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Andrew Hillman is a data journalist at GlobalData Media, specialising in healthcare and pharmaceutical coverage. He is a graduate of Birmingham City University's data journalism program and previously worked as an analyst and modeller in the emergency healthcare sector.

Filings buzz: industrial automation and food manufacturing

GlobalData has looked at the references to automation in food manufacturers’ public filings.

Filings buzz – what’s the level of interest in the “future of work”?

Covid prompted stay-at-home orders from governments, leading to white-collar work at home, a change many firms have maintained to some degree.

Food manufacturers’ interest in cloud computing on rise – data

GlobalData analyses the public filings of food manufacturers to uncover interest in tech.

Food industry interest in digitalisation – which companies are active?

The digital transformation of the food industry is a hot topic among manufacturers and GlobalData has analysed interest in the area.

Analysing food groups’ filings – how much attention is on Internet of Things?

While the Internet of Things appeared less year-on-year in Q2, appetite among food manufacturers is high versus five years ago.

The food industry’s focus on big data – who’s leading the way?

GlobalData has studied which food companies are referring to big data – and how often – in their public filings.