking points. ... read more

Meat-loving Russians ready to give substitutes chance

23 November 2020 | Lena Smirnova

Traditionally a society of meat lovers, Russians are developing a taste for meat substitutes – and food manufacturers from home and abroad, and of all sizes, are reacting. ... read more

Reusable packaging – from green to grubby and back again?

23 November 2020 | David Burrows

Covid boosted single-use packaging, causing concern progress on reusables had been dented. However, high-profile trials are taking place. What lies ahead for reuse and refill? ... read more

Dirty vegan to clean label – the questions facing plant-based products, ingredients and nutrition

5 November 2020 | David Burrows

Questions about the processing behind plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy are growing. Is the criticism justified or is the buoyant industry being unfairly targeted? ... read more

Can cell-based dairy muscle way into crowded dairy-alts market?

22 October 2020 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne examines the progress of the nascent cell-based dairy technology and seeks to determine whether there is a market for the products they are working on. ... read more

"It's going to be a marathon and it’s going to be worth it" – weighing up the prospects for plant-based meat in India

6 October 2020 | Dean Best

What is the opportunity in a country where meat consumption is relatively low and the quality of many of the meat-free products on sale has been deemed to be mediocre? ... read more

A question of scale – the growing pains of cell-based meat

17 August 2020 | Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne examines the state of play of the cell-based meat industry and wonders when we will see their products outside of the lab. ... read more

Beyond Covid-19 – will consumer interest in immunity endure?

6 August 2020 | Andy Coyne

Covid-19 has pushed immunity claims up the NPD agenda. Andy Coyne asks whether the claims stack up and whether this is a trend here to stay once the dust settles on the virus. ... read more

How are packaged food manufacturers using AI in NPD?

7 July 2020 | Lucy Britner

How can artificial intelligence help packaged-food companies in the development of new products, a notoriously difficult area in which to succeed? Lucy Britner explores.  ... read more

How Covid-19 might shape food companies' innovation

28 May 2020 | Simon Creasey

Simon Creasey looks at how Covid-19 could change the way packaged-food majors approach new product development. ... read more

Kraft Heinz adapts to "unprecedented call to action" - first quarter key takeaways

1 May 2020 | Simon Harvey

Kraft Heinz is in the midst of a "paradigm shift" which has been interrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak, although the crisis has had a benefit on its first-quarter results. ... read more

What's giving the low-FODMAP market in the UK indigestion?

29 April 2020 | Dean Best

Given estimates of the prevalence of irritable bowel syndrome in the UK, a sizeable low-FODMAP market has been expected to take shape. But, so far, it hasn't. Why? And can it? ... read more

Can plant-based cheese melt consumer doubts?

26 February 2020 | Simon Creasey

Cheese remains an area where plant-based alternatives have not made the same inroads as alternatives to burgers or milk. We look at the prospects for the fledgling market. ... read more

Nestle punished by target pullback but positive undertones abound - key takeaways

14 February 2020 | Simon Harvey

Market reaction to Nestlé's annual results was less than positive after a key target was pushed back. Simon Harvey takes a look at the major talking points. ... read more

Nestle might find positives in failure of Milkybar Wowsomes

12 February 2020 | Dean Best

Nestle may have pulled low-sugar chocolate product Milkybar Wowsomes from the market but the company might be able to still take some positives from the episode. ... read more

How faux fish is taking shot across bows of UK seafood market

29 January 2020 | David Burrows

First there was 'clean' meat. The alternative protein seen as the next big thing is faux fish. David Burrows surveys the rising market in the UK. ... read more