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Latest Insights

How might Brazil's president affect food sector?

Latin America correspondent Ivan Castano looks at how the administration of Brazil's new far-right President Jair Bolsonaro could impac...

How might no-deal Brexit affect UK, EU food?

As food-industry concerns mount, Rose Pengally surveys what could be the impact of a no-deal Brexit on the sector on both sides of the Chann...

Plastic pledges: positive or time to panic?

The way plastic is used to package food and drinks has shot up the consumer agenda in recent months and, in response, there has been a flurr...

Focus: Troubling times for UK meat sector

The recent spate of food safety infractions in UK meat and poultry production was followed by the publication late on Friday of further worr...

Latest Interviews

"We haven't had a customer ask for antibiotic-free" - The just-food interview with Sanderson Farms CFO Mike Cockrell, part one 22 Feb 2017

Dean Best

Fears over resistance in humans, as well as demand for "cleaner" or "simpler" food, has driven meat firms to reappraise how they use antibiotics. One refusing to go down the antibiotic-free path is Sanderson Farms.

Luis Cantarell on Nestle's drive into food for health - the just-food interview part 2 29 Jun 2016

Liz Newmark

Specialist health and nutritional foods are set to become more important in the food market, according to Nestle executive vice president and head of the Europe, Middle East and North Africa zone, Luis Cantarell. In particular, Cantarell says developing food to meet the nutritional requirements of the ageing population is a key priority for the world's largest food group. 

Latest News

US Food and Drug Administration gives green-light to GM salmon 12 Mar 19

Andy Coyne

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made a decision on whether genetically-modified (GM) salmon can be sold in the country.

US outlines "specific negotiating objectives" for post-Brexit trade deal with UK 11 Mar 19

Andy Coyne

The US government has outlined what it would expect to achieve from a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK.

US agencies join forces to regulate lab-grown meat 8 Mar 19

Andy Coyne

Meat grown in US laboratories from cells will in future be regulated by two of the country's government departments.

UK companies "lack understanding of cyber security threats" - government report 6 Mar 19

Lucy Ingham

A UK report highlighting a significant lack of understanding among directors of how cyber attacks can affect businesses has been dubbed "alarming" by a cyber security professional.

USDA acts following increase in recalls of meat products containing foreign objects 6 Mar 19

Andy Coyne

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is to take action after a seeing an increase in recalls of meat and poultry products containing metal, plastic and other foreign materials.

Blockchain key to security of smart manufacturing, report says 13 Feb 19

Lucy Ingham

Blockchain technology is vital to the security of smart manufacturing, a report from a US government agency has claimed.

Latest blogs

Will Fox be on the run over post-Brexit food standards? 18 Oct 18

Andy Coyne

UK international trade secretary Dr. Liam Fox was talking tough this week, insisting there will be no lowering of the country's food standards when negotiating free trade agreements post-Brexit. But is that a promise he will be able to keep?

just-food closed on Monday 27 August 26 Aug 18

Dean Best

As I type, grey skies cover south-east London, with drizzle hitting the windows - but the forecast is set fairer for tomorrow when the country has its final public holiday before Christmas Day.

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