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Latest Insights

Assessing AI advances among UK grocers

Dan Robinson finds out how major UK retailers are using the latest AI technology and the impact that could have on the supply chain....

What faces Tesco's new CEO - and suppliers?

Dave Lewis, the man at the top of the UK's largest supermarket chain Tesco, picked an opportune moment to step down as CEO. Simon Harvey loo...

Is 3D printing the future for meat alternatives?

Andy Coyne looks at 3D printing technology and considers its ramifications for the meat - and meat-alternative - industries....

Why baby boomers shouldn't be overlooked

Younger cohorts like millennials and Gen Z are often the focus of product development and marketing strategies in the US but, Victor Martino...

Latest Interviews

"I want to try to be optimistic. We've been let down before" - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil chief executive Darrel Webber exhorts food companies to buy sustainably 27 Mar 2019

Ben Cooper

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil speaks with Ben Cooper about its new standards and how food companies can promote the idea palm oil can be a sustainable commodity.

"The timing for edible insects could not be better" - Eat Grub co-founder Shami Radia, the bitesize interview 15 Jan 2019

Simon Harvey

Eat Grub co-founder Shami Radia outlines why the UK firm believes the prospects for edible insects are strong and the business' plans for growth.

Latest News

Chile's Hortifrut plans frozen export venture with peer Alifrut 18 Oct 19

Simon Harvey

Hortifrut, the Chile-based berry producer, and local peer Alifrut, plan to combine their frozen export businesses into a new entity.

CSM Bakery Solutions' unit Brill suspends production at frozen food plant 17 Oct 19

Simon Harvey

US-based CSM Bakery Solutions is suspending production at a frozen bakery plant in Georgia owned by its subsidiary. 

EU agri-food chain welcomes new Brexit agreement 17 Oct 19

Dean Best

EU farming and food-manufacturing representatives have given their support to the new Brexit agreement struck between the bloc's representatives and the UK.

UK food industry body hopes PM Johnson's Brexit agreement "definitively" rules out no-deal exit 17 Oct 19

Simon Harvey

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tweeted that a Brexit deal has been reached between UK and European Union negotiators.

Aussie agri-food group Webster attracts takeover bid 16 Oct 19

Dean Best

Webster, the Australia-based agri-food supplier, has received a takeover offer from an overseas pension fund.

US regulator to allow GM cotton to be used as food source  14 Oct 19

Andy Coyne

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its verdict on whether genetically-modified cotton can be used as food for human consumption.

Latest blogs

Bar brawl - US snack firms Clif and Kind joust over ingredients 11 Mar 19

Dean Best

Clif Bar & Co. and US snack peer Kind have become involved in a public spat over the ingredients the companies use in their snack bars.

Seeing the palm oil for the trees 10 Jan 19

Dean Best

Ocado has set up an ‘aisle’ on its website displaying products that do not contain palm oil, in response, the UK online grocer says, to growing interest from consumers in the ingredient.

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