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Hatching new ideas – incubators, accelerators

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the con...

Nestle proving resilient to Covid challenge

Nestlé surprised markets this week with a strong set of financial results, despite the difficulties faced from Covid-19. Simon H...

What are prospects for cell-based dairy?

Andy Coyne examines the progress of the nascent cell-based dairy technology and seeks to determine whether there is a market for the product...

Why new deforestation coalition could be positive

With an emphasis on stakeholder engagement and information sharing, the new Forest Positive Coalition of Action could be an effective driver...

Danone looks for lift after recent woes 19 Oct 2020

Dean Best

According to CEO Emmanuel Faber, Danone needs to "reinvent itself again". Dean Best reports on the Alpro maker's quest to get back on track.

Plant-based priorities – dairy companies with a stake in dairy-free 13 Oct 2020

Andy Coyne

just-food rounds up what the world's leading dairy businesses, or food majors with a significant dairy offering, are providing in the dairy-free product area.

Why might have Ferrero reached into tin for Fox's Biscuits? 9 Oct 2020

Dean Best

In buying a clutch of Fox's Biscuits assets, Ferrero has bought a tired brand in a mature category. Might the Italian giant's move be for another reason?

"It's going to be a marathon and it’s going to be worth it" – weighing up the prospects for plant-based meat in India 6 Oct 2020

Dean Best

What is the opportunity in a country where meat consumption is relatively low and the quality of many of the meat-free products on sale has been deemed to be mediocre?

Eyeing alternatives – meat companies with stakes in meat-free and cell-based meat 2 Oct 2020

Andy Coyne

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manufacturers are investing in the area.

Big Food's stake in the future – in-house venture-capital funds 30 Sep 2020

Andy Coyne

Minerva is the latest food major to have used its in-house venture-capital unit to invest in an up-and-coming firm in a niche area. Here's our guide of notable VC arms.

How sustainable is non-plastic packaging? 24 Sep 2020

David Burrows

When it comes to packaging, the focus of policy-makers, businesses and campaign groups has been on disposable plastic. But are the 'plan B' packaging options any good?

"This plan puts the future in our hands" – key takeaways from Kraft Heinz's investor day 16 Sep 2020

Simon Harvey

Amid much anticipation, Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio has delivered his new strategy. Simon Harvey works through the key takeaways from the US giant's investor day.

Covid-19 – How food majors are adapting to homeworking 14 Sep 2020

Lucy Britner

Covid-19 has seen increased home-working, often with flexible hours. We explore the challenges and opportunities for packaged-food companies as new working habits look set to stay.

Nestle revitalises acquisition agenda as frozen food business appears safe for now – analysis 10 Sep 2020

Simon Harvey

Nestlé spoke at an investor event held by Barclays this week, with M&A, frozen foods and sustainability key topics. Simon Harvey looks at what the company had to say.

Why Orkla's latest deal might mark change in M&A strategy 8 Sep 2020

Simon Harvey

Orkla has entered an agreement to acquire spices maker Eastern Condiments in India. Simon Harvey looks at the rationale behind the deal, the Nordic group's latest in the country.

The questions you must ask when cutting SKUs 1 Sep 2020

Simon Creasey

Covid-19 has prompted manufacturers to step up reviews of SKU counts. What should manufacturers be considering as they try to tailor ranges to the volatile trading environment?

Covid-19, technology and the food supply chain – strained, but not broken 26 Aug 2020

Lucy Ingham

Lockdowns have put incredible pressure on the supply chain, which coped admirably with the system shock. But there are improvements to make if it is to maintain resilience.

The plant-based potential in beef-loving Brazil 19 Aug 2020

Mauro Fernandes

Plant-based alternatives to meat are even starting to carve out a foothold in Brazil and, while the market is a long way from mainstream, there's optimism for the future.

A question of scale – the growing pains of cell-based meat 17 Aug 2020

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne examines the state of play of the cell-based meat industry and wonders when we will see their products outside of the lab.

How can insect foods take flight? 12 Aug 2020

Lucy Britner

Grocers have stocked bars made from bugs and there's been some investment in the nascent sector but, up against other alternative proteins, what's the outlook for insect foods?

BellRing Brands playing long game after Q3 stumble – top takeaways 12 Aug 2020

Dean Best

BellRing Brands tripped up in its latest quarter, with a sales decline that surprised the market, but the US active nutrition business insists it has the stamina to succeed.

Beyond Covid-19 – will consumer interest in immunity endure? 6 Aug 2020

Andy Coyne

Covid-19 has pushed immunity claims up the NPD agenda. Andy Coyne asks whether the claims stack up and whether this is a trend here to stay once the dust settles on the virus.

Nestle stays optimistic despite trimming sales forecast – H1 takeaways 3 Aug 2020

Simon Harvey

Nestlé disappointed markets with a downgrade to its outlook as foodservice took a bite out of sales. But the world's largest food maker struck an optimistic tone.

More impairment charges but Kraft Heinz is seeing some progress – takeaways from H1 and outlook 3 Aug 2020

Dean Best

Kraft Heinz's latest batch of impairment charges spooked the market but, beyond the work on the balance sheet, the US giant's turnaround programme is progressing.

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