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Hatching new ideas - incubators and accelerators

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the con...

Guide: Meat companies with stakes in meat-free

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manu...

Can vertical farming ever become mainstream?

Simon Harvey investigates whether vertical farming – growing fresh produce in a controlled environment – can become well-es...

Why big questions remain over Nestle plastics push

David Burrows offers qualified praise for Nestle on recycled plastics and argues major questions persist about whether the company - and ind...

Latest Interviews

"It’s too bad we have to go through pain to see the truth" – TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky on why we need to cut waste 13 Feb 2020

Thomas Parker

TerraCycle has grown to become one of the most well-known names in recycling. We speak to CEO Tom Szaky on how he's reshaping the way consumers use and dispose of packaging.

Climate change, aquaculture and healthy diets - Thai Union's Dr Darian McBain on seafood giant's sustainability targets 6 Dec 2019

Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper speaks to Dr Darian McBain, global director of corporate affairs and sustainability at Thai Union, about attempts to put sustainability at the heart of the business.

Latest News

Packaging central to Danone's EUR2bn "climate-impact" spend 27 Feb 20

Dean Best

The Activia yogurt and Evian bottled water owner has unveiled a EUR2bn (US$2.19bn) war-chest for spending on sustainability initiatives, with packaging at its heart.

Ethical chocolate firm Tony's Chocolonely attracts investment 27 Feb 20

Simon Harvey

Tony's Chocolonely, a Dutch fair trade confectionery firm, has secured investment from two venture capital funds.

Mondelez sets new emissions target 27 Feb 20

Simon Harvey

Mondelez International, the US-based snacking business, has expanded its target to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

PepsiCo issues new guidelines on palm oil 26 Feb 20

Dean Best

Lay's and Quaker brands giant PepsiCo, which has often attracted criticism from campaigners over its palm oil supply chain, has introduced stricter rules for suppliers.

Unilever sees competitive edge from move on kids marketing 13 Feb 20

Dean Best

Unilever has made changes to the way it markets food and beverage products to children, initiatives led by the Wall's owner's ice-cream business.

Saputo commits to wide-ranging environmental goals 11 Feb 20

Andy Coyne

Canadian dairy giant Saputo has unveiled environmental targets linked to climate, water and waste that it wants to achieve by 2025.

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