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Latest Insights

Big Food's VC-style funds: the investments so far

Kraft Heinz is the latest food major to have used its in-house venture-capital unit to invest in an up-and-coming firm in a niche area....

Argentina's economic plan and the impact on food

just-food's Latin America correspondent Paula Krizanovic analyses how Argentina's recent packaged of emergency economic measures could impac...

Brexit - should UK change approach to novel foods?

Ben Cooper reports from an industry event in London to weigh up whether the UK should change its stance on novel foods once the country leav...

US food companies need to do more on obesity

US columnist Victor Martino kicks off 2020 digging into new forecasts on the rate of obesity in the country. And he has a message for indust...

Latest Interviews

"It’s too bad we have to go through pain to see the truth" – TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky on why we need to cut waste 13 Feb 2020

Thomas Parker

TerraCycle has grown to become one of the most well-known names in recycling. We speak to CEO Tom Szaky on how he's reshaping the way consumers use and dispose of packaging.

Latest News

UK confirms barriers to be introduced on EU goods, including food 11 Feb 20

Andy Coyne

The UK government has revealed trade barrier plans for goods coming into the country from the European Union.

Mexico food industry mulls legal fight over new nutrition labels 10 Feb 20

Paula Krizanovic

Mexico's food-industry representatives are weighing up a judicial appeal against new nutrition labelling rules to be introduced in the country.

Plant-based snacks feature in PepsiCo's North America Greenhouse incubator 7 Feb 20

Simon Harvey

Food and beverage giant PepsiCo has announced the ten entrants to the second edition of its North America Greenhouse programme.

Coronavirus impact on China consumption to last months - forecast 5 Feb 20

Andy Morton

The coronavirus outbreak in China will hit sales and profits in food-related industries such as retail and entertainment for "several months", a report from Moody's has warned.

Nestle, Danone sign food-waste pledge in France 4 Feb 20

Dean Best

Nestle and Danone are among more than 30 signatories to a bid in a major European market to cut food waste through a focus on date labelling.

South Korea releases new nutritional labelling guidelines 3 Feb 20

Jens Kastner

South Korea has released new guidelines designed to enable food companies selling into the country to more easily comply with national nutrition labelling regulations.

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