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“Foreign investment to Russia is dead as a doornail” – What now when companies cannot invest or divest?

Foreign investors are pulling out of Russia en masse following unprecedented international sanctions on the country, but the Kremlin is trying to force them to stay.

Why the Ukrainian economy matters to Russia (and the rest of the world)

The Ukrainian economy is a significant global player, more so than some might imagine. Its value, all too clear to Vladimir Putin, underlines Russia’s unfolding invasion of Ukraine.

Three key trends that will shape foreign investment in 2022

The erosion of democracy, Covid’s impact on developing markets and shifts in investment from China are three key trends that will impact FDI in 2022.

The success of COP26 rests on providing an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Superpowers need to provide the developing world with the greener infrastructure it urgently needs. As China is failing to do so with the Belt and Road Initiative, the West must step up at COP26.

The implementation of a global tax deal could take a decade

A global tax reform deal is taking shape, but the implementation of this lofty goal faces huge political and structural barriers.