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Reformulating the alphabet soup of ESG reporting

Progress is underway on standards for sustainability reporting, with implications for manufacturers that have led the way on sustainability...

CEOs are expensive – why not automate them?

If a single role is as expensive as thousands of workers, it is surely the prime candidate for robot-induced redundancy....

NFTs can help FMCG marketeers

Some see non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, as a fad but our US columnist Victor Martino believes FMCG groups can use the technology for their ow...

Kerry's dairy plans curdle – for now

A possible deal for Kerry Group's dairy assets has been put on ice but it's unlikely to be a complete souring of the Irish company's moves a...

How to avoid your FDI project turning into a nightmare 15 Apr 2021

Douglas van den Berghe

Dreaming of an international expansion for your company? Consider these cautionary tips from FDI consultant Douglas van den Berghe first.

Covid-19 sweetens China's interest in functional candy 15 Apr 2021

Peter Peverelli

That Covid-19 has increased demand for healthier products is being seen in markets worldwide. In China, the trend is creating opportunities for confectionery.

Signs of intent in plant-based meat makers' Asia push 9 Apr 2021

Dean Best

A clutch of announcements this week underline the optimism among makers of plant-based meat alternatives about the opportunity in Asia, writes Dean Best.

How to nurture China's growing interest in cheese 8 Apr 2021

GlobalData Consumer

Demand for cheese in China is on the rise and the forecasts for growth are bullish but there remain barriers to consumption. GlobalData Consumer has ideas.

Why Roadrunner's move for JoJe Bar will boost both firms 29 Mar 2021

GlobalData Consumer

The private-equity-owned US sports nutrition group Roadrunner has swooped for its latest acquisition, a move that looks to set to benefit both firms, argues GlobalData Consumer.

On the rise – China's booming home-baking market 23 Mar 2021

Peter Peverelli

China's locked-down consumers, like others elsewhere, turned to home-baking to keep occupied and feed families during the pandemic. It is, though, a relatively new trend locally.

Why 2020 was not a victory for big CPG brands 18 Mar 2021

Victor Martino

2020 was the year in which, in the US, big brands fought back, as shoppers sought comfort in what they knew, right? Not necessarily, writes just-food columnist Victor Martino.

What trends are shaping the US pet-food market? 4 Mar 2021

Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino reflects on how Covid-19 could have a lasting effect on the US pet food market.

How Chinese start-up Ffit8 is riding interest in protein 3 Mar 2021

GlobalData Consumer

Interest in protein-packed food is growing in China, as is demand for meal-replacement products. GlobalData reports on how one Beijing-based firm is looking to ride these trends.

Hormel goes nuts for new asset Planters 12 Feb 2021

Dean Best

Hormel Foods has bought Kraft Heinz's Planters snacks arm. Paying more than $3bn for the assets, it's the largest deal in upbeat Hormel's history. Market reaction was more muted.

How China presents opportunity for pet-food majors 8 Feb 2021

Peter Peverelli

In his latest column, just-food's China market correspondent Peter Peverelli digs into the country's growing pet-food market.

Plant-based fightback over EU product names puts dairy industry in spotlight 1 Feb 2021

GlobalData Consumer

The fierce debate over how to label plant-based dairy products in the EU has returned to the fore, with dairy-alternative players not mincing their words, GlobalData Consumer says.

Kerry's consumer exit may need more than one deal 29 Jan 2021

Dean Best

Speculation has continued about Kerry Group's future in consumer foods. With the Irish company's consumer assets spread across categories, an exit may take multiple transactions.

Five categories to thrive in new normal for US packaged food 26 Jan 2021

Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino sets out five areas he believes will thrive in the country's packaged-food market in the wake of Covid-19.

How food companies are singling out China's singles 12 Jan 2021

Peter Peverelli

The growing number of Chinese who live alone has started to draw the attention of food manufacturers, which are tailoring products to the country's singles.

Rising US food prices create more pain for cash-strapped consumers 7 Jan 2021

GlobalData Consumer

US consumers are facing the pinch on food prices and manufacturers will have to react to the changes in shopping habits that will result, GlobalData Consumer writes

Mondelez's M&A strategists continue health kick 5 Jan 2021

Dean Best

The US giant has bought another healthier snacks firm and, although these types of deals tend to be of smaller brands, it's right to react to evolving consumer trends through M&A.

Why Mondelez’s new carbon-neutral brand can appeal to consumers 18 Dec 2020

GlobalData Consumer

Mondelez International has a released a carbon-neutral cracker brand and GlobalData Consumer suggests its recent surveys indicate there could be a ready market for the product.

Under the cloud of Covid-19, the US food industry must follow these five collective actions in 2021 17 Dec 2020

Victor Martino

just-food's Stateside columnist Victor Martino has put forward five actions the industry should follow during what looks set to be another year shaped by Covid-19.

Tyson move shows problems with meat-plant hybrid 'blends' 10 Dec 2020

GlobalData Consumer

Successfully selling meat-plant hybrids to consumers looking to reduce their meat intake may be a difficult sell, GlobalData Consumer argues.

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