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Guide: Meat companies with stakes in meat-free

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manu...

Nestle stays optimistic – H1 takeaways

Nestlé disappointed markets with a downgrade to its outlook as foodservice took a bite out of sales. But the world's largest food mak...

Why UK obesity reset is watershed moment

Covid-19 – and Boris Johnson's severe illness from the virus – has prompted significant changes to UK obesity policy....

At-home food’s role in Unilever’s Q2 surprise

Unilever's Q2 did not prove as weak as the City feared, with at-home food contributing to better-than-expected sales – though the outl...

Latest Interviews

"I'm afraid 2020 and 2021 will be not normal" – Oppenheimer's Jeroen van den Heuvel on deal-making in packaged food 1 Jul 2020

Dean Best

Oppenheimer's Jeroen van den Heuvel has worked on food M&A for 20 years. He explains how Covid-19 has affected activity in Europe and argues the next 18 months will remain unusual.

"This industry is so nascent" – Dao Foods investor Tao Zhang on taking plant-based meat mainstream in China 10 Jun 2020

Dean Best

Can a real, mainstream market for plant-based meat develop in China? Dao Foods investor Tao Zhang thinks so – but he knows there's a long way to go.

Latest News

Covid-19 food industry updates – Wednesday 5 August (free to read) 5 Aug 20

just-food is providing daily updates on how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the world's packaged food sector.

Tyson Foods prepared for "prolonged pandemic-related uncertainty" 4 Aug 20

Simon Harvey

Tyson Foods is preparing for a drawn out pandemic and is adjusting its operations accordingly as the virus hits foodservice volumes.

Danish meat firm Hanegal buys plant-based ready-meals business Fairdig 4 Aug 20

Simon Harvey

Hanegal, a food business in Denmark, has acquired a company that makes plant-based and organic ready-meals.

UK government backs "high-tech" food hub 4 Aug 20

Simon Harvey

The UK government is backing a "high-tech" manufacturing hub in the city of Derby, a project that is expected to create thousands of jobs.

Tyson Foods names Dean Banks as successor to CEO Noel White 3 Aug 20

Simon Harvey

Tyson Foods has named a successor to CEO Noel White, who will remain with the US meat giant in a new capacity.

LiveKindly forms plant-based ready-meals partnership with Ospelt 31 Jul 20

Simon Harvey

The LiveKindly Collective, an investor-backed group of plant-based start-ups, has teamed up with a private-label manufacturer in Europe for ready-meals.

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