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A significant shift to better quality instant coffee

Producing high quality and fresh tasting instant beverages includes unique technical equipment, as demonstrated by flavour experts Flavourtech

The missing link in food processing automation

Reducing waste and energy consumption in food processing, Batch2Flow is a unique technology that bridges the gap between mixing and forming.

How to increase reliability and reduce downtime in manufacturing

For Shane Anderson of noosa yoghurt, a reliable production facility only occurs when a company “obsesses” with the wellbeing of its front-line workers and shows accountability for preventing downtime.

High-performance slicing, loading and packaging line for Ventulà

How to find the right supplier for a new slicing, loading and packaging line for serrano ham, chorizo and other cured ham or cured sausage delicatessen items? We’ll let you know in a moment

Greener packaging with up to 80% less plastic with GEA FoodTray

Protecting the environment is a responsibility FZ Neumuenster GmbH & Co KG take extremely seriously. Thankfully a packaging solution that improves sustainability can help. Since 2020 the company has used GEA FoodTray – a combination of cardboard tray and plastic film – for safely packaging marinated meat

Latest GEA oven technology has major energy-saving benefits

GEA’s CookStar 1000 Gen 3 provides an extremely accurate, high-performance solution. The high level of control ensures reproducible results time after time

Cutting-edge innovation in fish packaging

Fish packaging technologies are evolving to reflect a changing market and customer trends. New innovation can not only bring efficiency gains to food companies, it can also reduce the sector’s impact on the planet

Food processing: accelerating innovation to stay future-fit for customers

Ann Cuylaerts, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Food Solutions, Food & Healthcare Technologies at GEA Group, addresses the future of food processing – from current challenges to the innovation strides being made and the key industry drivers that will impact in the coming years and even decades

Future-proofing food packaging

Peter Kamm, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Slicing & Packaging, Food & Healthcare Technologies at GEA Group, addresses how advances in packaging innovation can help food businesses meet current and future challenges