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Marina Leiva is a senior reporter at Investment Monitor, where she specialises in the agribusiness sector. Previously, she reported on institutional investments in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal for MandateWire at the Financial Times. She started her career in Spain, covering international affairs for

Is meat consumption declining?

The climate crisis is pushing people to rethink their meat-eating habits, but meat production and consumption keep increasing regardless.

Why the price of wheat is so important to food security and global stability

From flour to pasta, the versatility, resistance and affordability of wheat make it crucially important for global food security.

Which countries are most exposed to interruption in Ukraine food exports?

Vulnerable countries such as war-torn Yemen look set to suffer the most from Ukrainian food exports halting in the aftermath of the Russian invasion.

What impact might Russia’s Ukraine invasion have on wheat prices?

Home to 25% of the world’s most fertile soils, Ukraine produces wheat that feeds many vulnerable countries, meaning the war will affect food prices worldwide.