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Latest Insights

How M&A in packaged food looked in H1 2019

Using data from and parent organisation GlobalData, we present a flavour of M&A activity in the international packaged foo...

Why baby boomers shouldn't be overlooked

Younger cohorts like millennials and Gen Z are often the focus of product development and marketing strategies in the US but, Victor Martino...

Selling to China's young, single "post-90" cohort

In his latest Eye on China column, Peter Peverelli surveys what the country's "post-90" consumer wants from packaged food....

New UK Prime Minister, same old Brexit uncertainty

The new UK Prime Minister and government appear ready to accept a no-deal Brexit - but would the wider UK parliament?...

Latest Interviews

"Intense competition drives us to be ahead of the curve" - Rich Products Europe MD David Hunt on frozen food giant's desire to innovate 5 Jul 2019

Andy Coyne

We talk to David Hunt, MD of US baked goods giant Rich Products' operations in Europe and the Middle East, to hear about strategic plans linked to investment and innovation.

"I want to try to be optimistic. We've been let down before" - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil chief executive Darrel Webber exhorts food companies to buy sustainably 27 Mar 2019

Ben Cooper

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil speaks with Ben Cooper about its new standards and how food companies can promote the idea palm oil can be a sustainable commodity.

Latest News

Premium Brands lines up more M&A with Europe distinct possibility 14 Aug 19

Simon Harvey

Premium Brands Holdings has given its firmest indication yet the Canada-based food business plans to do M&A outside North America.

UK food firms feature in Industry 4.0 technology pilot 14 Aug 19

Simon Harvey

Five food firms are among the UK businesses to sign up to the Made Smarter initiative, which aids companies to invest in digital technologies.

China plans to reduce salt, sugar intake 9 Aug 19

Jens Kastner

The Chinese government has been releasing plans to reduce China food consumers' intake of salt, sugar and edible oil.

Hostess Brands expects $10m hit on third-quarter revenues from upgrade work 9 Aug 19

Simon Harvey

Hostess Brands expects to take a hit on its third-quarter revenues from plant upgrades and maintenance work.

UN report urges action on food waste and meat consumption 8 Aug 19

Dean Best

Reducing food waste and consuming less meat will ease pressure on land and help tackle the threat of climate change, a United Nations report has claimed.

UK food outlines Brexit stockpiling cost impact 7 Aug 19

Andy Coyne

A members' business confidence survey carried out by UK industry body The Food and Drink Federation has revealed the impact on costs of stockpiling goods.

Latest blogs

The heat is on at Hobnobs HQ 13 May 19

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne visits snacks giant Pladis and hears about issues relating to football and sunny weather and learns of an admirable new initiative aimed at promoting positive mental health.

What's driving pre-Brexit stockpiling? 13 Mar 19

Dean Best

A significant chunk of UK consumers are either starting - or planning - to stockpile ahead of the country's departure from the EU.

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