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How Covid has shaped Brazil frozen-food market

Brazilian consumers have shown greater interest in frozen food over the last year and demand for healthier options has grown....

Covid-19 has closed digital age gap

A new study suggests Covid-19 has led to changes in the way older citizens are using technology. Brand owners must think again about how the...

Hatching new ideas – incubators, accelerators

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the con...

Does the plant-based pet-food niche have legs?

Andy Coyne looks at the emergence of plant-based pet-food options and assesses whether the niche can build into a meaningful market....

How might lessons learnt from Covid influence food company strategy? 6 Apr 2021

Simon Harvey

Simon Harvey assesses what food manufacturers can take forward from their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

Leerdammer deal shows M&A strategies can be as different as chalk and cheese 31 Mar 2021

Dean Best

One of western Europe's most prominent brands of cheese, Leerdammer, is set to change hands. Dean Best looks at the possible rationales buyer and seller may have for the deal.

Big Food's stake in the future – in-house venture-capital funds 29 Mar 2021

Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the in-house venture-capital funds operated by the world's major packaged-food companies.

How might UK food-to-go operators adjust post-pandemic? 24 Mar 2021

Simon Harvey

We review the outlook for the UK food-to-go market, with pain still to endure until the Government's gradual easing of restrictions becomes a full-blown reality in June. 

Has Mondelez boosted health of snacks portfolio with Grenade? 23 Mar 2021

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne asks what Mondelez International's purchase of UK sports-nutrition business Grenade tells us about its strategic thinking and consumer trends.

How data shows companies believe cutting CO2 emissions is good for business 19 Mar 2021

Nick Ferris

Companies are increasingly convinced reducing carbon emissions can have a positive impact on market demand, reputation and even supply chains.

Where now for Danone after Faber's departure? 16 Mar 2021

Andy Coyne

In the wake of Emmanuel Faber's departure from Danone, Andy Coyne weighs up what might be the priorities for those set to take the helm of the French food and beverage giant.

How Covid-19 is driving automation in India's food production 16 Mar 2021

Raghavendra Verma

The pandemic has heightened the interest of India's food manufacturers in automating more of their production and, just-food reports, investment in the area is set to continue.

What will attract consumers to 'hybrid' meat products? 8 Mar 2021

David Burrows

As more consumers become interested in the sustainability of what they eat, what role can 'hybrid' products made from meat and veg play? Early launches haven't always succeeded.

Can cell-based meat not cost the earth? 5 Mar 2021

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne looks at recent developments surrounding cell-based meat, where attempts to cut production costs will be critical in any efforts to launch commercially-viable products.

Eyeing alternatives – meat companies with stakes in meat-free and cell-based meat 5 Mar 2021

Andy Coyne

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manufacturers are investing in the area.

Plant-based meat's health challenges 4 Mar 2021

Simon Harvey

Meat-alternative companies are facing scrutiny over the health credentials of their products. Simon Harvey looks at the questions being asked and how manufacturers are reacting.

Uncertainty persists as Danone's changes see Faber remain 3 Mar 2021

Simon Harvey

Danone has bowed to investor pressure on its CEO Emmanuel Faber but markets have reacted unfavourably to his appointment as non-executive chair. Simon Harvey reports.

The fermentation flurry in plant-based meat 2 Mar 2021

Simon Creasey

With plants and cells grabbing headlines as the market for alt-meat takes hold, could a new generation of products made using cutting-edge fermentation processes start to simmer?

Why sugar is no longer the sweet spot – UK snack bars deep dive, part two 2 Mar 2021

Andy Coyne

In the second part of his deep dive into the UK snack-bar market, Andy Coyne solicits expert opinion about where the category is headed and what is driving it forward.

Coming to the crunch – UK snack bars deep dive, part one 1 Mar 2021

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne takes a close look at the UK snack bar category and at how it has adapted to the unique trading conditions created by Covid lockdown restrictions. 

The alternative-seafood minnows eyeing the big catch of Asia 26 Feb 2021

Dean Best

A huge market for seafood, Asia could be a lucrative opportunity for companies offering plant-based alternatives – but challenges face the companies looking to reel in consumers.

Can plant-based cheese come of age? 25 Feb 2021

Dean Best

Concerns over quality and taste have held back the market for plant-based cheese. How are suppliers trying to improve their products while competing in a wider price-driven market?

What will Covid-19 mean for the ready meal? 24 Feb 2021

Lucy Britner

With more people cooking at home and spending time making recipes, Lucy Britner asks what this means for ready-meal and convenience food makers.

Will Danone's growth predictions placate grumbling investors? 22 Feb 2021

Andy Coyne

French dairy giant Danone has released its 2020 results and made performance predictions for 2021. Andy Coyne looks at whether either will placate critical investors.

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