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Fi Forrest

How innovations in smoking and processing keep bacon on the menu

Succulent, and frequently eaten smoked, the traditional taste of bacon is loved by consumers and it’s still one of the most popular breakfast foods in the world. But with energy costs rising and labour in short supply, how can manufacturers continue to meet demand?

Functional foods: Milling dried probiotic material and cell culture media

With probiotics gaining popularity in the health and beauty sectors for their perceived health benefits, the ability to process dried, concentrated cultures into a powder with a predetermined particle size and density is essential.

Bacon processing: working in partnership to make food healthier

With the current trend of reducing salt intake, Jan Oostveen explains how Van der Mey and GEA Food Solutions are working together to make the bacon process healthier and more natural for their customers while keeping the delicious flavours they love.

How trends in healthier eating are pushing innovation in cooked and sliced ham, bacon, poultry and cold cuts

Consumer appetite for healthier foods is driving innovation. Marination expert Willem Poos discusses how the right equipment can produce healthier, more delicious ham and poultry products while also improving efficiency and cutting waste.

Marketing pain management: targeting for success 

Part of a series on leading marketing pain points.
Marketing has seen some epic misfires in the last decade. What could possibly go wrong?

Six challenges of ham and bacon processing and how to solve them

GEA Food Solutions highlight their ultimate solutions in their ‘Best Practice in Ham and Bacon Processing’ webinar, which shows step-by-step how more efficient processing with the latest equipment makes a better product.

“Inject less, retain more quality” – GEA Food Solutions on their latest OptiFlex needles that don’t clog, bend or break 

Wim Sturm, Product Sales Manager at GEA Food Solutions, discusses its latest innovation for brining meat products.

An improvement in coffee extraction

Flavourtech explains how soluble coffee production is changing with the times with their Integrated Extraction System and its Rotating Disc Column.

“World’s-first” spiral oven that can smoke, signals exciting opportunities for more efficient and automated smoking 

A revolutionary new method for smoking meat products is super-efficient and flexible for food producers, while maintaining the authentic and delicious smoked flavours we love.