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David Burrows

Why claims of ‘sustainable’ beef should be taken with a pinch of salt

Meat processors the world over are touting their beef as ‘sustainable’ or better for the environment. Do their claims really stack up?

A good COP for food is bad news for failing food companies

Food companies appear lost for ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, but COP28 could give them a much-needed shove in the right direction.

Food finally on radar as COP28 gets underway

With food companies struggling to live up to their net-zero promises, it’s apt the industry is more central to the agenda at COP28 than in previous years.

Optimism emerges in grim fight against food waste

Tackling the scourge of food waste can seem an insurmountable task. David Burrows digs into the challenges facing the food industry and hears some positivity.

Are ‘carbon neutral’ claims dead?

Carbon neutral claims are under the cosh, so will the world’s major food brands continue to use them?

Is the net closing in on chemicals used in food packaging?

Food companies remain reticent to talk about possible issues in their packaging supply chain.

Goldilocks and the EU green claims crunch

The EU wants to scold companies for greenwashing but will its new rules see brands give sustainability the cold shoulder?

Livestock industry pushes ‘less but better’ as sustainability debate rages

Can companies successfully market products as sustainable, are their claims credible and what does it mean for consumption?

The world’s largest food companies have gone backwards on net zero

An analysis by Just Food of some of the food majors’ progress on net zero shows the scale of challenge ahead.

Packaging: the carbon dilemma for food companies

Packaging accounts for a small proportion of a food company’s carbon footprint but remains high on the consumer, political and NGO agenda, leaving industry with some difficult decisions.