Blog: Dean BestDo you prefer Creme Eggs runny or like a blob?

Dean Best | 15 February 2010

The ability of Facebook to bring people together behind VERY important issues has reared its unpredictable head again. And, this time, Cadbury is under the microscope.

Unhappy Cadbury Creme Egg lovers down in New Zealand have hit out at the UK confectioner for no longer producing the eggs in the country and importing the products from the UK.

A Facebook group dubbed "Cadbury Creme Eggs Are Rotten!" has been set up in response to the change, with devotees saying the eggs imported from the UK taste different.

"They are sooooo yuck!!! wish they would bring back the old recipe!" says one fan - while others urge chocolate lovers to turn to local firm Whittaker's this Easter.

Cadbury said the decision to import the eggs came after the company changed its production network in Australia and New Zealand.

The company told us it has spent NZ$69m upgrading its site in Dunedin to make boxed chocolates - meaning the eggs could no longer be produced at a site where they had been made since 1983.

"We had two choices, import them from the UK or not sell them in New Zealand at all," a Cadbury spokesman said. "The taste difference people are noticing is because the chocolate is made from the UK Cadbury Dairy Milk recipe; the shell is slightly thinner and the filling is thicker.

"The filling is not as runny as the previous version because of the difference between how the NZ and UK eggs are made. The NZ version had the filling injected into the chocolate shell so it needed to be runnier whereas the UK version is deposited as a blob into the chocolate shell."

The spokesman added: "We know Kiwis love Crème Eggs so we tested the UK version with some consumers prior to them going on sale last month and many Kiwis said that whilst they were different most would still enjoy eating them. We understand there are some Kiwis who don’t like the new Creme Eggs and for that we are sorry and we hope people try them and make up their own minds."

As you can see, a VERY important issue for the militant minds at Facebook.

However, in all seriousness, Creme Egg-gate is not the first time Cadbury has fallen foul of the social media community.

Last summer, Cadbury was forced to look again at changes it made to its Dairy Milk chocolate recipe in New Zealand, after an outcry from consumers, led by Facebook.

"I just can't believe they didn't learn from the whole palm oil thing!" one member of the "rotten" Creme Egg Facebook group said today (15 February).


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