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Are we heading for a plastic-free world?

What should food companies do to align themselves with the growing concern over plastic? Will the industry ever do away with plastic complet...

Brexit - what would trading under WTO rules mean?

Andy Coyne looks at the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and at what food exporters and importers could expect from operating under Worl...

Guide: Meat companies with stakes in meat-free

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manu...

Big Food's VC-style funds: the investments so far

just-food presents a guide to some of the main in-house venture capital funds operated by major food businesses. ...

Why direct-to-consumer will become imperative for food companies 10 Jan 2019

Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino set outs why food companies should be looking to build a direct-to-consumer business.

Hatching new ideas - Big Food's incubator and accelerator programmes 9 Jan 2019

Andy Coyne

Our guide to some of the main incubators and accelerators operated by major food manufacturers as they look to tap into some of the consumer trends shaping demand.

Food M&A rises again in 2018, albeit at slower pace - data 9 Jan 2019

Dean Best

just-food's index of M&A in the packaged food sector highlights the volume of deals being announced, as company strategists look to gain an edge on their competition.

Global brands to see stiffer competition in China's chocolate market 8 Jan 2019

Peter Peverelli

The consumption of chocolate in China continues to rise, offering opportunities for international manufacturers - but also for ambitious domestic players, Peter Peverelli writes.

What could drive food M&A in 2019? 3 Jan 2019

Dean Best

2018 looks set to be a year in which M&A activity in the food industry intensified. What could shape the sector's deal-making in 2019? Dean Best reports.

From traceability to Trump - predicting the US food mega-trends of 2019 3 Jan 2019

Victor Martino

2018 was a year of dynamism and change in the US food industry and 2019 looks like being no different, writes Victor Martino.

What an e-commerce strategy in 2019 must include 3 Jan 2019

Andrew Pearl, Profitero

E-commerce analytics firm Profitero sets out what food manufacturers need to consider as they plot how to grow in the e-commerce arena next year.

What will top food sustainability agenda in 2019? 3 Jan 2019

Ben Cooper

As part of just-food's 2019 outlook series, Ben Cooper identifies the sustainability hotspots and trends for the food sector in the next year.

With Brexit looming, what trends will drive UK food in 2019? 2 Jan 2019

Andy Coyne

The food industry trends that experts believe we will see in the UK in 2019 reflect concerns across a number of issues, writes Andy Coyne.

The eight global foodservice trends to capture in 2019 2 Jan 2019

David Henkes, Technomic

David Henkes, advisory group senior principal at global foodservice consultants Technomic, sets out the consumer trends he believes will drive growth in the channel in 2019.

2018 - The year in food industry M&A 19 Dec 2018

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne looks at significant transactions and emerging themes in merger, acquisition and investment activity in the global food sector during 2018.

Heading for an all-time high - FUTURES surveys the prospects for cannabis-infused food and drink products 14 Dec 2018

Richard Woodard

The latest issue of just-food's FUTURES series of reports looks at the rapid rise of the use of cannabis in food and drinks products.

Candy crushed - are Europe's confectioners failing to hit sales sweet spot? 13 Dec 2018

Olly Abotorabi, IRI

Confectionery sales are under pressure in Europe. How, IRI's Olly Abotorabi asks, can manufacturers revitalise the category?

The great repositioning of instant noodles in China 13 Dec 2018

Peter Peverelli

China may be the world's largest market for instant noodles but sales have stuttered in recent years. How have manufacturers reacted and what could lie ahead?

Does Campbell Soup Co.'s growth strategy make sense? 12 Dec 2018

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne looks at Campbell Soup Co.'s future growth strategy and asks whether it is a plan of counter-intuitive genius or simply wrong-headed?

Can a climate label for food work? 12 Dec 2018

David Burrows

A decade ago, a few companies looked to label a product's carbon footprint. The concept never took off. If revisited, just-food asks, would the idea now gain traction?

Riding US frozen food's "fourth wave" 11 Dec 2018

Victor Martino

In the US, frozen food is back – and it's riding on a new wave of innovation. Victor Martino documents what he calls the "fourth wave" of frozen food Stateside.

Unilever's 2018 investor day - six things to learn 11 Dec 2018

Dean Best

Last week, Unilever's senior management was in the Indian city of Mumbai for the company's annual investor day. just-food presents what you need to know from the two-day event.

Why did Unilever buy GSK's Horlicks-led assets? 10 Dec 2018

Dean Best

Some question the future of Unilever's presence in food and drinks. Why did the FMCG giant snap up GSK's consumer-nutrition assets, at the centre of which was Horlicks?

US meat snacks category deep-dive, part two - a healthy outlook 6 Dec 2018

Andy Coyne

In part two of this feature, Andy Coyne looks at how Big Food has reacted to disruption in the US beef jerky category and at the prospects for the wider meat snacks market.

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