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Latest Insights

NFTs can help FMCG marketeers

Some see non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, as a fad but our US columnist Victor Martino believes FMCG groups can use the technology for their ow...

Plant-based fightback shines spotlight on dairy

The fierce debate over how to label plant-based dairy products in the EU has returned to the fore, with dairy-alternative players not mincin...

Be proactive as Biden eyes climate, health agenda

As President Trump accepts a transition should begin for President-elect Biden to take office, we look at what the new administration c...

EU vote highlights dairy industry insecurity

The European Parliament's curbs on plant-based naming conventions says a lot about the dairy industry's political influence but the tide can...

Latest Interviews

"We're not trying to take money from farmers" – Nestle defends KitKat Fairtrade decision 14 Aug 2020

Ben Cooper

Following the adverse reaction to its decision to cease Fairtrade certification for the KitKat brand, Nestlé speaks to just-food and seeks to defend the controversial move.

"I want us to be the Red Bull of sports nutrition" - Grenade founder Alan Barratt on UK firm's rise and ambitions for further growth 31 Jul 2019

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne speaks to Alan Barratt, CEO of UK sports nutrition business Grenade, about how branding and distribution have aided its move into the mainstream.

Latest News

Germany tightens up rules around advertising 'junk food' to children 12 Apr 21

Andy Coyne

Germany's government has instigated further changes to rules surrounding the advertising of unhealthy food products to children.

Tofurky owner loses plant-based meat labelling appeal 30 Mar 21

Andy Coyne

US-based Turtle Island Foods – which trades as Tofurky – has heard the result of its appeal seeking to block a law making it illegal to represent plant-based products as meat. 

UK 'to drop plans for online junk-food ad ban' 29 Mar 21

Dean Best

A report suggests the UK government could be set to make a fresh announcement on its proposals to ban online adverts promoting food high in fat, sugar and salt.

Australia's Inghams Group appoints Andrew Reeves as CEO 29 Mar 21

Andy Coyne

Australian poultry firm Inghams Group has appointed an experienced food industry executive as CEO to replace Jim Leighton.

French court throws out milk origin labelling 16 Mar 21

Andy Coyne

A court in France has ruled on whether it should be mandatory to indicate the origin of milk on product labels.

Premier Is drops 'Eskimo' brand name 5 Mar 21

Dean Best

The Danish ice-cream supplier said last summer it could not "identify any derogatory meaning" from using the word 'eskimo' but would review the situation.

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