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The food industry in 2016 - beyond the BRICs

3 January 2016 | Hannah Abdulla

With significant question marks over the growth prospects of three of the BRICs, packaged food strategists are weighing up which other emerging markets could offer opportunities. Hannah Abdulla picks out three markets to watch in 2016.... read more

The food industry in 2016 - what is the outlook for the BRICs? - part two

3 January 2016 | Hannah Abdulla

In the second of a two-part feature, Hannah Abdulla looks at two more members of the BRIC quartet and explores what India and China hold in store for the packaged food industry over 2016. ... read more

The food industry in 2016 - what is the outlook for the BRICs? - part one

3 January 2016 | Hannah Abdulla

There has been an almost unexpected level of volatility in emerging economies in 2015, with three of the BRIC markets Brazil, Russia and China, notably under the spotlight. Hannah Abdulla explores what the BRIC markets hold in store for packaged food firms in 2016. The first of a two-part feature looks at Brazil and Russia.... read more

The food industry in 2016 - the top foodservice trends in the UK and the US

3 January 2016 | David Henkes, Technomic

At the end of each year, Technomic takes stock of the trends in foodservice and makes forecasts on what to watch for in the upcoming year. Foodservice is a dynamic business and manufacturers looking at the sector must be aware of, and stay ahead of, big trends to be able to fully capture the growth opportunities available. David Henkes, advisory group senior principal at Technomic, sets out the hot areas in the UK and US foodservice markets.... read more

The food industry in 2016 - The year's hot sustainability issues

3 January 2016 | Ben Cooper

just-food's 2016 confidence survey includes respondents from varied functions within food companies and professionals in fields related to the industry, aiming to identify the most important factors weighing on the industry and business confidence. Sustainability featured in the survey and Ben Cooper analyses the response - and reflects on the issues in the field industry professionals should consider next year.... read more

Briefing: Shifting attitudes to health underpin US foodservice trends

6 March 2015 | Katy Askew

Profound adjustments in how consumers view health have been at the heart of a significant shift in consumption patterns in the US. Packaged and highly processed foods have fallen out of vogue. The country's largest food manufacturers have been left scrambling to catch up on trends like natural, gluten-free and protein-dense. Clean labelling has become a watchword and consumers are seeking out options free from artificial additives and GMOs. In the next instalment of the just-food briefing, we examine how this is playing out in the foodservice arena. ... read more

Briefing: How can brands capitalise in US foodservice?

4 March 2015 | Katy Askew

There are increasing signs foodservice is gaining share from the grocery retail channel in the US. However, branded manufacturers face the thorny question of how to use their brand strength in conjunction with foodservice operators, many of whom have their own, equally strong, brand pulling power. In this installment of the just-food management briefing we look at how brands can be leveraged in foodservice. ... read more

Briefing: Emerging market e-commerce: India's fledgling food e-retail scene

21 January 2015 | Hannah Abdulla

Complex infrastructure and limited access to the internet are just two of the challenges in growing the online grocery channel in India. But manufacturers in every sector and online retailers are eyeing the opportunity as the country's economy grows and incomes rise. Hannah Abdulla looks at how the FMCG industry can win online. ... read more

Briefing: 2015 preview: How consumer trends will shape food industry NPD

2 January 2015 | Katy Askew

In today's digital world of instant gratification, the product development life cycle is shortening. As a result, food manufacturers are looking closely at how they deliver new products to the marketplace. In the latest installment of our management briefing, just-food takes you through some consumer trends that will be key to your growth in 2015.... read more

Briefing: 2015 preview: Online migration may prove troublesome for food firms

2 January 2015 | Hannah Abdulla

The internet and the rapid development of multichannel has had a monumental impact on the FMCG sector, necessitating a seismic shift in the way food makers do business. With multichannel playing to consumer demand for convenience, this trend seems set to accelerate in 2015. The food industry could have a challenging year ahead as it struggles to keep pace with the rate of change. Hannah Abdulla explores.... read more

Briefing: How "clean labels" limit reformulation efforts

3 December 2014 | Ben Cooper

In the second part of a five-part management briefing looking at reformulation, Ben Cooper considers the impact of the clean label trend and its potential to hold back the food sector's reformulation efforts.... read more

Briefing: Why food companies are critical in UK salt success

2 December 2014 | Ben Cooper

In just-food's latest management briefing, Ben Cooper explores reformulation in the context of the febrile debate over diet and health, suggesting it is both the industry's most compelling response to diet-related health problems and the most practical contribution to tackling them.... read more

The prospects for protein: Drinks at centre of NPD push in dairy

5 November 2014 | Dean Best

The dairy category has been one of the hotspots for protein-focused NPD in recent quarters, as manufacturers look to tap into rising demand for foods packed with the nutrient. Dean Best looks at the products launched and what else could be on the horizon.... read more

The prospects for protein: Why snacks is set for continued growth

31 October 2014 | Hannah Abdulla

From bars to jerkys, the snack industry has visibly been hit by the protein bug. As more consumers seek quick and easy ways of adding protein to their diets, the number of protein-boasting snack launches has rocketed. Hannah Abdulla investigates.... read more

Japan and growth: Interview: Food multinationals on trading in Japan

13 August 2014 | Hannah Abdulla

The Japanese food and drink industry is worth US$821.3bn but the country's population is ageing and growth sluggish. Distinctive tastes also mean Japan can be a challenging market and requires careful and innovative thought. Hannah Abdulla speaks to the teams behind three of the global heavyweights in the packaged food industry: Nestle, General Mills and Kellogg to learn how they managed to succeed in the market.... read more

FMCG in the Middle East: Shifting patterns of demand and consumption

2 May 2014 | Katy Askew

When we refer to the Middle East, we are talking about an area that encompasses a majority of western Asia and Egypt. The region is diverse in landscape, religion, politics and ethnicity. With a growing population, evolving demographic and social structures and reliance on food imports the potential for international food manufacturers is clear.... read more

Confectionery: Chocolate and the scrutiny on sugar

10 March 2014 | Jonathan Thomas

Sugar is under the spotlight, with academics and NGOs emphasising what they see as its central role in growing obesity. Such views are gaining more mainstream media attention, which has profound implications for the food industry and, in particular, for the chocolate sector. However, what are the prospects for low-sugar chocolate? Jonathan Thomas investigates.... read more

just-food's outlook for 2014: health still key to NPD but is fast evolving

31 January 2014 | Dean Best

With economic conditions improving, the budgetary shackles on NPD teams may be loosened, with more new products hitting the market. However, health will still dominate the minds of product developers and their marketing colleagues. That said, different themes are emerging, as industry watchers told just-food.... read more

just-food's review of 2013: Food firms eke out growth in down environment

6 January 2014 | Katy Askew

Continued evidence of the global slowdown has meant that food companies faced a year of weak consumer sentiment in 2013. This impacted demand across global markets. The food industry responded by increasingly looking to pockets of growth to maintain sales momentum. Katy Askew takes a look at which categories presented the greatest opportunities to expand the top line in mature markets.... read more

FMCG in Russia: Price and premium touted as ways to grow in Russia

1 October 2013 | Dean Best

Russia's robust growth during much of the Noughties attracted FMCG companies big and small looking to for avenues of growth. The recent economic slowdown in the country has made trading conditions tougher. Firms need to adapt to a more price-sensitive consumer but Russia's middle class do present opportunities at the more premium end of the market. Dean Best reports.... read more

Navigating Brazil's slowdown: FMCG giants adapt to cooling economy

30 August 2013 | Dean Best

After a decade of solid growth, Brazil's economy has slowed sharply. The fall in the value of the real has also contributed to stubborn inflation, hitting consumer confidence. Many FMCG firms continue to enjoy sales growth but margins have come under pressure and they have had to adapt to the tougher economic climate.... read more

Navigating Brazil's slowdown: Growth prospects for Brazil remain strong

30 August 2013 | Dean Best

Earlier this week, Brazil's finance minister, Guido Mantega, admitted the country's economy was going through a "mini crisis" but said it remained "strong". GDP growth has slowed and inflation is a problem but, for all the immediate challenges, the FMCG sector and industry watchers are largely bullish about the country's prospects.... read more

Navigating Brazil's slowdown: Quote, unquote: FMCG giants upbeat about long-term prospects

30 August 2013 | Dean Best

Brazil has become an exciting investment prospect for both domestic and foreign FMCG firms looking to offset weakness in other markets. Here we offer quotes from a number of firms commenting on Brazil in their recent second-quarter results.... read more

Breakfast cereal: Hard work ahead to revitalise sales in US

4 June 2013 | Dean Best

Breakfast cereal is still big business in the US but sales are flat and volumes down. However, there are some growing segments amid increased interest in healthier or natural options. Industry watchers argue that, until now, some of the larger players have not responded quickly enough to these trends and time is ticking, meaning the likes of Kellogg and General Mills should look at M&A for growth.... read more

Gluten free: The marketing and regulatory environment

30 April 2013 | Jonathan Thomas

As the market for gluten-free foods expands in the future, it is highly likely the way companies target and market their products may undergo some form of change.... read more

Gluten free: Germany, Canada, Australia among other growth markets

30 April 2013 | Jonathan Thomas

Aside from the US and UK, where the gluten-free category is witnessing strong growth, there are a number of other gluten free markets look likely to develop elsewhere over the coming years.... read more

Gluten free: The US market

30 April 2013 | Jonathan Thomas

In addition to being one of the world's largest markets for gluten-free foods, the US continues to represent one of its fastest growing.... read more

Gluten free: The UK market

30 April 2013 | Jonathan Thomas

The UK continues to witness a rapid increase in demand for gluten-free foods. The sector represents the largest within the UK market for free-from foods, targeted at people with food allergies or intolerances, and it is a category seeing dramatic growth.... read more

just-food's outlook for 2013: Mega deals unlikely as consolidation continues

31 January 2013 | Chris Mercer

There may be caution over the prospect for blockbuster deals in a dilapidated economic environment, but the food sector mergers and acquisitions table still has plenty to whet the appetite.... read more

Packaging - the trends behind innovation

30 November 2012 | Michelle Russell

As competition in the grocery sector continues at apace, it has become more important than ever for manufacturers and retailers to ensure their packaging stands out on shelf and addresses a range of key issues. This can range from the design and functionality of packaging to the cost and on-shelf impact. Here, packaging firms tell just-food what is driving innovation in the sector, the challenges and the trends that are emerging.... read more

Social media: food industry continues to network

31 July 2012 | Jonathan Thomas

Despite concerns over returns or on the ability of social media to reach a mass audience like other forms of communications, the food industry is increasing its use of sites like Facebook and Twitter to market their brands or connect with consumers.... read more

Social media: from NPD to CSR, brand-owners look to harness networks

31 July 2012 | Jonathan Thomas

At the brand level, many leading social media campaigns fall into one of the following two categories: to support a new product launch and to assist with marketing and promotional activity.... read more

Fat reformulation - putting the issue in context

31 May 2012 | Ben Cooper

Under pressure from regulators, campaigners and consumers, food companies are reformulating products to reduce what are sometimes termed "nutrients of concern", including fat. In part one of this month's management briefing, Ben Cooper writes that the issue of fat reduction proves food reformulation is as much about value judgments and perceptions as it is about scientific discovery and technological progress.... read more

Fat reformulation - switching from bad fats to good fats

31 May 2012 | Ben Cooper

Prompted by public health campaigns and changes to product recipes, consumers have become more aware of the difference between bad and good fats, with the latter linked to improved blood cholesterol and reducing diabetes. Some in the industry, however, believe consumers can be confused by the wave of information from different stakeholders.... read more

Fat reformulation - industry engagement

31 May 2012 | Ben Cooper

Calls for levies on fat have intensified in recent years but regulation on the level of the nutrient in food is rare. Education and reformulation, often sparked by campaigners, have been the two ways in which industry and governments have looked to change the fat content in products.... read more